U-shaped steel: Standards, Weight and Size lookup table

Galvanized steel sections have long demonstrated their continuous superiority in the construction industry, notable for their outstanding characteristics such as high strength, significant corrosion resistance, and flexibility in meeting the specific requirements of construction projects.

Among various structural steel types, the U-shaped steel section tops the list of preferred materials, attracting considerable attention from many experts and construction contractors. This is not only due to its versatility in applications but also its ability to optimize performance and aesthetics for architectural and engineering projects. Let’s explore in detail the prominent advantages of U-shaped steel and why it has become the top choice in the construction industry today.

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U-shaped steel offers a variety of applications from performance optimization to aesthetics for architectural and engineering projects.

Overview of U-shaped Steel

U-shaped steel is a type of steel characterized by its rigid, solid, and high-strength properties. Its name reflects the shape of the product, making it a popular material in various construction applications. U-shaped steel is highly regarded for its ability to withstand high-intensity forces, resist pressure, and provide good vibration resistance. Therefore, it is often chosen for projects that require heavy loads, such as bridges and other important structures.

This product stands out not only for its ability to withstand pressure but also for its resistance to harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for diverse projects. Produced in various sizes, U-shaped steel offers flexibility in selection, depending on the specific requirements of each project. This ensures that the product has suitable weight and technical characteristics for all construction needs.

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U-shaped steel is an outstanding type of steel with characteristics of hardness, strength, and high durability

Characteristics of U-shaped Steel

U-shaped steel is characterized by its rigidity, solidity, and high strength, making it an ideal material for construction and machinery manufacturing applications. With high load-bearing capacity, U-shaped steel can withstand strong vibrations from various types of structures. The production of U-shaped steel in various sizes and diverse weights allows flexibility in selection, meeting the specific technical requirements of each project and construction.

U-shaped steel not only withstands harsh environmental conditions such as fluctuating weather and high temperatures but also resists the impact of chemical substances. This makes it a common material in many industries, from machinery manufacturing to construction.

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 The division into 5 main sizes of U-shaped steel with mm measurements such as b, h, d, r, and R helps investors easily choose according to specific requirements.

Practical Applications of U-shaped Steel

U-shaped steel is widely used in many civil and industrial sectors, with diverse applications to meet construction and manufacturing needs. Specifically, U-shaped steel products are often used to create frames for trucks, furniture, antenna towers, high-voltage electrical poles, and bridge structures. These applications not only demonstrate flexibility but also feature durability and stability in various environmental conditions.

The reputable steel grades available on the market today also play an important role in determining the quality and technical properties of U-shaped steel products. Here are some common steel grades from different countries and accompanying U-shaped steel standards:

  • Russian steel grades: The most common is CT3 according to GOST 380-88 standards.
  • Japanese steel grades: SS 400,… according to standards including JIS G 3101, SB410, 3010.
  • Chinese steel grades: SS 400, Q235A, Grade B, Grade C,… according to standards of JIS G3101, SB410, 3010.
  • American steel grades: A36 … according to ASTM A36 standards.

Choosing the appropriate steel grade ensures the uniformity and quality of U-shaped steel products, while meeting the standards and technical requirements of specific applications in the industrial and construction sectors.

Advantages of U-shaped Steel

U-shaped steel represents the utilization of a material with many outstanding advantages, making it the ideal choice for various applications. Here are the prominent advantages of U-shaped steel:

  • Effective fire resistance: U-shaped steel is non-combustible and has excellent fire resistance, making it a safe choice for many applications.
  • Low cost: With affordable prices, U-shaped steel is a low-cost structural material, helping to reduce overall construction and production costs.
  • Stable quality: U-shaped steel has stable quality, free from deformation or bending, ensuring uniformity in manufacturing and construction.
  • Lightweight, strong, and solid: With lightweight yet high strength and solidity, U-shaped steel is the ideal choice for applications requiring strength and lightness.
  • Environmentally friendly: With high recyclability, U-shaped steel is not only an efficient material but also environmentally friendly, helping to reduce industrial waste and environmental impacts from industrial and construction waste.
  • Mold, rust, and termite resistance: The corrosion and termite resistance of U-shaped steel help protect the product in harsh environmental conditions.

U-shaped steel, hot-rolled with high precision, is not only a quality material for structural applications but also a perfect combination of flexibility and performance in various fields such as manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation. U-shaped steel is also suitable for enhancing strength and rigidity vertically or horizontally, making it a diverse and efficient choice for different construction projects and applications.

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U-shaped steel offers excellent advantages such as effective fire resistance, low cost, and stable quality.

Specifications of U-shaped Stee

Below is a detailed table of U-shaped steel specifications that Stavian has compiled, including important and basic parameters such as U-shaped steel dimensions, weight per meter, and total weight. To calculate the weight of U-shaped steel, you can follow the specifications of the U-shaped steel types below to determine the weight of the steel you are using.

