Barbed wire is one of the most common types of materials widely used in our daily lives. In order to help customers gain a better understanding of this product, today we would like to share with you highly valuable knowledge about barbed wire through the following article.

What is barbed wire?

Known as a type of steel wire constructed from multiple twisted steel strands with fixed knot points, also referred to as barbs, positioned at specific intervals along each wire. The diameters are 2.2mm, 2.7mm, 3mm, etc., with an average spacing of 8 to 10 cm between each connecting point.

With a dual-layered construction, barbed wire is exceptionally strong. Moreover, it is coated with a layer of hot-dip galvanized zinc, making the final product highly resistant to breakage, oxidation, corrosion, and increasing its durability. It also adds aesthetic value and provides enhanced durability, aesthetics, and intrusion prevention.

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Structure of barbed wire fence

The design structure of barbed wire involves multiple small steel wires twisted together to form a larger barbed wire. Barbed knots are created at specific intervals along the wire, with the wire coiling around them. This design approach gives rise to the distinctive sharpness, which is the standout feature of this product.

Details about the specifications of some types of barbed wire available in the current market:

Diameter Coil count Length Type Blade type
450mm 33 7 – 8m CBT 60, 65 Single coil
500mm 56 12 – 13m CBT 60, 65 Single coil
700mm 56 13 – 14m CBT 60, 65 Single coil
960mm 56 14 – 15m CBT 60, 65 Single coil
450mm 56 8 – 9m (3 clip) BTO – Cross type
500mm 56 9 – 10m (3 clip) BTO – Cross type
600mm 56 10 – 11m (3 clip) BTO – Cross type
600mm 56 8 – 10m (5 clip) BTO – Cross type
700mm 56 10 – 12m (5 clip) BTO – Cross type
800mm 56 11 – 13m (5 clip) BTO – Cross type
900mm 56 12 – 14m (5 clip) BTO – Cross type
960mm 56 13 – 15m (5 clip) BTO – Cross type
980mm 56 14 – 16m (5 clip) BTO – Cross type

Characteristics and types of barbed wire

The raw materials for producing barbed wire are mostly imported by domestic steel mills from other prominent countries such as South Korea, India, Japan, China, etc. The wire is created using galvanized steel plate technology and then subjected to the stamping process. This enables the production of barbed wire products with high durability, strength, and the ability to withstand extreme tension.

Fundamentally, the barbed wire available on the market today comes in a wide range of shapes and colors. Some of the most common types of barbed wire include galvanized barbed wire, coiled twisted barbed wire, razor wire, plastic-coated barbed wire, and stainless steel barbed wire.

Razor Wire: This is the most common type of barbed wire and is relatively inexpensive. It can be found in most material supply stores in the market. The defining feature of this product is its sharp blade-like edges that can cause substantial harm. The advantage lies in the densely distributed sharp blades, which deliver significant cutting force.

As a result, this type of razor wire is primarily used in prisons, correctional facilities, and military compounds to enhance security and minimize the risk of intrusion or escape in various situations.

Coiled Twisted Barbed Wire: Despite being less known compared to other types of barbed wire and appearing less frequently in civilian applications, the basic uses and advantages of coiled twisted barbed wire are similar to those of razor wire. Its cutting ability is somewhat lower, so it finds more application in animal husbandry, poultry farming, and other simpler tasks.

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Applications of barbed wire

In reality, the primary purpose of various types of barbed wire is mainly to create protective fences that prevent unauthorized intrusion. As a result, we can easily observe the widespread use of this product in various settings such as hospitals, factories, farms, residential properties, and correctional facilities.

Furthermore, barbed wire also finds application in national security and defense. It is often used to create protective barriers around military bases and installations, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and preventing individuals from escaping.

The practical usage is quite straightforward. One end of the barbed wire is secured, and then the remaining length is pulled around the area you want to enclose before being fastened. Through these advantages, barbed wire has become increasingly favored by users due to the convenience it provides.

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How many kilograms does 1 meter of barbed wire weigh?

To answer this question, first, people need to understand the structure of different types of barbed wire. In reality, barbed wire comes in various specifications, with diverse designs and weights. Consequently, the weight of barbed wire varies depending on the specific type.

How much does 1 meter of blade-shaped barbed wire weigh?

For the blade-shaped barbed wire, there are various coil diameters. The most common on the market are 40-45mm, 60-65mm, 90-100mm. On average, the length of each coil falls within the range of 90-100 meters, and the average weight of each coil is about 10kg/coil, equivalent to a length of about 10 meters. Thus, 1 meter of blade-shaped barbed wire weighs approximately 0.1kg.

How much does 1 meter of round-shaped barbed wire weigh?

  • Coil of barbed wire with a diameter of 2.5mm x 2mm (spike) weighs 1kg; length ranges from 8 to 8.5 meters.
  • Coil of barbed wire with a diameter of 3.0mm x 2.5mm (spike) weighs 1kg; length ranges from 6 to 6.5 meters.
  • Coil of barbed wire with a diameter of 2.7mm x 2.7mm (spike) weighs 1kg; length ranges from 6 to 6.5 meters.
  • Barbed wire with a diameter of 2.5mm and 2mm, so 1 meter of wire is approximately 0.125kg.
  • Barbed wire with a diameter of 3mm and 2.5mm, so 1 meter of wire is approximately 0.167kg.
  • Barbed wire with a diameter of 2.7mm, so 1 meter of wire is approximately 1.67kg.

After the coils of barbed wire are produced, they are usually wrapped in nylon, ensuring their protection and making transportation much more convenient.

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Barbed wire price list

How much does barbed wire cost? The following is a reference for the updated price list of barbed wire in accordance with the whole market today:

Thickness Black Galvanized Hot-dip galvanized
1 mm         12.200           12.700           13.600  
2 mm         12.200           12.700           13.600  
2,2 mm         12.200           12.700           13.600  
2,5 mm         12.200           12.700           13.600  
2,7 mm         12.200           12.700           13.600  
3 mm         12.200           12.700           13.600  
3,5 mm         12.200           12.700           13.600  
4,5 mm         12.200           12.700           13.600  
5 mm         12.200           12.700           13.600  

Barbed Wire Quotation Notes

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  • Quality goods, accompanied by full CO/CQ from the factory.
  • 100% new goods.
  • Issue red invoices for customers.
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In reality, the market is currently witnessing an emergence of numerous barbed wire suppliers due to the increasing demand from users. However, not only reputable quality sellers are emerging, but also many suppliers of subpar barbed wire aiming for profit.

Purchasing low-quality products can lead to concerns such as unsatisfactory quality, poor durability, and inefficiency, significantly affecting the construction capabilities of users. Therefore, before buying any type of barbed wire on the market, it is best to find a supplier that genuinely ensures high-quality products, maintains a strong reputation, and provides clear information about the origin of the goods.

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With the information we have compiled and shared with you here, we hope that you have gained a clearer understanding of barbed wire and its characteristics. This understanding will enable customers to make informed decisions about which brand of barbed wire to purchase, ensuring that they obtain the highest quality products for maximum efficiency and fulfillment of their needs.

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