U200 steel profile is a high-quality construction material widely used in the construction and structural engineering industry. With its sturdy characteristics and high load-bearing capacity, U200 steel profile is becoming the preferred choice for engineers and contractors in building various structures ranging from residential buildings, bridges, to large industrial facilities. This article by Stavian Metal will help you understand in detail the technical specifications, common applications, and the benefits that U200 steel profile brings.

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 With its sturdy characteristics and high load-bearing capacity, U200 steel profile is becoming the preferred choice for engineers and contractors. 

Overview of U200 Steel Profile

U200 steel profile plays a crucial role in the construction industry, especially in projects with a civilian nature. Seeking affordable steel profiles while ensuring quality is always a top priority for investors.

U-shaped steel profiles come in various sizes and types, with U200 steel profile standing out as one of the most popular products. Each type of U-shaped steel profile brings its own advantages and limitations, mainly depending on the manufacturing materials. Specifically, the quality of the input materials determines the basic properties of the U-shaped steel.

Surrounding various types of U-shaped steel, notable advantages include strength, sustainability, high fire resistance, resistance to deformation, sagging, or distortion under heavy loads. Additionally, they maintain stability against weather conditions, limiting rust and corrosion, while being lightweight, facilitating construction and installation processes. This affordability and efficiency make U200 steel profile an ideal choice for various construction projects.

thep hinh u200

Characteristics of U200 Steel Profile

The characteristics of U-shaped steel profiles include toughness, high hardness, and strong load-bearing capacity. This type of U-shaped steel profile is processed with high load-bearing strength, capable of resisting strong vibrations from various construction projects. With various sizes and weights, each type of U-shaped steel profile offers its own characteristics and techniques, suitable for many projects, constructions, and machinery structures in different fields, depending on the technical requirements of each device, project, or structure.

With its sturdy characteristics and high load-bearing capacity, U200 steel profile is becoming the preferred choice for engineers and contractors.

U-shaped steel profiles not only withstand harsh environments with unique weather conditions but also resist the impact of high temperatures and chemicals. This makes U-shaped steel a popular material choice for various applications, including manufacturing, construction, and machinery production for both civilian and industrial sectors.

U-shaped steel profile products are widely used in civilian construction projects, such as truck beds, vehicle frames, furniture frames, antenna towers, high-voltage pylons, and various household items. U-shaped steel profiles are typically classified into 6 main sizes, each with specific measurements in millimeters. This facilitates easy management and usage, with each size further divided into smaller dimensions, along with unit weights measured in kg/m.

thep hinh u200

U200 steel profiles can be distinguished based on 6 main sizes, with each size having specific measurements in millimeters

U200 Steel Profile Applications in Practice

U200 steel profile, with a combination of traditional steel properties and high sustainability, has been applied diversely in practical fields. With finished products having high durability and a variety of sizes, U200 steel profile becomes an essential material in many construction projects.

Depending on the size and specific technical parameters, U-shaped steel profiles are used for various purposes, including high-voltage pylons, bridge frames, raw materials for mechanical manufacturing processes, roofing, house frame construction, warehouse production, bridge construction, and vital materials for the mechanical engineering industry. Depending on the specific requirements of the job, the most suitable type of U-shaped steel is chosen for the specific application of each project.

thep hinh u200

U200 steel profiles are applied diversely in practical fields

Specifications of U200 Steel Profile

Below is the U200 steel profile table and detailed specifications that you can refer to for your project.

Name Specifications Length Weight kg/m Weight (kg/piece)
U200 Steel Profile U200x 69x 5.4x 12m 12M 17.00 204.00
U200x 71x 6.5x 12m 12M 18.80 225.60
U200x 75x 8.5x 12m 12M 23.50 282.00
U200x 75x 9x 12m 12M 24.60 295.20
U200x 76x 5.2x 12m 12M 18.40 220.80
U200x 80x 7,5× 11.0x 12m 12M 24.60 295.20

U200 steel profiles are manufactured and classified based on steel grades from various countries, each steel grade adhering to specific production standards. Below are some types of U200 steel profiles and their corresponding production standards:

  • Vietnamese steel grade:
    • Standards: TCVN 1654_75 and GOST 380_94
    • Other standards: JIS G3192_1990
  • Russian steel grade:
    • Steel grade: CT3
    • Standard: GOST 380_88
  • Japanese steel grade:
    • Steel grade: SS400
    • Standards: JIS G3101, SB101, SB410, 3013, and other standards
  • Chinese steel grade:
    • Steel grade: SS400, Q235
    • Standards: JIS G3101, SB410, and other standards
  • American steel grade:
    • Steel grade: A36
    • Standard: ASTM A36

Each steel grade has its own technical characteristics and is used for specific applications in the industrial and construction sectors. This diversity helps consumers and manufacturers choose the most suitable steel grade according to the technical requirements and standards of each specific project or product.

U200 Steel Profile Price List

U200x 69x 5.4x 12m 17.00 KG Contact us
U200x 71x 6.5x 12m 18.80 KG
U200x 75x 8.5x 12m 23.50 KG
U200x 75x 9x 12m 24.60 KG
U200x 76x 5.2x 12m 18.40 KG
U200x 80x 7,5× 11.0x 12m 24.60 KG


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Stavian Metal – The Leading Provider of High-Quality and Reliable U200 Steel Profiles

In today’s diverse market, choosing a reputable source to buy genuine U200 steel profiles, ensuring quality and true value, is a challenge. Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company is proud to be a leading enterprise in Vietnam’s industrial metal materials trading sector.

Stavian not only provides a full range of U-shaped steel profiles with various sizes and types, but also offers many other popular construction materials such as H-shaped steel, I-shaped steel, construction ribbed bars, rolled steel, steel plates, corrugated steel sheets, carbon steel, abrasion-resistant steel, and many other products.

Stavian’s professional and experienced staff are available 24/7 to assist customers, ensuring the most satisfying and hassle-free shopping experience. Stavian not only provides products but also serves as a reliable partner in advising and supporting customers on all aspects from purchasing to material installation.

thep hinh u200

Stavian provides a full range of U-shaped steel profiles with various sizes and types

Customers also have the opportunity to receive attractive incentives when placing large orders or signing long-term sales contracts. For more details on pricing, construction consultancy, and incentive policies, please contact Stavian at the following address:

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company


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