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In this article, Stavian Metal will help you gain an overview of a particularly important construction material in the structural and manufacturing industry – U120 steel. With its U-shaped cross-section, U120 steel is not only a strong and sturdy material but also provides flexibility and impressive performance in various applications. The characteristics of U120 steel have made it the top choice for engineering projects requiring strength, rigidity, and uniform weight distribution. Let’s explore further the outstanding features and diverse applications of this type of steel in the context of the modern industry.

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U120 steel is not only a strong and sturdy material, but it also offers versatility and impressive performance in a variety of applications.

U120 Steel Overview

U120 steel, an essential component in construction and manufacturing, offers many notable advantages. First and foremost, its flexibility allows it to adapt to various types of structures, particularly in civil construction projects.

The variety of sizes and types of U-shaped steel, especially U120, makes it the top choice for investors. The goal of purchasing cost-effective steel, while ensuring quality, is the top priority for many businesses and construction contractors.

U-shaped steel, including U120, stands out not only for its strength and durability but also for a range of other advantages. Its ability to resist fire, deformation under heavy loads, corrosion, and decay makes it superior in projects requiring stability and durability.

thep hinh u120

U120 steel is a common material in construction

On the other hand, U120 steel’s outstanding rust resistance makes it a top choice in applications such as roofing, civil structure construction, prefabricated houses, manufacturing workshops, and bridge construction.

Depending on the specific requirements of each job, choosing the most suitable type of U-shaped steel will ensure optimal performance and reliability in the construction and manufacturing process.

Outstanding Advantages of U120 Steel in Construction and Manufacturing

U120 steel is a unique choice in construction and manufacturing, offering a range of superior advantages to optimize performance and durability:

  • Impressive strength, able to withstand external forces with minimal deformation or warping.
  • Resistance to acids, salts, and bases ensures durability under harsh weather conditions.
  • Easy to combine with other steel bars or surfaces such as concrete, bricks, serving diverse construction and heavy industrial purposes.
  • Plays a crucial role in enhancing the strength of structures, improving their steel structure and resistance.
  • Highly rated for stable quality and long lifespan, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Lightweight, durable, and sturdy, U120 steel is environmentally friendly, reducing the load on infrastructure.
  • Safe against fire, corrosion-resistant, and impervious to decay, ensuring stability and safety.
  • With low construction costs and minimal maintenance, U120 steel is a smart investment for construction and manufacturing projects.
  • Easy to detect errors and perform repairs through visual inspection, reducing repair costs and time.

Practical Applications of U120 Steel

U120 steel, with its unique combination of traditional steel properties and high balance capability, has become an essential raw material in many practical applications. Produced with high strength and diverse sizes, finished products from U120 steel meet the requirements of various construction projects.

U120 steel is applied diversely depending on specific sizes and technical specifications, contributing to many industrial and construction fields. Particularly, it appears in applications such as high-voltage electric poles, bridge frames, materials for mechanical engineering, roofing, house frames, civil structures, car bodies, crane girders, weighing scales, and many other applications.

In the construction field, U120 steel plays a vital role in assembling workshops and large-scale structures, where balance, strength, and durability are paramount. Its flexibility and versatility make it an excellent choice in the modern construction industry.

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U120 steel is widely used in many industrial and construction fields such as high voltage electric poles, road and bridge frames, roofs…

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Specifications of U120 Steel

Name Specifications Length Weight kg/m Weight of U120 Steel (kg/piece)
U120 Steel U120x 48x 3,5× 4,7x 6m 6M 43.00
U120x 50x 5,2× 5,7x 6m 6M 56.00
U120x 50x 4x 6m 6M 6.92 41.52
U120x 50x 5x 6m 6M 9.30 55.80
U120x 50x 5x 6m 6M 8.80 52.80

U120 steel comes in various grades, each accompanied by specific quality standards depending on its origin of production. Here is a list of steel grades and standards applied to common U120 steel in Vietnam:

  • Vietnamese Steel:
    • Steel Grade: According to TCVN 1654-75 & GOST 380-94, JIS G3192-1990.
  • Russian Steel:
    • Steel Grade: CT3
    • Standard: GOST 380-88
  • Japanese Steel:
    • Steel Grade: SS400
    • Standard: JIS G3101, SB101, SB410, 3013, …
  • Chinese Steel:
    • Steel Grade: SS400, Q235
    • Standard: JIS G3101, SB410, …
  • American Steel:
    • Steel Grade: A36
    • Standard: ASTM A36

These steel grades and standards are characteristic of each country and define the specific quality and properties of U120 steel in terms of weight, dimensions, and specifications. The choice between steel grades depends on the specific requirements of the project and the application environment, ensuring compliance with all technical and quality criteria.

U120 Steel Price List

Steel Specifications  Length Specification Barem kg/piece Price vnd/piece
U120x 48x 3,5× 4,7x 6m 6M 43.00 Contact Us
U120x 50x 5,2× 5,7x 6m 6M 56.00
U120x 50x 4x 6m 6M 41.52
U120x 50x 5x 6m 6M 55.80
U120x 50x 5x 6m 6M 52.80

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In this article, Stavian Metal has introduced you to the diversity and superiority of U120 steel – a sturdy and flexible construction material. With its load-bearing capacity, durability, and versatile applications, U120 steel not only highlights construction projects but also becomes an indispensable raw material in manufacturing and production industries. Stavian hopes that information about U120 steel will help you understand its advantages and applications in various fields. If you are looking for a reliable and quality supplier for U120 steel, place your trust in reputable suppliers, to ensure that your project is built on the solid foundation of quality and performance.

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