Aluminum Round Profile: What is it? Features, Specifications, Pros and Cons

Currently, aluminum profiles are roughly divided into two types: round aluminum profiles and square aluminum profiles. Among them, the round aluminum profiles are widely used in various fields. Let’s delve into this product in detail in the following article.

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What is aluminum round profile?

Aluminum round profile or aluminum round is a product created by combining aluminum sheets and aluminum coils to create various dimensions in width, length, or thickness. This product is commonly used in the household appliance industry and the production of electronic components.

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Technical specifications of aluminum round profiles

– D28 aluminum round profile: The thickness varies from 1mm to 2mm. The diameter of the round aluminum includes 200, 220, 300, 320, 440, 460, etc. The processing is done according to the customer’s intended use.

– D43 aluminum round profile: The thickness varies from 1mm to 6mm. The diameter of the round aluminum includes 340, 440, 460 mm, etc. The processing is done according to the customer’s intended use.

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Common types of aluminum round profile

For aluminum round profiles, they are divided into two basic types:

D28 aluminum round profile

This type of round aluminum profile has a diameter of 28mm. The product is made from primarily pure aluminum with aluminum grade 6063, enhancing stiffness, durability, and excellent heat resistance.

Round aluminum D28 has a thickness ranging from 1mm to 2mm. The standard length of the aluminum tube is 4m/piece, 6m/piece, or customers can choose the length according to their needs.

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D43 round aluminum profile

This type of round aluminum profile has a diameter of 43mm. The product is made from pure aluminum, increasing strength and load-bearing capacity.

Round aluminum D43 has a thickness ranging from 1mm to 6mm. The product is designed through the anodized process, making it shiny, color-fast, and highly resistant to rust.

Advantages of round aluminum profiles

Certainly, it is not random that round aluminum profiles are widely popular in our lives. The explanation for this is that they have many outstanding advantages, such as:


Round aluminum profiles are known for their lightweight properties. Whether the product is rolled to a thick or thin degree, with a large or small diameter, it remains extremely lightweight.

For example, for iron and steel to increase corrosion resistance, the thickness needs to be increased, and in some cases, it needs to be hot-dip galvanized. On the contrary, for round aluminum profiles, even with a relatively thin thickness, they can still ensure better corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

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Outstanding chemical properties

In addition to being lightweight, round aluminum profiles also provide excellent corrosion resistance. This is especially important for outdoor construction projects that are constantly exposed to direct environmental impact.

Therefore, most outdoor construction projects, whether large or small, prioritize the use of this material to reduce the load on the structure, increase durability, and extend the lifespan over time.

Easy installation and disassembly

Through joints, we can accurately connect the four directions of the round aluminum profile. Therefore, anyone can easily install it during the construction process thanks to its simple structure, ensuring that the connection of the four directions is always tightened with bolts.

Moreover, any type of connection is designed to be suitable for the structure of the round aluminum profile so that we can easily install and disassemble it quickly.

Another notable advantage of round aluminum profiles is that they allow multiple reuse to minimize material sources and additional costs during use.

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Applications of round aluminum profiles

Round aluminum profiles inherit the characteristics of aluminum alloys, so depending on the purpose or usage needs, customers can choose the most suitable product for their project.

In the field of household appliances, round aluminum profiles are used to make products such as trays, pot holders, pot lids, refrigerator trays, etc.

In the electronics industry, round aluminum profiles are used to manufacture components such as phone frame edges, small components of parts that will become final products, or phone casings.

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How much is the current price of round aluminum profiles?

Many users have asked about the current price of round aluminum profiles. In general, the price of round aluminum profiles on the market will range from 40,000 to 50,000 VND/m, depending on the length of the product. The price may vary depending on the quantity ordered.

For customers who order large quantities of round aluminum profiles, they will receive attractive discounts.

At the same time, the staff at Stavian Vietnam will provide enthusiastic 24/7 support, providing the necessary information and delivering the products to the consumer’s hands.

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Stavian – Address for high-quality round aluminum profiles

Currently, the Stavian brand is a reputable address for providing high-quality aluminum profiles. Here, the team consists of experienced technical staff, engineers, and workers who have in-depth expertise in the field of technology. Therefore, it is certain to bring the best quality products to all customers.

Not only that, Stavian also offers many other products at very reasonable prices, suitable for most current usage needs.

Through this article, it is hoped that you have a clearer understanding of the relevant information about round aluminum profiles as well as their applications. It is hoped that the knowledge we share here will help you gain interesting experiences to improve your own knowledge and make the most reasonable calculations according to your needs.

Especially, if customers have the need to buy and use round aluminum profiles, they can contact Stavian for advice and detailed quotations.

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