What is galvanized steel wire? Characteristics, Uses, Price

In today’s life, galvanized steel wire can be seen as a highly important product used in construction and daily life. Due to this, many different companies now produce galvanized steel wire to meet the demands of various services, manufacturing, and product processing on the market. Therefore, below are some pieces of information we want to share with you to help you understand more about galvanized steel wire through the following article.

What is galvanized steel wire?

Galvanized steel wire can be known as a steel wire with a simple design in the form of a circular cylinder. The process and stages of creating galvanized steel wire involve drawing and hot-dipping metals to create electroplated zinc or can also be created by hot-dipping to produce high-quality galvanized steel wire products.

The resulting products will have many different designs, so they are widely used in various fields such as manufacturing, construction, or daily life.

It is known that galvanized steel wire can be considered a more commonly used item. This type of wire is mainly made from pure carbon steel material.

Speaking of the structure, a galvanized steel wire will be made up of 6 twisted strands. Each strand will be connected through small steel wires, and the number of wires to make one strand usually ranges from 12 wires, 19 wires, 36 wires to 37 wires…

Therefore, when the structure of the strands has more small steel wires combined, the diameter of the galvanized steel wire will be larger. In the formula for calculating the diameter applied in galvanized steel wire manufacturing plants, the strength, load-bearing capacity, and durability of the wire will be proportional to its achieved diameter.

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Advantages of galvanized steel wire

  • Provides durable economic values with low cost.
  • Improves the lifespan of products, avoiding corrosion in natural environments.
  • The galvanized surface increases durability during use and transportation over time.
  • The price of electroplated zinc is relatively low, minimizing production costs.
  • Resistant to high corrosion, keeping the inner steel layer from oxidizing.
  • Even when fully coated with a melting mixture, it does not affect the mechanical properties of the steel.

Benefits of galvanized steel wire in construction

As an essential material in the construction industry and serving human life, galvanized steel wire is almost found everywhere in construction companies and our surroundings. Specifically, the advantages and uses of galvanized steel wire are as follows:

Specialized for use in the construction industry. Used in the construction process of various structures in agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture. At the same time, this product is widely applied in the handicraft industry….

The main building material in the infrastructure structure. Used as a tool to transport various goods in warehouses and workshops…

They are also used as household items or to create suspension cables, safety wires…

When looking at the applications of galvanized steel wire, we can see that this is a product that is extremely essential in our daily lives. Therefore, people can completely be reassured about the quality, durability, or lifespan of this galvanized steel wire product.

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Standard production process of galvanized steel wire

Galvanized steel wire is known as a type of product with differences compared to ordinary steel wires, which lie in the zinc layer covering the outside. Based on this layer, the quality and lifespan of the wire are increased.

Unlike the production process of ordinary steel wires, the process of producing galvanized steel wire usually involves more complexity. Thanks to this, the quality of the products will be ensured better than ordinary steels.

Galvanized steel wire specifications

  • Wire diameter: includes 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
  • Weight of galvanized steel wire with a diameter from 1mm to 2mm is 25kg per coil.
  • As for coils of galvanized steel wire with a diameter from 2.5mm to 5mm, the weight is 50kg per coil.

Specifications of galvanized steel wire commonly used

Galvanized steel wire is created based on the following standards:

  • TCVN 2053: 1993
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • BS 443 – 1982; ASTM A 641; EN 10244 – 2:2001, JIS G 3547
  • TCVN TCVC 197: 2002
  • Produced according to German standards

Galvanized steel wire wire specifications

When considering quality and outstanding advantages, the zinc-coated steel wire factories nowadays are exporting to major countries worldwide, such as Canada, South Korea, Laos, etc.

Below is the detailed specification table of zinc-coated steel wire:

Nominal Diameter


Tensile Strength Zinc Coating Standard (According to US ASTM A641)
Class A Class 3 Class 4
Tolerance Zinc Coating Tolerance Zinc Coating Tolerance Zinc Coating
1,2 450 – 600
40 – 100 ±0,05 214 ±0,05 336
2,0 450 – 600 40 – 100 229 336
2,2 450 – 600 40 – 100 244 336
2,5 450 – 600 ±0,05 40 – 100 ±0,05 244 ±0,05 336
3,2 450 – 600 40 – 100 259 336
3,4 450 – 600 40 – 100 259 336
4,0 450 – 600 40 – 100 275 336
4,2 450 – 600 40 – 100 275 336
4,5 450 – 600 40 – 100 275 336

Current production process of zinc-coated steel wire

Step 1: Prepare raw materials for processing.

Prepare various materials as required, such as D6, D8, D10, D12, to supply enough for the production process.

Step 2: Continuous wire drawing

From the prepared materials in step 1, the wire drawing process is conducted.

Step 3: Cleaning and rinsing

To produce zinc-coated steel wire, the wire must be cleaned and rinsed to remove rust. Then, the raw materials are dried before proceeding to the zinc-coating process.

Step 4: Electroplating or hot-dip galvanizing of steel wire

The processed steel is either electroplated (zinc sprayed onto the surface of the wire) or hot-dip galvanized (the wire is directly immersed in a hot zinc bath).

Step 5: Check the zinc coating

Check the thickness, smoothness, uniformity of the zinc coating. If the coating does not meet the standard, an additional zinc-coating process is conducted to meet the required specifications.

Step 6: Finished product

After completing the zinc coating inspection, the wire is naturally dried and carefully preserved. Finally, it is coiled for easier transportation.

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Commonly encountered zinc-coated steel wire classifications

Classification Electroplated Zinc Coating Hot-dip Galvanized Zinc Coating
Method The surface is coated with a thin layer of zinc similar to painting The product is immersed in a hot zinc solution.
Advantages The zinc coating adheres tightly and dries completely All surfaces are evenly coated with zinc, resulting in a shiny, thick layer that increases durability
Disadvantages The zinc coating only reaches the outer surface, and the inner surface may be difficult to access The materials need to meet specific standards before being immersed in the zinc bath
Function The materials need to meet specific standards before being immersed in the zinc bath. The materials need to meet specific standards before being immersed in the zinc bath.

For hot-dip galvanized zinc-coated wires, they must undergo a treatment process in the hot zinc bath. This process increases corrosion resistance and enhances the wire’s tensile strength.

Zinc-coated steel wire price list for 2-ply, 3-ply, 4-ply, and 5-ply wires:

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company always ensures to provide various zinc-coated steel wires with the most reasonable prices on the market. Additionally, we guarantee the highest product quality according to technical standards.

How much does zinc-coated steel wire cost per kilogram?

Zinc-coated steel wire with a diameter of 1mm to 2mm costs 317,500 VND per coil.

Zinc-coated steel wire with a diameter of 2.2mm to 5mm costs 635,500 VND per coil.

Note on the price table above:

Diameter (mm) Cost/kg (VND) Cost/Coil (VND)
1,0-2 12.700 317.500
2,2-5 12.700 635.500

Note on the price table above:

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