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Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC is a leading distributor of all kinds of wire rod, which are applied in the manufacturing, transportation and civil engineering industries.

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Categories Details
Diameter of rod ø6 – ø20
Diameter of steel bundle D = 1.2m
Weight of steel bundle W = 2000 kg
Surface Glossy, no cracks
Color Blue grey
Section Round section, the small oval
Grade SAE 1006, SAE 1008, CB 240, CB 300…
Standard JIS, ASTM, EN, JFS, AS…


To help everyone better understand the uses and applications of steel wire, in today’s article, we would like to share some information about steel wire for your reference.

What is steel wire?

Steel wire is a highly common product in our daily lives. The definition of this product is quite simple; steel wire, also known as steel coil, is made from steel after the hot rolling process.

It becomes thin and small and is coiled into loops to make it more convenient for transportation or use when it cools down.

Now, depending on the purpose and needs of users, steel wire comes in various sizes. The appearance of steel wire may have a smooth surface or ribs and can range in diameter from 6mm to 14mm. The weight of steel wire coils typically falls between 200kg to 460kg per coil.

Steel wire is commonly used for applications such as guitar strings, welding electrode cores, cables, umbrella frames, connecting hooks for various structures, and more.

Although steel wire may appear simple on the outside, producing this product requires deep technical expertise and advanced technology. Only businesses that invest significantly in the production process can ensure high-quality steel wire products.

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Types of steel wire used today

Currently, steel wire is widely used in various aspects of daily life. It’s not difficult to see steel wires being used extensively around us. Here are some types of steel wire that you should know:

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Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire is made from a metal alloy and is heated to high temperatures to increase strength and durability. Stainless steel wire is used in various industries, including construction, where it provides resistance to rust and oxidation. It is also used in the electrical industry, shipbuilding, medical applications, and heat exchange in boilers.

Galvanized Steel Wire

Galvanized steel wire is a product that is coated with a layer of zinc on its outer surface. After being shaped through high-temperature rolling, the wire is passed through a molten zinc solution and then cooled. This process increases the wire’s lifespan, reduces oxidation, and protects it from environmental factors.

Cold-Drawn Steel Wire

Cold-drawn steel wire is made from low-carbon materials and is created through a cold-drawing process at relatively low temperatures. During cold drawing, the structure of the wire remains largely unchanged, and only its shape is altered. The cold-drawing process must be precise and carefully controlled to avoid issues like breakage or cracking.

Hot-Rolled Steel Wire

Hot-rolled steel wire is produced by the hot-rolling process at temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius. At such high temperatures, the steel wire is shaped into the desired forms. Today, hot-rolled steel wire is commonly used in various everyday objects, including automobile manufacturing, gas cylinders, containers, ship masts, and construction.

Steel Wire Production Process

In general, regardless of the type of steel wire, the production process is largely the same, with some variations in finishing steps.

First, the raw materials are melted at temperatures below 1000 degrees Celsius and then cast into molds to be rolled into the shape of steel wire. Finally, the finished products are cleaned, sorted, and classified to produce different types of steel wires based on size and usage.

The Advantages of Using Steel Wire

The reason steel wire is widely used is because:

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  • Steel wire possesses high flexibility, easy cutting, and bending, allowing for convenient shape and structure modifications according to various needs.
  • It is easy to transport and install in construction projects.
  • The cost is affordable and suitable for different income levels.
  • It is highly convenient for product storage.
  • It offers stable quality and a long lifespan.
  • It comes in various models and sizes.

Considerations when buying steel wire

Nowadays, there are many steel wire suppliers in the market. The high demand from consumers can lead to fluctuations in both quality and pricing.

To help customers obtain affordable steel wire with good quality, consider the following points:

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Research the market prices through multiple sources to get a clear understanding of steel wire pricing. This will help you find reputable suppliers and the best prices.

Choose well-established brands when purchasing steel wire. Although prices might be slightly higher, you can trust in the quality of the product.

Carefully examine and test the quality of the steel wire you intend to purchase, especially when buying in large quantities, to ensure both quality and cost-effectiveness.

Steel wire prices tend to fluctuate continuously. Therefore, knowing the product’s price beforehand can help you save money.

Common Applications of Stainless Steel Wire

Despite the widespread use of stainless steel wire in the market, let’s list some common applications to better understand its role in our lives: in agriculture, animal husbandry, architecture, aerospace, machinery, automobiles, entertainment, mining, etc.

Where to Buy Steel Wire Rolls?

Currently, Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company is a pioneering unit in supplying and manufacturing materials nationwide. With years of experience in importing and supplying steel wire products, Stavian is proud to be a reliable partner for thousands of domestic customers.

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Stavian is now a manufacturer and supplier of affordable steel wire. We specialize in manufacturing and trading iron and steel materials of various sizes to meet the construction needs of both civil and industrial projects.

With us, customers will own high-quality products with clear origins and sources. Stavian always takes pride in being the most trustworthy business on the market in providing steel wire and other iron and steel products.