Small-diameter steel wire: Characteristics, composition, quotation for 2, 3, 5mm steel rods

Small-diameter steel wire finds widespread application and holds immense significance in our daily lives. Its utility spans across various fields and is nearly indispensable. To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of small-diameter steel wires, the following content will provide detailed explanations.

What is a small-diameter steel wire?

Small-diameter steel wire, also known as small galvanized wire, is a collective term for this type of product. It is a material extensively used in today’s market. Virtually all projects, regardless of scale, utilize this type of steel. The structural composition of small-diameter steel wire is quite straightforward, as it is produced through a hot-dipping process. This type of steel is manufactured with a relatively thin diameter and is wound into coils of various sizes, forming loops of different dimensions.

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Characteristics of small-diameter steel wires

Depending on the individual needs of each customer, manufacturers produce suitable sizes. This practice ensures convenience and appropriateness in usage for various tasks.

The distinctive feature of small-diameter steel wire is its smooth or ribbed surface, with a diameter ranging from 6mm to 14mm.

The weight of the steel wire is determined by the diameter it is crafted with. Typically, the average weight of small-diameter steel wire ranges from 200kg to 460kg per coil.

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Coil weight of small-diameter steel wire

  • With a diameter ranging from Ф0.4mm to Ф2.0mm, the weight is approximately 25kg per coil.
  • With a diameter ranging from Ф2.2mm to Ф5.0mm, the weight is approximately 50kg per coil.

Even though the structure of small-diameter steel wire is quite simple, the production process and creation of this product still require advanced and modern techniques and technologies. This is to ensure the highest quality and maximum safety for consumers.

Common sizes of small-diameter steel wire

In any given task, there are general requirements to be met. Therefore, when applying small steel wire to various projects, it must be genuinely suitable to provide high efficiency for customers.

As a result, manufacturing plants have created various sizes of small steel wire. Below is a compilation of common sizes of small steel wire available in the market today:

  • Size: 0.5mm
  • Size: 1 mm
  • Size: 2 mm
  • Size: 3 mm
  • Size: 3.5 mm
  • Size: 4 mm
  • Size: 5 mm

These types of small steel wire are all highly durable with a common thread-like shape, and they possess excellent flexibility, allowing users to bend and shape them according to requirements.

Classification of small-diameter steel wire today

In the current market, coils of small-diameter steel wire are categorized as follows::

Black steel wire

Black steel wire, also known as concrete binding wire, is a type of steel made primarily from materials such as iron or carbon steel. It adheres to standard manufacturing processes and advanced production technologies from the manufacturing plant.

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Stainless steel wire

Stainless steel wire is a product made from various types of metals, and after being melted, it will enhance the durability and lifespan of the wire. This product is widely used in construction projects and places with high oxidation characteristics. Examples include the electrical industry, shipbuilding industry, medical field, and more.

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Galvanized steel wire

This product is also commonly referred to as galvanized electric wire or dull galvanized wire. It is widely used in construction projects that require high flexibility, ensuring that bending or tying won’t encounter any obstacles. The characteristic of galvanized steel wire is its bright white appearance, designed according to manufacturing standards such as JIS-G 3537, TCVN 1824:1993, and TCVN 7665:2007. Using the hot-dip method with prolonged heating and slow cooling, this process results in a finished product with low hardness and excellent flexibility.

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Hot-dip galvanized steel wire

This product offers better durability compared to the two previous types, making it highly favored for applications that require aesthetics and robustness. However, hot-dip galvanized steel wire is sold at a relatively higher price than the previous two types. The reason for this is that it is manufactured through the hot-dip galvanizing process with high-quality technology.

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Plastic-coated steel wire

This type of steel wire is primarily applied in the fields of electrical power and aquaculture. The reason is straightforward: they are coated with a layer of PVC plastic. Thanks to this, it ensures excellent insulation, electrical isolation, and absolute safety for users.

