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U140 Steel / U140 Steel Section: Price List, Specifications, Weight

The construction and engineering industries are witnessing continuous innovation, and building materials play a crucial role in meeting increasingly demanding requirements for strength, flexibility, and resilience. Among the outstanding materials, U140 steel has emerged as a superior choice, especially in large-scale construction projects that demand high quality. What makes U140 steel a preferred choice and how does it contribute to the success of modern constructions? Let’s explore the details of this type of steel and its prominent advantages with Stavian Metal.

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140 steel stands out for its durability and high resistance

Learn About U140 Steel

Introduction to U140 Steel Section

U140 steel, a type of U-shaped iron, characterized by a U-shaped cross-section consisting of a straight back (web) and two extended flanges (wings), has become one of the essential materials in the construction industry. With standard dimensions, U140 steel is widely used, posing a range of applications and notable advantages.

U140 steel is formed with a straight back section, creating stability and strong load-bearing capacity. Two flanges extending from the back section enhance the material’s support and load-bearing capacity. With this structure, U140 steel not only meets high technical requirements but also facilitates easy installation and connection with other components.

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U140 steel not only meets high technical requirements but also facilitates easy installation and connection with other components

With its U-shaped structure, U140 steel brings many significant advantages. Its excellent load-bearing capacity makes it an ideal choice for construction projects requiring stability and high durability. This shape also helps minimize deformation and withstand large loads without compromising the overall performance of the building system.

U140 steel is not only used in general construction but also frequently appears in projects requiring unique mechanical properties and structures. From building bridges, workshops to structural engineering, U140 steel plays a crucial role in enhancing the stability and safety of construction projects.

Therefore, a deep understanding of the structure and advantages of U140 steel will help optimize its use in construction projects, ensuring both efficiency and durability.

Outstanding Advantages of U140 Steel Section

U140 steel, with its unique structure and distinctive material properties, brings a range of significant advantages, making it a superior choice for application in construction projects.

  • Firstly, it is highly praised for its corrosion resistance, helping maintain its durability and stability in the harsh environments of construction projects. Its fire resistance also creates a safe environment for users.
  • Secondly, with its characteristic flexibility and hardness, U140 steel remains straight, flat, stable, and resistant to deformation under the influence of large gravitational forces. This makes it an ideal material for structures requiring stability and strong load-bearing capacity.
  • Thirdly, U140 steel’s resistance to rust and corrosion is another major strength, protecting structures from potential environmental issues. This increases the material’s longevity and performance over time.
  • Fourthly, another special advantage of U140 steel is its lightweight, providing convenience in transportation, construction, and installation processes. This not only reduces pressure on infrastructure but also saves costs related to transportation and construction.

Finally, with affordable prices and a combination of various technical advantages, U140 steel is a popular choice in the construction industry and other industrial applications. Meeting the demands for durability, safety, and economic efficiency, it contributes to the success of many modern construction projects.

Practical Applications of U140 Steel

U140 steel, with its outstanding advantages, has become a popular choice in many industrial fields, especially in the construction of workshops, machinery manufacturing, agricultural tools, and transportation equipment.

Moreover, the customization capability of U140 steel with various surface types such as oil paint, anti-corrosion paint, or smooth surface allows customers to flexibly choose the suitable surface type according to specific requirements and job characteristics. This enhances the applicability and flexibility of U140 steel in various fields, from manufacturing to construction.

Detailed Specifications of U140 Steel

To select the appropriate U140 steel, considering the technical requirements of the project or construction is essential. Customers need to pay attention to the technical specifications of U140 steel from Stavian Metal, which will be an important reference source to make accurate decisions. This way, you can choose the most suitable type of U140 steel, leveraging all the advantages that U140 steel brings, while ensuring optimal performance and durability for your project.

U140 Steel Section Specification Table

Specifications Length Weight of U140 Steel (Kg)
U140x 56x 3.5 6M 54.00
U140x 58x 5x 6.5 6M 66.00
U140x 52x 4.5 6M 57.00
U140x 5.8× 6.0 12M 74.58

Primary Material for Manufacturing U140 Steel

U140 steel is manufactured from the primary material, carbon steel, a common type of steel in the construction materials industry. To improve the quality of the product, manufacturers often apply hot-dip galvanizing to the surface. The main goal of this process is to enhance load-bearing capacity, durability, and prolong the service life of U140 steel. In particular, the hot-dip galvanized layer helps protect the steel from the effects of corrosion in weather conditions, enhancing oxidation resistance and improving the sustainable performance of the material.

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The main raw material for producing U140 steel is carbon steel

Classification of U140 Steel Common in the Market

U140 steel is classified into three main types, serving the specific needs and applications of customers. Depending on specific technical requirements and usage purposes, buyers can choose the most suitable type of U140 steel for their projects.

Black U140 Steel

Black U140 steel is a type of U-shaped steel with a natural matte black color, not galvanized or coated with paint. It usually falls into the category of non-rusting steel. With the lowest cost among the three types of steel, this type is often preferred in construction projects, industrial sectors, and other applications where basic steel properties are required.

Galvanized U140 Steel

Galvanized U140 steel is a type of steel equipped with an electrolytically galvanized layer, evenly distributed on the surface of the steel. This zinc coating creates an effective corrosion and rust-resistant protective layer. Galvanized U140 steel is commonly used in applications requiring corrosion resistance and durability, especially in harsh environments.

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There are 3 common types of U140 steel in the market

Hot-Dip Galvanized U140 Steel

Hot-dip galvanized U140 steel is iron that has undergone a hot-dip galvanizing process on its surface. This process creates a durable and oxidization-resistant zinc coating, providing effective corrosion and rust resistance. Hot-dip galvanized U140 steel is often chosen for applications requiring high corrosion resistance and durability, where harsh environmental factors pose many challenges to the construction process.

Points to Note When Purchasing U140 Steel from Distributors

When deciding to purchase U140 steel, there are important considerations to ensure that the purchase is made accurately and effectively:

  • Gain knowledge about the reputation of manufacturers and distributors. Choose recognized market partners to ensure that you are buying from a reliable source.
  • Compare U140 steel prices from various manufacturers to find the best price. This helps you save on purchasing costs while ensuring quality.
  • Check the dimensions of U140 steel and compare them with the invoice presented. Make sure that the purchased product matches the ordered size and quantity.
  • Carefully consider the detailed technical specifications of U140 steel, including parameters such as carbon content, tensile strength of U140 steel. Additionally, consider elongation, hardness of U140 steel, and other parameters. This ensures that the product meets technical standards and specific project requirements.
  • If possible, seek deals and promotions from manufacturers or distributors. This helps you save on shopping costs and may receive special offers from partners.


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Stavian Metal – A reputable distributor of U140 steel section, quality assured

Stavian Metal is proud to be a leading partner providing reputable and high-quality U140 steel section products, bringing many outstanding advantages to customers:

  • Goods are directly imported from factories, ensuring authenticity and high quality.
  • Offering many attractive promotional programs, giving customers the opportunity to purchase products at affordable prices.

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Stavian Industrial Metal Co., Ltd. is a reputable company in the industrial metal materials sector

  • Commitment to fast shipping, ensuring that products reach customers safely and promptly.
  • Experienced staff, ready to provide enthusiastic advice, ensuring that customers receive complete and accurate information.

Customers in need of purchasing U140 steel at a good price and reliable service can contact Stavian Metal’s hotline for a quotation and quick support.

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