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Steel U80 / U80 Steel: Price List, Specifications, Weight

In the field of construction materials and structures, U80 steel stands out as a notable choice for constructing projects with sturdy and safe requirements. U80 steel, with its unique U-shaped cross-section, not only provides high strength but also has outstanding advantages in various structural applications. Let’s explore in detail the unique characteristics of this type of steel with Stavian Metal, and understand the diversity and performance that U80 steel brings to the construction industry today.

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U80 steel is not only known for its high strength but also for its outstanding advantages in various structural applications.

What is U80 Steel?

U80 steel, also known as U80-shaped steel, is a type of construction material with a characteristic U-shaped cross-section similar to an uppercase letter “U.” Its uniqueness is demonstrated by having two equal wings, shorter and connected to the abdomen. The surface of U80 steel can appear as blackish-green when in its raw state or whitish-gray after undergoing galvanizing process.

With its technical characteristics and unique design, U80 steel is produced in various sizes, creating flexibility in its application to diverse construction fields. This type of steel stands out for its load-bearing capacity and high strength, making it a preferred choice in many construction and structural applications. U80 steel is not just a construction material but also a symbol of diversity and performance in industries related to structures and construction.

Advantages of U80 Steel

The prominent advantages of U80 steel contribute to making this material an excellent choice in various applications:

  • U80 steel is produced in various sizes, creating flexibility and suitability for various purposes.
  • With the ability to withstand weather and environmental impacts, U80 steel demonstrates high durability, ensuring stability and safety for constructions.
  • U80 steel has good load-bearing capacity and is less prone to deformation due to external forces, enhancing stability and reliability in structural applications.
  • With reasonable weight and convenient design, U80 steel is convenient for transportation, construction, installation, and maintenance, minimizing time and costs.
  • Following the trend of cost-effectiveness, U80 steel becomes an economical and efficient choice for many construction projects.

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U80 steel has many outstanding advantages and is widely applied in various construction projects

Real-world Applications of U80 Steel

  • Construction of pre-engineered steel buildings and workshops.
  • Used in load-bearing structures of buildings.
  • Manufacturing in the industrial and transportation equipment industry.
  • Used in residential construction, roof frames, and household furniture, meeting the diverse needs of the construction and industrial sectors.

Specifications and Standards of U80 Steel

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Specifications and Standards of U80 Steel

Standard Steel Grades

Steel products are manufactured in accordance with various standard steel grades, depending on the origin and specific national standards. Here are some common steel grades according to the origin:

  • American Steel Grade: Grade A36, complying with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards.
  • Japanese Steel Grade: Grade SS400, according to JIS G3101 standards; there are also other grades such as SB410, 3013, and many others depending on specific requirements.
  • Chinese Steel Grade: Some grades include SS400, Q235A, Q235B, Q235C,… according to JIS G3101 standards, SB410, and 3010.
  • Russian Steel Grade: Grade CT3, according to GOST 380 – 88 standards.

Each steel grade has its own technical characteristics and is chosen depending on the specific requirements of the application and the national standards where the steel is manufactured or used. Understanding the various steel grades ensures quality and uniformity in the use of construction and structural materials.

0Specifications regarding the dimensions of U80 steel and the weight of U80 steel

Specifications Bare Steel Weight of U80 Steel
Kg/m Kg/ 6m bar Kg/ 12m bar
U80x 38x 2,5× 3,8x 6m 3,83 23 46,00
U80x 38x 2,7× 3,5x 6m 4,00 24 48,00
U80x 38x 3.0x 6m 4,74 28,41 56,82
U80x 38x 5,7x 6m 6,67 40 80,00
U80x 40x 4.0x 6m 6,00 36 72,00
U80x 40x 4.2x 6m 5,08 30,48 60,96
U80x 42x 4,7× 4,5x 6m 5,17 31 62,00
U80x 45x 6x 6m 7,00 42 84,00

Classification of Common U80 Steel

U80 steel is classified into three types based on the surface coating of each type of steel:

Black U80 Steel

This is a product formed after the casting process and then cooled by water spray. The surface of the product is usually green or black. This is the most common type of steel and has the lowest cost among the three types of U80 steel.

