U150 Steel / U150 Steel Shapes: Price List, Specifications, Weight

U150 Steel, with its characteristic outer shape resembling the cross-section of a capital letter U, is a favored material in many construction and manufacturing industries. With its wider bottom and two equal-length flanges, U150 steel not only provides superior technical properties but also creates a unique aesthetic in structural applications. In this article, Stavian Metal will delve into understanding the characteristics and applications of U150 steel, while exploring the advantages this type of steel brings to construction and manufacturing projects.

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U150 steel is currently the preferred material of many construction and manufacturing industries

Introduction to U150 Steel Products

U150 steel, a notable member in the family of steel shapes products, stands out with its strong and dense structure, creating a reliable material preferred in various applications. Aptly named to describe its external shape, U150 steel resembles a capital letter U, with the web and height of the two flanges being equal, reaching approximately 150mm.

Each U150 steel bar is produced through advanced technological processes, ensuring the quality and uniformity of the product. This diversity in applications helps contractors and specialists choose the most suitable material for each specific project. This diversity not only meets technical requirements but also ensures aesthetics and performance in construction and manufacturing.

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U150 steel is like a capital letter U with the belly and the height of both sides being equal and reaching about 150mm.

Chemical Properties of U150 Steel

Name Chemical Composition




Mn max P










% % % % % % % %
A36 0.27 0.15-0.40 1.20 40 50 0.20
SS400 50 50
Q235B 0.22 0.35 1.40 45 45 0.30 0.30 0.30
S235JR 0.22 0.55 1.60 50 50
GR.A 0.21 0.50 2.5XC 35 35
GR.B 0.21 0.35 0.80 35 35
SM490A 0.20-0.22 0.55 1.65 35 35
SM490B 0.18-0.20 0.55 1.65 35 35

Advantages of U150 Steel in Construction

U150 steel shapes are not only unique products but also offer many superior advantages thanks to modern production processes at factories, meeting top-quality standards globally. Here are the outstanding points of U150 steel:

  • U150 steel is known for its high strength and superior load-bearing capacity. This makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring exceptional hardness and strength.
  • With a compact and sturdy structure, U150 steel not only withstands pressure in both vertical and horizontal directions but also minimizes sagging and warping during use, ensuring stability and safety of the structure.
  • U150x150 steel comes in various sizes, providing high flexibility in application for all types of structural constructions. This diversity not only helps quickly meet construction requirements but also brings creativity in design.
  • U150 steel demonstrates effective oxidation and corrosion resistance, helping the structure maintain durability and long-term stability even in harsh weather conditions.
  • With reasonable prices, U150 steel not only ensures economic efficiency but also is an environmentally friendly choice. Its effective recyclability also adds value to the construction and manufacturing industries.

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U150 steel shapes are not only unique products but also offer many superior advantages.

Practical Applications of U150 Steel Shapes

U150 steel, with its outstanding characteristics, is becoming the top choice in many construction and manufacturing projects. The practical applications of U150 steel are diverse and include:

  • Manufacturing industrial components, machinery: U150 steel is often used to create load-bearing mechanical components in the industrial machinery sector, ensuring high durability and stability.
  • Steel frame buildings, prefabricated houses, agricultural tools: In steel building construction and prefabricated structure projects, U150 steel plays a crucial role in creating strong load-bearing structural frames. It is also used in the production of agricultural tools and equipment.
  • Designing tables, chairs, household furniture, storage shelves: U150 steel shapes are commonly applied in manufacturing household furniture and wooden products, creating sturdy and aesthetically pleasing products.
  • Shipbuilding, railway track design: The load-bearing capacity and durability of U150 steel make it an ideal material for shipbuilding and railway track construction, where strength and stability are paramount.
  • Fixed transmission shafts, drive systems: U150 steel is often used to create components in drive systems and fixed transmission shafts, ensuring stability and efficiency of machinery and equipment.

