Price List for Latest 4mm Steel Wire

In the industrial and construction sectors, 4mm steel wire is considered a common material and plays a crucial role. To have a comprehensive understanding of this type of steel, you should not overlook the detailed article below.

Overview of 4mm Steel Wire

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4mm steel wire is known as a type of steel with a thickness of 4mm, existing in the form of flat sheets with fixed dimensions. With outstanding physical, chemical properties, and load-bearing capacity, this type of steel is widely used in many industries and in construction. Additionally, 4mm steel wire is easy to process to create various products with diverse shapes.

Advantages of Galvanized 4mm Steel Wire

Galvanized 4mm steel wire possesses numerous superior advantages such as:

  • It has good load-bearing capacity, which enhances the rigidity and durability of structures and products using it.
  • The product is suitable for various requirements and widely applied.
  • The steel has good flexibility, making it convenient for processing and shaping according to specific user preferences.

Applications of 4mm Steel Wire in Daily Life

4mm steel wire is applied in various sectors of life, especially in construction and industrial fields such as:

  • It is used for roofing, cladding, partitions, doors, shields, fences, and many other construction projects.
  • It is employed in manufacturing vehicles, shipbuilding, mechanical equipment, electronic appliances, refrigeration, mechanical processing, and other industries.
  • Steel is used in furniture such as wardrobes, bookcases, chairs, tables, bookshelves, and many other furniture manufacturing applications.

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Technical Specifications

4mm steel wire has the following technical specifications:

  • Thickness of the steel: 4mm.
  • Origin of the steel: Korea, USA, UK, Japan, China, Vietnam, Russia, etc.
  • Type of steel: Sheet steel.
  • Standards of steel: DIN, EN, GB, BS, ASTM, AISI, JIS, GOST, etc.
  • Grade of the steel: S355, S275, S235, Q235A/B, Q345A/B, A572, SS400, SS300, A36, AH36, etc.

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Classification of 4mm Steel Wire

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4mm Hot-Rolled Steel Wire

Hot-rolled 4mm steel wire is produced based on the hot-rolling process. Specifically, the steel billet is passed through a furnace to heat it to a high temperature. Then, rollers are used to roll and reduce the thickness of the steel.

This type of steel has a slightly rough, matte surface and is often blackish-blue in color. With a thickness of 4mm, it is used in projects requiring high strength and good load-bearing capacity, such as in construction, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, or other industries.

4mm Cold-Rolled Steel Wire

Cold-rolled 4mm steel wire is manufactured based on the cold-rolling process. This type of steel has a smoother surface and a darker color. It is used in various fields such as mechanical engineering, household appliances, automobile manufacturing, and other applications.

Smooth 4mm Steel Wire

Smooth 4mm steel wire has a smooth surface without any patterns. It is widely used in construction, industry, mechanical engineering, household appliances, and many other fields.

4mm Ribbed Steel Wire

This type of steel is designed with ribs to increase slip resistance and adhesion. It is often used in projects with high safety requirements, enhancing safety and durability for the construction.

Price List (for reference)

STT Tên sản phẩm Price (VND/m)
1 Galvanized 1mm Steel Wire 17.500
2 Galvanized 1.6mm Steel Wire 15.500
3 Galvanized 2mm Steel Wire 15.000
4 Galvanized 3mm Steel Wire 14.000
5 Galvanized 4mm Steel Wire 12.000
6 Galvanized 5mm Steel Wire 11.500

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According to research, Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company is a specialized distributor of 4mm steel wire and other steel types, ensuring quality and reliability in the market. They always commit to providing high-quality products that meet technical standards and satisfy all customer requirements. Outstanding advantages of Stavian include:

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  • Fast shipping process and support for customers purchasing in bulk.

Thus, the content of the article has led you to explore comprehensively about 4mm steel wire. Hopefully, you have gained more knowledge to apply in your life more easily.


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