Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company (abbreviated as Stavian Industrial Metal) was established on June 18, 2021, with the desire to build a vibrant, transparent industrial metal materials market towards the goal of sustainable development.

Stavian Industrial Metal provides comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial metal trading, bringing Vietnamese industrial metal products to the world.

Proudly inheriting the robust domestic distribution network, reputable partners in over 100 countries & territories and more than 30 branches worldwide from Stavian Group, along with state-of-the-art offices and warehouses in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City, combined with our advantages of four comprehensive business models and a chain of 15 exclusive outstanding business solutions, we are steadily affirming our position as a large-scale industrial metal trading company, not only serving the ecosystem of Stavian Group but also having full capacity to supply materials for large-scale projects both domestically and globally.

Stavian Industrial Metal sets the goal by 2028 to become one of Southeast Asia's Top 10 largest industrial metal materials trading companies.

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    Aluminum Profile

    Stavian Industrial Metal supplies a diversified range of aluminum products which are applied in a variety of industries, such as: Architecture & Furniture, Solar, Thermal Solution,… due to outstanding characteristics such as Lightweight & durable, High aesthetic, Non-magnetic and non-toxic, Multi forms & colors and Recyclable.

    Stavian Industrial Metal provides OEM/ODM services, customized design upon customers’ requirements at a competitive price and high volume.

  • Iron Ore

    Iron ore distributed by Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC is carefully tested and certified by SGS. We also provide transparent origins for our products.

    In addition to quality commitment, our company is also committed to abundant reserves, output and infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted trading activities.

  • Alumina

    Alumina, commonly known as aluminum oxide Al2O3, is extracted from bauxite ores in tropical and subtropical regions. It is used in the production of aluminum – a metal slated for significant growth in the advancement toward a low-carbon economy.

    The alumina distributed by Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC is extracted and refined using the Bayer process, meeting international standards.

  • Section Steel

    Stavian Industrial Metal provides a full range of section steel including H beam, equal-leg angles from famous factories like POSCO YAMATO, TISCO, An Khanh Steel…

    The products are produced on modern lines according to international standards such as JIS G3192:2014, KS D3502:2021, ASTM A6-11, BS 4-1:2005, EN 10365:2017…

  • Steel Billet

    Steel billets distributed by Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC are manufactured in large-scale factories, invested in building a closed and synchronous production complex to create a continuous chain in the production of billets and finished steel.
    We supply a variety of steel billets, produced by IF, EAF, and BF technology, meeting customers’ requirements. Especially, customized products in large quantities are available upon customers’ request.

  • Aluminum Billet

    Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC provides aluminum billets of various types, serving the aluminum extrusion industry.

    Our products are manufactured in large and reputable factories, meeting technical standards and are eligible for export.

    Depending on customer requirements, billet products are cut to length or molded to many diameter sizes.

  • Aluminum Ingot

    Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC provides high-quality aluminum ingots which are raw materials for the production of aluminum alloys (aluminum billet) and final aluminum profiles.

    All products offered by Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC are well-sourced and trusted by domestic and foreign markets.

  • Wire Rod

    Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC is a leading distributor of all kinds of wire rod, which are applied in the manufacturing, transportation and civil engineering industries.

  • Hot Rolled Steel

    Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC provides a full range of hot rolled steel products in coils, plates, and a full range of common steel grades.

    The products provided by Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC are manufactured by prestigious global factories such as Hoa Phat, Formosa, TATA Steel, Nippon Steel, Hyundai Steel, Baotou, Shangchen Steel,…

  • Cold Rolled Steel

    Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC provides a full range of cold rolled steel products in coils, plates, coils of galvanized, SPHC, SPCC…

    Besides, we also supply sheet & coil products in first and second grade from big factories around the world such as Hyundai Steel, Nippon Steel,…

  • Rebar Steel

    All rebar products provided by Stavian Industrial Metal.,JSC have transparent origins and quality assurance in accordance with the technical standards of reputable manufacturing plants in Vietnam and worldwide.


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