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What is Stainless Steel Wire? Structure, Applications, Price List

Stainless steel tie wire is an increasingly popular item in our daily lives. To better understand the uses and benefits of this product, let’s explore its applications. Today, we want to share with you the most useful knowledge for reference through the following article.

What is stainless steel tie wire?

Stainless steel tie wire is a product made of stainless steel, specifically designed as a type of binding wire. However, it is constructed in a compact form and is commonly referred to as a tie wire.

Stainless steel tie wire is widely used in the field of cargo security due to its outstanding features, gaining a high level of trust from users.

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Current classification of stainless steel tie wire

There are various models of stainless steel tie wire available in the market. To classify these products effectively, you can refer to the following examples:

Based on the manufacturing material

316 tie wire: This type of tie wire is made from stainless steel material called 316. It has excellent tensile strength and high durability. The product has a perfect shiny appearance, providing good aesthetics.

Due to its stainless steel material, it has excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore, stainless steel tie wire is suitable for use in various environments without concerns of damage.

304 stainless steel wire: This is another type of product made from stainless steel 304 material. It also has a perfect shiny appearance with high aesthetic value. Additionally, this product offers excellent corrosion resistance and is highly trusted by consumers.

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Based on the outer coating

  • Uncoated stainless steel wire: This type of tie wire is made entirely of stainless steel material without any coating.
  • Plastic-coated stainless steel wire: This tie wire is coated with a layer of plastic on the outside, while the core material is stainless steel.

Construction of stainless steel tie wire

The construction of stainless steel tie wire is relatively simple. It consists of two main parts:

Tie wire lock: This part is fixed at the beginning of the tie wire and serves as a key component for threading and securing the wire. The design of the lock ensures stability when the wire passes through, thus providing a secure knot when using this wire.

Tie wire body: The wire body is thinner and longer in length. Its size should be snugly fit with the lock to be inserted smoothly without getting stuck. The tie wire body is designed with serrations to ensure immediate fixation when inserted into the lock.

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Features of stainless steel tie wire

The technical design and construction of stainless steel tie wire include iron, silicon, a minimum of 10.5% chromium, carbon, and other elements based on specific requirements. This creates a tightly bonded steel structure, enhancing strength and stability. Furthermore, the outer protective layer provides resistance against oxidation and corrosion by air, water, acids, or corrosive liquids.

304 and 316 stainless steel tie wire has excellent durability and can withstand high temperatures up to 870°C. If the stainless steel tie wire has a higher carbon content, it can withstand temperatures up to 925°C. These products are not only highly flexible but also possess magnetic permeability and exceptional strength.

Real-world applications of stainless steel tie wire

Stainless steel tie wire is widely used in the food processing industry to ensure food safety and hygiene.

Additionally, stainless steel tie wire is commonly used in construction, cages, drying racks, breeding enclosures, stainless steel mesh, and protective fences.


What is Stainless Steel Tie Wire? Classification, Price List, and Standards

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The practical uses of stainless steel tie wire

As the name suggests, stainless steel tie wire functions as a regular tie wire. However, the key difference lies in the material used to make this product, which affects its specific uses:

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Structures with large mass or significant force applied to the tie wire require a tie wire with higher tensile strength. Stainless steel tie wire is necessary in such cases, while conventional materials may not meet these requirements.

When used to secure external objects, stainless steel tie wire can withstand environmental influences, avoiding issues of corrosion or oxidation effectively.

Stainless steel tie wire has a shiny surface, providing better aesthetics.

In addition to being highly durable, stainless steel tie wire ensures a solid structure. Therefore, this product is widely used in maritime, aviation, and container industries for sealing goods and products securely.

Authorized suppliers of genuine stainless steel tie wire at competitive prices

With stainless steel tie wire being widely manufactured and sold on the market, Stavian is a reputable brand specializing in the production and supply of industrial metals in Vietnam.

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With years of experience in the market, Stavian offers a wide range of metals to meet every need in construction and industry. They commit to using high-quality materials, modern manufacturing processes, and professional work procedures to provide the best service and products to customers.

To receive more detailed information about stainless steel tie wire, customers can contact Stavian through the following information

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