Spring Steel Wire: What is it? Best Price in 2024

Wire for spring making is a product that has garnered the interest of many customers. Are you curious about what they are? What chemical components do they consist of? Where should you buy them with reliability and quality? How is the application of spring steel in daily life? If so, follow this article for the most satisfying answers.

Overview of spring steel wire

Spring steel wire is a type of wire produced from steel with flexible and high elastic properties. They are commonly used as a raw material for manufacturing springs found in various products, from automobiles to electronics and household appliances. The main characteristic of spring steel wire is its ability to bear loads and maintain elasticity after being bent.

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Spring steel wire is considered a product with a certain level of hardness, high elasticity, and is used to manufacture various types of springs, mattress springs, etc. It is known that the elasticity of steel is achieved through the process of heat treatment (HRC).

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Chemical composition of elastic spring steel wire

Referring to the chemical composition of elastic spring steel wire, it includes the following elements:

  • Carbon: This component is maintained at a stable level, ranging from 0.5% to 0.7%. It helps prevent the elastic molecules from turning into a plastic or brittle form.
  • Alloy: Elements such as Mn, Si, Cr, Ni, etc., contribute to enhancing the elasticity and stability of steel.

In cases where customers do not have high technical requirements, the types of spring steel wires are often high-carbon steels. At this point, the elasticity of the steel is established through high hardness after tempering.

One of the essential components in the heat treatment of spring steel wire is Silicon (Si). Based on the elastic properties of the product when subjected to strong movement into the steel crystal, it will affect the lattice distortion, thereby enhancing the elasticity. In many cases, Silicon (Si) is replaced by Mn or other equivalent alloying elements.

With the high application of spring steel wire, it depends on various technical and specification requirements for different applications.

Applications of spring steel wire

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Spring steel products are widely used in daily life, such as manufacturing materials for springs (steel wire used to coil springs), mattress springs, screws, springs, elastic objects, pull springs, various types of wires, rings, steel for producing wire mesh, steel for making canopies, weaving, automotive industry, and other industrial chains and equipment, etc.

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Where to buy quality and reputable spring steel wire?

In the current market, there are countless businesses dealing in spring steel wire. However, an excellent suggestion for you is Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company. This company always prioritizes reputation, along with respect, sincerity, and is always ready to be a partner for every customer for mutual benefits.

Most of the products supplied by Stavian to customers are highly appreciated for their models, quality, as well as reasonable selling prices. With many years of operation in this field, Stavian has always tried to import quality goods from clear origins from many places worldwide. The products provided by Stavian meet the following criteria:

  • Spring steel wire, in particular, and other steel lines, are guaranteed to be 100% new, not faulty, old, or rusty.
  • Provide all documents regarding the origin, CO/CQ certificates.
  • Exchange or refund will be carried out for products with core issues or those that do not meet quality standards.

Thus, the content of this article has detailed information related to spring steel wire. You must have answers to the questions: What is spring steel wire? What chemical components does it consist of? Where to buy with reliability and quality? How is its application in life? Hopefully, these are useful pieces of knowledge to help you apply them more effectively in practice.

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