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Black U80 steel is the cheapest among the U80 steel types

Galvanized U80 Steel

Also known as cold galvanized or electrolytic zinc-plated U80 steel. The surface of the product is coated with a thin layer of zinc, which changes the color from black to grayish-white. It has higher durability compared to black U80 steel, but the cost is also higher than black U80 steel.

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Galvanized U80 steel has good quality but a higher cost than black U80 steel.

Hot-dip Galvanized U80 Steel

This is a product after undergoing a process of dipping in molten zinc to coat the entire surface of the material, creating a neutral acid environment, reducing corrosion, and having a high lifespan. The surface of hot-dip galvanized U80 steel is shiny and bright white, suitable for applications in harsh environments and outdoors. This is the type of steel with the highest durability among the three types, but also has the highest cost.

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Hot-dip galvanized U80 steel is the best type of U80 steel on the market.

U80 Steel Price List

Product Specifications Weight

( Kg )

Unit Price


Total Price


U80x 38x 2,5× 3,8x 6m 23 Contact  Contact
U80x 38x 2,7× 3,5x 6m 24
U80x 38x 3.0x 6m 28,41
U80x 38x 5,7x 6m 40
U80x 40x 4.0x 6m 36
U80x 40x 4.2x 6m 30,48
U80x 42x 4,7× 4,5x 6m 31
U80x 45x 6x 6m 42

Some U80 Steel Brands: 

Here are some famous brands that supply U80 steel in the market:

  • U80 Steel An Khanh
  • U80 Steel Dai Viet
  • U80 Steel Asia
  • U80 Steel Posco Vina
  • U80 Steel China
  • U80 Steel Thailand

These brands are well-known in the steel industry and meet the diverse needs of construction and structural projects. The quality and reputation of products from these brands are often highly rated in the industry.

Some Notes on Proper Storage of U80 Steel

To preserve U80 steel and maintain the quality of the product during storage without encountering issues such as rust, deformation, or corrosion, customers need to adhere to some guidelines:

  • Stacking height and moisture avoidance: Do not place steel directly on the ground; use wooden pallets or cement blocks to elevate the product and avoid direct contact with moisture from the ground.
  • Storage under roof cover: For black steel or galvanized steel, store it in a warehouse with a roof cover to protect it from environmental impacts, especially in areas with high humidity and exposure to chemicals.
  • Cover with tarpaulin if stored outdoors: If the product needs to be stored outdoors, use tarpaulin to cover the surface and corners, prevent direct exposure to weather, and prevent the rusting process.
  • Stack carefully: Avoid stacking products too high, and stack separately those products showing signs of rust or are new to prevent collisions and damage to the surface.

Adhering to these storage rules will help protect U80 steel from potential damage factors and ensure that the product maintains the best quality throughout the storage period.

Why Choose Stavian Metal

In the U80 steel distribution sector, Stavian Metal is a leading partner committed to quality and excellent service. Our U80 steel products are selected from reliable sources, ensuring they meet all quality and safety criteria.

Stavian Metal is committed to providing U80 steel with clear origins, adhering to all safety standards, and transparency in the production process. This helps build strong trust from customers regarding the origin and quality of the product.

Stavian Metal’s U80 steel products not only ensure the best quality but also come with special warranty policies. All projects using our products are protected and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. All Stavian Metal products are uniform with quality certification from the manufacturing plant, creating strong evidence of consistency and high quality of the product.

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Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in the field of industrial metal materials trading.

Additionally, Stavian Metal supports transportation fees for large orders to reduce cost pressure for customers. This is a special benefit that we want to share with reliable partners.

Stavian Metal’s U80 steel products not only stand out in quality but also prioritize the most competitive prices on the market. This not only satisfies existing customers but also opens up new opportunities with new customers.

Stavian Metal’s professional technical team ensures to support customers anytime, anywhere. The commitment to 24/7 technical support shows an understanding of the importance of each project and ensures customer satisfaction.

Stavian Metal is proud to be a reliable partner, bringing peace of mind and success to every construction project. Choose Stavian Metal for sustainability and long-term development.

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Information about U80 steel has been fully and detailedly presented in the above article. We have learned about the characteristics, applications, as well as the types and famous brands of this structural steel. Especially, Stavian Metal stands out as a reliable partner, offering quality products with a commitment to clear origin, free shipping service, and competitive prices. Hopefully, through the article, you have gained enough knowledge to choose the right place to buy U80 steel for your construction projects.

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