Name Specification Length Weight (kg/m) Total Weight (kg/piece)
U-shaped Steel U49 U49x 24x 2.5x 6m 6M 2.33 14.00
U-shaped Steel U50 U50x 22x 2,5x 3x 6m 6M 13.50
U-shaped Steel U63 U63x 6m 6M 17.00
U-shaped Steel U64 U64.3x 30x 3.0x 6m 6M 2.83 16.98
U-shaped Steel U65 U65x 32x 2,8x 3x 6m 6M 18.00
U65x 30x 4x 4x 6m 6M 22.00
U65x 34x 3,3× 3,3x 6m 6M 21.00
U-shaped Steel U75 U75x 40x 3.8x 6m 6M 5.30 31.80
U-shaped Steel U80 U80x 38x 2,5× 3,8x 6m 6M 23.00
U80x 38x 2,7× 3,5x 6m 6M 24.00
U80x 38x 5,7x 5,5x 6m 6M 38.00
U80x 38x 5,7x 6m 6M 40.00
U80x 40x 4.2x 6m 6M 5.08 30.48
U80x 42x 4,7× 4,5x 6m 6M 31.00
U80x 45x 6x 6m 6M 7.00 42.00
U80x 38x 3.0x 6m 6M 3.58 21.48
U80x 40x 4.0x 6m 6M 6.00 36.00
U-shaped Steel U100 U100x 42x 3.3x 6m 6M 5.17 31.02
U100x 45x 3.8x 6m 6M 7.17 43.02
U100x 45x 4,8x 5x 6m 6M 43.00
U100x 43x 3x 4,5× 6m 6M 33.00
U100x 45x 5x 6m 6M 46.00
U100x 46x 5,5x 6m 6M 47.00
U100x 50x 5,8× 6,8x 6m 6M 56.00
U100× 42.5× 3.3x 6m 6M 5.16 30.96
U100x 42x 3x 6m 6M 33.00
U100x 42x 4,5x 6m 6M 42.00
U100x 50x 3.8x 6m 6M 7.30 43.80
U100x 50x 3.8x 6m 6M 7.50 45.00
U100x 50x 5x 12m 12M 9.36 112.32
U-shaped Steel U120 U120x 48x 3,5× 4,7x 6m 6M 43.00
U120x 50x 5,2× 5,7x 6m 6M 56.00
U120x 50x 4x 6m 6M 6.92 41.52
U120x 50x 5x 6m 6M 9.30 55.80
U120x 50x 5x 6m 6M 8.80 52.80
U-shaped Steel U125 U125x 65x 6x 12m 12M 13.40 160.80
U-shaped Steel U140 U140x 56x 3,5x 6m 6M 54.00
U140x 58x 5x 6,5x 6m 6M 66.00
U140x 52x 4.5x 6m 6M 9.50 57.00
U140× 5.8x 6x 12m 12M 12.43 74.58
U-shaped Steel U150 U150x 75x 6.5x 12m 12M 18.60 223.20
U-shaped Steel U160 U160x 62×4,5×7,2x6m 6M 75.00
U160x 64x 5,5× 7,5x 6m 6M 84.00
U160x 62x 6x 7x 12m 12M 14.00 168.00
U160x 56x 5.2x 12m 12M 12.50 150.00
U160x 58x 5.5x 12m 12M 13.80 82.80
U-shaped Steel U180 U180x 64x 6.0x 12m 12M 15.00 180.00
U180x 68x 7x 12m 12M 17.50 210.00
U180x 71x 6,2× 7,3x 12m 12M 17.00 204.00
U-shaped Steel U200 U200x 69x 5.4x 12m 12M 17.00 204.00
U200x 71x 6.5x 12m 12M 18.80 225.60
U200x 75x 8.5x 12m 12M 23.50 282.00
U200x 75x 9x 12m 12M 24.60 295.20
U200x 76x 5.2x 12m 12M 18.40 220.80
U200x 80x 7,5× 11.0x 12m 12M 24.60 295.20
U-shaped Steel U250 U250x 76x 6x 12m 12M 22.80 273.60
U250x 78x 7x 12m 12M 23.50 282.00
U250x 78x 7.5x 12m 12M 24.60 295.20
U-shaped Steel U300 U300x 82x 7x 12m 12M 31.02 372.24
U300x 82x 7.5x 12m 12M 31.40 376.80
U300x 85x 7.5x 12m 12M 34.40 412.80
U300x 87x 9.5x 12m 12M 39.17 470.04
U-shaped Steel U400 U400x 100x 10.5x 12m 12M 58.93 707.16
U400x 100x 10,5x 12m 12M 48.00 576.00
U400x 125x 13x 12m 12M 60.00 720.00
U400x 175x 15,5x 12m 12M 76.10 913.20

Where to Buy Reliable U-shaped Steel – Stavian Metal

At Stavian Metal, we pride ourselves on being the leading trusted partner in the industrial metal materials trade in Vietnam. With professionalism and a commitment to quality as our top priorities, we affirm our position not only in supplying U-shaped steel but also in all other products.

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Stavian Metal proudly stands as the top reliable partner in the industrial metal materials trade in Vietnam

Stavian Metal not only provides confidence in product quality and value but also demonstrates sincerity in customer relationships. We offer not only various types of U-shaped steel but also many other diverse products such as H-shaped steel, I-shaped steel, V-shaped steel, etc., to meet the diverse needs of customers nationwide.

Every order at Stavian Metal is guaranteed with a pre-payment inspection policy. Customers have the right to inspect the product before making payment, ensuring satisfaction and product quality.

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