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U300 Steel: Price List, Specifications, Weight

With the diverse and increasingly sophisticated development of the construction industry, U300 steel has quickly become the top choice for many large engineering projects. With its excellent properties and diverse applications, this material not only meets technical requirements but also instills confidence in builders and architects. Let’s explore detailed information about U300 steel with Stavian Metal in the following article to better understand this type of steel.

thep hinh u300

With its excellent properties and diverse applications, U300 steel not only meets technical requirements but also earns the trust of architects.

Understanding U300 Steel Product

U300 steel, also known as U300 iron or steel, is a type of construction material with a U-shaped cross-section with a 300mm flange length. The special feature of this product is its flexible thickness, allowing users to choose according to the specific needs and requirements of the project.

Made from steel as the main material, U300 steel brings many outstanding advantages thanks to its solid structure. Here are some notable features of U300 steel:

  • Due to being cast as a solid block, U300 steel has good load-bearing capacity, reducing deformation caused by external forces.
  • The product has high strength and hardness, enhancing the stability of the structure and ensuring superior durability.
  • Produced with various thicknesses, U300 steel is flexible and suitable for various purposes.
  • In the case of galvanization, U300 steel has the ability to resist oxidation and rust, protecting the product in harsh environmental conditions.
  • U300 steel demonstrates resistance to heat and impact from harsh weather conditions, helping to maintain stability and durability over time.

These characteristics highlight U300 steel in the construction industry, making it suitable for various applications.

thep hinh u300

U300 steel, also known as U300 iron or steel, is a type of construction material with a U-shaped cross-section with a 300mm flange length.

Applications of U300 Steel in Daily Life

U300 steel, with its diverse and resilient characteristics, has become a preferred choice in many different applications. Here are some common fields where this product is used:

  • Bridge Construction: U300 steel is often used in bridge construction, where high load-bearing capacity and stability are required.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: In the industrial sector, this product is often found in machinery and equipment manufacturing processes to provide rigidity and strength to structural components.
  • Agricultural Tools: Used in the production of agricultural tools such as pillars, racks, providing stability and durability.
  • Furniture – Chairs: U300 steel is also commonly used in the furniture manufacturing industry, especially in making support columns, frames for chairs, and other furniture products.
  • Large-scale Construction Projects: In large construction projects, U300 steel is used to make columns, beams, and structural frames, ensuring stability and safety for the project.
  • Transportation Equipment: U300 steel is applied in making chassis frames for trucks, containers, and other transportation vehicles.
  • Geotechnical Reinforcement: This type of steel is used in geotechnical reinforcement projects such as high-voltage pylons, providing stability and good load-bearing capacity.
  • Assembly of Workshops and Bridge Frames: U300 steel is often used in assembling workshops and constructing frames for bridges.

Thanks to its advantages and diverse applications, U300 steel is increasingly asserting its position in the construction and industrial sectors.

thep hinh u300

U300 shaped steel is used in many diverse construction projects and projects in life

Steel Grade and Standards of U300 Steel Product

STEEL GRADE SS400 – A36 – GR.B – Q235B – S235JR – GR.A
STANDARD JIS G3101 – KD S3503 – GB/T 700 – ASTM – EN10025-2 – A131
ORIGIN USA – Japan – China – Taiwan – South Korea – Thailand – Vietnam
SPECIFICATIONS Flange length of U300 steel: 50mm– 380mm
Standard length of a U300 steel bar is 6m or 12m

Specifications of U300 Steel

Specifications Weight (barem)
Kg/m Kg/ 6m Bar Kg/ 12m Bar
U300 Steel* 85* 7mm 31 186 372
U300 Steel* 87* 9.5mm 39,2 235,2 470,4

Chemical properties of U300 steel





Mn max P










% % % % % % % %
A36 0.27 0.15-0.40 1.20 40 50 0.20
SS400 50 50
Q235B 0.22 0.35 1.40 45 45 0.30 0.30 0.30
S235JR 0.22 0.55 1.60 50 50
GR.A 0.21 0.50 2.5XC 35 35
GR.B 0.21 0.35 0.80 35 35
SM490A 0.20-0.22 0.55 1.65 35 35
SM490B 0.18-0.20 0.55 1.65 35 35

U300 steel price table

Specification Weight (Kg/6m) U300 steel price (VND)
1 Kg 1 6m piece
U300* 85* 7mm 186 Contact for price Contact for price
U300* 87* 9.5mm 235,2


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Where to buy high-quality U300 steel?

When deciding to purchase U300 steel, choosing a reputable and quality address is important to ensure that you receive a product that meets all requirements. Among the many addresses in the market, Stavian Metal Joint Stock Company is an excellent suggestion. With a commitment to reputation and quality, Stavian has built trust from customers through the following strengths:

  • Stavian always prioritizes reputation as the top priority, which is demonstrated through sincerity and responsibility in every transaction.
  • Ensuring that products, especially U300 steel, are 100% new, free of technical defects, and rust-free, ensuring safety and durability.
  • Stavian provides full documents and certificates of origin, including CO/CQ certificates, to reassure customers about the quality and origin of the product.
  • If there are any quality-related issues, Stavian commits to exchange or refund quickly and effectively.

In the above article, Stavian Metal has provided an overview and detailed information about U300 steel, as well as helped you solve concerns about the application and reputable addresses to purchase the product. Stavian Metal hopes that, through the provided information, you have enough knowledge to make smart and reasonable purchasing decisions, while effectively applying U300 steel products in life and work.

With the motto “Bringing the best products to consumers,” Stavian constantly strives to bring customers the highest quality products. For detailed and prompt advice, you can contact Stavian through the following channels:

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company


  • Headquarters: No.508 Truong Chinh Street, Nga Tu So Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City
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  • Southern Branch: 12Ath Floor, Vincom Center, No.72 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: +84 2471001868 / +84975271499

Website: https://stavianmetal.com

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