Detailed U150 Steel specification table

H (mm)  B (mm)  t1(mm)  t2(mm) L (m)  Weight of U150 shaped steel
60 36 4,4 6 5,90
80 40 4,5 6 7,05
100 46 4,5 6 8,59
100 50 5,0 7,5 12 9,36
120 52 4,8 12 10,48
125 65 6 8 12 13,4
140 58 4,9 12 12,30
150 75 6,5 10 12 18,60
160 64 5,0 12 14,20
180 68 6,0 12 18,16
180 68 6,5 12 18,40
180 75 7,0 10,5 12 21,40
200 73 6,0 12 21,30
200 73 7,0 12 23,70
200 76 5,2 12 18,40
200 80 7,5 11 12 24,60
240 90 5,6 12 24,00
250 90 9,0 13 12 34,60
250 78 6,8 12 25,50
280 85 9,9 12 34,81
300 90 9,0 13 12 38,10
300 82 7,0 12 31,00
300 87 9,5 12 39,20
300 88 7,0 12 34,60
300 90 12,0 12 48,60
380 100 10,5 16 12 54,50

Proper Storage of U150 Steel

In the construction and manufacturing industries, the use of U150 steel is becoming a trend favored by many contractors and experts. However, to ensure product quality during storage, proper preservation measures are crucial.

When selecting a warehouse for storing U150 steel, the most important thing is to ensure that the warehouse has a roof to protect the products from weather impacts. The warehouse should also be well-ventilated and free of stagnant water to minimize moisture, which can affect the quality of the steel.

During storage, placing U150 steel on high wooden pallets or concrete floors is important to prevent direct contact with the ground. This helps prevent oxidation and mold, while protecting the steel coating from environmental factors that may cause damage.

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To ensure the quality of U150 steel during storage, it is essential to implement proper preservation measures.

When stacking steel, it’s important to limit the height without side barriers. This prevents unsafe movement of the steel and ensures stability during storage.

In cases where storage space is limited and steel must be stored outdoors, using plastic liners to cover the corners is necessary. This helps protect the steel from external environmental impacts and maintains the quality of the product.

For long-term storage warehouses, segregating new and old steel and cleaning off rust before storage is important. This helps maintain the quality and aesthetics of the product.

Caring for and storing U150 steel according to the above guidelines not only ensures product quality but also improves efficiency and safety during use, helping construction and manufacturing projects continue smoothly.

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U150 Steel Price List

No. Specifications Origin Bar Weight
kg/6m KG 6m bar
1 U40*2.5ly VN 9 Contact
2 U50*25*3ly VN 13.5
3 U50*4.5ly VN 20
4 U60-65*35*3ly VN 17
5 U60-65*35*4.5ly VN 30
6 U80*40*3ly VN 23
7 U80*40*4ly VN 30.5
8 U100*45*3.5ly VN 32.5
9 U100*45*4ly VN 40
10 U100*45*5ly VN 45
11 U100*50*5.5ly VN 52 – 53
12 U120*50*4ly VN 42
13 U120*52*5.2ly VN 55
14 U125*65*5.2ly VN 70.2 22.000
15 U125*65*6ly VN 80.4 22.000
16 U140*60*3.5ly VN 52
17 U140*60*5ly VN 64 – 65
18 U150*75*6.5ly VN 111.6 20.300

Best U150 Steel Distributor Company Today

  • U150 Steel An Khanh AK
  • U150 Steel Dai Viet
  • U150 Steel Asia Chau
  • U150 Steel Imported from South Korea
  • U150 Steel Imported from Thailand

Stavian Metal stands out as a reliable partner supplying a full range of genuine products from reputable factories such as An Khanh, Dai Viet, and many others. Stavian Metal not only brings diversity in quality but also commits to competitive prices, positioning itself as the leader in offering the most competitive U150 steel prices in the market.

In particular, Stavian Metal not only focuses on supplying quality products but also supports customers with transportation and unloading costs, ensuring that goods are delivered to construction sites quickly and efficiently.

Stavian Metal not only brings diversity in quality but also commits to competitive prices.

Reasons to Choose Stavian Metal

With 15 years of experience in the steel industry, Stavian Metal is proud to be a reliable partner, providing professionalism and high efficiency in every construction and manufacturing project. Stavian Metal owns a large warehouse system, ensuring sufficient supply of products to meet all customer needs.

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At Stavian, there is a variety of product types and designs to help customers have multiple choices that suit their specific requirements. Stavian Metal’s dynamic and enthusiastic team is always ready to support customers anytime, providing quick and direct consultation and quotation.


U150 steel offers many outstanding advantages and is an indispensable material in the construction and manufacturing industries today. With its solid strength, excellent load-bearing capacity, and versatile applications, this product not only highlights construction projects but also plays a crucial role in the development of various industries. Choosing Stavian Metal as a reliable partner is not only for the high-quality products meeting standards but also for professional services and competitive prices. Contact Stavian for detailed advice via hotline: 02471 001 868 or 0975 271 499.

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