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Small steel wire uses

In essence, we can encounter small steel wire being widely used both in the domestic and international markets. Whether at large or small-scale construction projects, the presence of this type of small steel wire can be seen. Here is a compilation of some specific applications of small steel wire:

  • Used for tying in gardens, creating fences around homes.
  • Wrapped around to protect delicate plant stems or for creating trellises for climbing plants.
  • Applied in the construction sector to provide structural support and connections.
  • Utilized for tying various items or products, such as bundling, packaging wood, lime, coal, pellets, etc.
  • Additionally, small steel wire is employed in electricity transmission within the power industry.

Latest small steel wire pricing

Below, we are providing you with the most up-to-date pricing table for small steel wire, including various size specifications:

No Thickness
1 1,0 0.0062 25 – 50                         18,000
2 1,2 0.0089 25 – 50                         18,000
3 1,4 0.0121 25 – 50                         18,000
4 1,6 0.0158 25 – 50                         18,000
5 1,8 0.02 25 – 50                         18,000
6 2,0 0.0246 25 – 50                         17,500
7 2,2 0.0298 25 – 50                         17,500
8 2,4 0.0355 25 – 50                         17,500
9 2,7 0.0385 25 – 50                         17,500
10 3,0 0.0415 26 – 50                         17,500

Note: The cost mentioned here is for reference purposes only. This price may vary depending on the time and quantity of the purchase. Therefore, before selecting and purchasing any product, customers should thoroughly consider and inquire about the following information:

  • Is the specified price inclusive of VAT?
  • Is the quality of the supplied small steel wire guaranteed? Is there a Certificate of Origin or Quality from the factory?
  • Is the product supplied to the market brand new, 100% unused?
  • Are there any benefits such as free delivery or other discounts when purchasing in large quantities?
  • Will a red invoice be issued after completing the payment?

Some considerations when buying small steel wire

In today’s market, there are numerous enterprises providing small steel wire products. As the demand from users is rapidly increasing, transactions involving small steel wire at unreasonable prices are becoming common. Therefore, the following are some considerations to help everyone purchase quality small steel wire at a reasonable price:

Comparing the general market prices from various sources will provide a broader understanding of the small steel wire prices. This way, you can filter and choose a reputable source with reasonable prices to maximize cost savings.

Opting for a reputable brand will provide more peace of mind. While well-established and reputable brands may have slightly higher prices, they ensure maximum quality and significant advantages for long-term customers.

Calculate the required quantity of small steel wire based on your needs. Larger quantities often come with more favorable prices. Understanding the pricing information will help customers seize buying opportunities during sales to minimize costs for their projects.

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Where to buy high-quality and reliable small steel wire?

If you are hesitating about choosing a reputable place to purchase small steel wires and are unsure where to find the most competitively priced options on the market, you can consider the most reputable small steel wire provider – Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company.

With us, customers can have complete confidence in the ability to supply various types of high-quality small steel wires, with products being offered in brand-new condition. Furthermore, all products under the Stavian Industrial Metal brand have undergone meticulous inspections and can be accompanied by relevant documentation from the manufacturers.

Currently, Stavian Industrial Metal is always at the forefront of supplying various construction materials nationwide. Additionally, the small steel wires available in the market are competitively priced, offering a wide range of types and sizes to meet the diverse needs of both residential and industrial construction projects.

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Coming to us, all customers will always experience the utmost satisfaction with the product quality. Our products consistently boast the highest quality, with clear origins of the goods. Therefore, the Stavian Industrial Metal brand takes great pride in being a highly reputable supplier of small steel wires in general and various construction materials in particular on the market.

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Advantages when buying small-diameter steel wire at Stavian Industrial Metal

Here, the quoted price for small steel wires includes both transportation costs and a 10% VAT.

With a fleet of large trucks, we have the capability to swiftly transport goods to customers’ locations as soon as possible.

Delivery can be arranged within 6 hours (depending on the quantity).

We assure customers of the best prices for small steel wires, with various options to cater to each specific need.

The goods can be inspected and paid upon delivery at the construction site.

All customers can receive valuable advice to assist them in making the best decisions regarding product information, quality, and pricing, ensuring the right choices are made in these challenging times.

For further consultation on purchasing small steel wires from Stavian, customers can reach out through the following contact information:

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company


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