Flat steel, what is it? Classification of 40×4 and 50×5 Flat Steel

Flat steel is not only widely used in industrial construction projects but also prevalent in everyday civil structures that we often encounter. Let’s explore the concept of flat steel and its diversity in today’s article with Stavian!

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What is flat steel?

Flat steel, also known as flat bar, is a type of thin steel bar, usually with a width ranging from 10mm to 100mm and a thickness from 1mm to 10mm. It is an essential material in various fields such as construction, mechanics, and industrial and civil applications.

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Classification of flat steel

There are two common types of flat steel that we can see:

  • Cut Steel: Cut from steel plates with a thickness ranging from 1mm to 10mm.
  • Hot-rolled Steel: This product is produced from steel billets and hot-rolled into specific dimensions. Cross-sections are usually 20x2mm, 30x3mm, 40x4mm, 50x5mm. In mining tunnel projects, we often encounter various sizes like 60×9, 60×10, 60×16.

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Applications of flat steel

With the advantages of durability, good load-bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and reasonable cost, flat steel becomes an indispensable choice in many industrial and civil projects. Specifically:

  • Used in making galvanized grounding wires, fences, door patterns, etc.
  • Welded into mechanical engineering products.
  • Used to create protective rings for staircases.
  • Commonly used in mining tunnel projects due to its strength and flexibility.

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40×4 flat steel

In various construction materials, galvanized hot-dip flat steel with dimensions of 40mm in width and 4mm in thickness has a significant impact. The weight of galvanized flat steel 40×4 with a length of 6m per piece is 7.56kg, equivalent to 1.26kg/m. This is not just a typical steel product; it stands out for its strength and versatile applications.


  • Galvanized hot-dip steel 40×4 is a robust and reliable grounding strip with impressive thickness and width, providing solidity in various applications.
  • Connecting to grounding rods through arc welding enhances stability and cost-effectiveness compared to other methods such as heat welding or using copper clamps.
  • With its ability to conduct and dissipate lightning quickly, this galvanized flat steel is an ideal choice for building lightning protection grounding systems.

Versatile applications

  • Widely used in the metalworking and construction of workshops.
  • An essential material in the construction of seagoing vessels, ensuring the safety and stability of various types of ships.

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50×5 Flat Steel

Hot-dip galvanized 50×5 flat steel is a steel bar immersed in a hot zinc bath at a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius, with a width of 50mm and a thickness of 5mm. This high-quality product is specially crafted to meet the stringent requirements of various construction projects.

Technical Features

  • Galvanized flat steel 50x5mm has a thickness of 5mm and a width of 50mm. The product is immersed in a hot zinc solution at high temperature, ensuring a robust and durable zinc coating.
  • Standard length is 6m or 3m per bar, meeting all construction project requirements.

Outstanding Advantages

  • Large, thick design.
  • This galvanized flat steel not only meets quality standards but also saves costs compared to choosing other materials.
  • Using arc welding methods, installation and connection become simple and fast.
  • Good load-bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, and rust resistance ensure the safety and stability of your project.
  • This galvanized steel not only resists corrosion and rust but also has the ability to conduct lightning quickly, protecting the building structure from the risk of lightning strikes.

Wide Applications

This 50×5 flat steel is not only used in safe electrical grounding systems but also a reliable choice for industrial construction projects and workshop construction projects.

You can choose 50×5 flat steel in projects because it is a reliable choice to ensure the robustness and safety of all aspects of the construction project.

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These are detailed pieces of information about flat steel – also known as flat bar. With internationally standardized technical specifications and features, it is sure not to disappoint. If you are researching high-quality material information, let Stavian serve your unique project.

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