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H400 Steel: Price list, weight, size specifications

H400 steel stands out in the list of preferred choices for many construction experts, and it is an option that cannot be overlooked when seeking quality building materials. To gain a comprehensive understanding of this type of steel, including its concept, advantages, technical specifications, specific applications, as well as information about reputable and quality steel suppliers, follow the details presented in the content below by Stavian Metal.

What is H400 steel?

According to research, H400 steel is produced according to international standards and is widely applied in construction projects, machinery manufacturing, and the construction of tower bridges. Projects such as roads, hospitals, and schools are typical examples.

H400 steel has a distinctive H-shaped design, with two edges on both sides and a central core part with a uniform length. This design provides balance and symmetry, resulting in excellent load-bearing capacity and durability over time.

In particular, H400 steel not only inherits the basic properties of H-shaped steel but also meets all the technical factors. Thanks to these characteristics, the product is widely integrated into various fields such as construction, construction, and industry, demonstrating its diversity and effectiveness in practical applications.

thep hinh h400

H400 steel specifications

Regarding the specifications of H400 steel, there are the following points:

  • H400 steel specifications: 400x 400x 13×21
  • The thickness of the web of steel is: 13 mm
  • The height of the web of steel is: 400 mm
  • The thickness of the flange of steel is: 21 mm
  • The length of the H400 steel bar is: 6m and 12m
  • Weight of H400 steel: 172 kg/m

H400 steel standard 400x400x13x21

When choosing H400x400x13x21 steel products, attention should be paid to standards such as:

  • H400 steel standards: DIN, EN, GOST 380-88, SB410, 3010, JIS G3101.
  • Origin: Russia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Europe, England, …
  • For Russian steel grades: GOST 380-88, CT3, CT0.
  • For Chinese steel grades: Q235A, Q235B, Q235C, Q235D, SS400, AS 40/45/50/60/70. Q345B, 15X, 20X, AR400/AR500.
  • Japanese steel grades: G3106…SB410, 3010, JIS, G3114-04, G3136, G3115, G3125, SS540. SMA490 (A. B. C), SM400 (A. B. C), SN400, SM520, SPAH.

Advantages of H400 steel

The H400 steel series has been manufactured based on modern standards and processes, so it has outstanding superior features such as:

  • The product has a large lifespan and a very smooth surface, ensuring suitability for all designs and weather conditions.
  • Based on the large surface area, solid structure, and high balance, this steel series has excellent load-bearing capacity.
  • Under the pressure or load with large weights, H400 steel is not easily deformed or bent. Therefore, for projects requiring strength and solidity, this steel series is an excellent choice.
  • H400 steel has suitable dimensions for use in the construction of various large and small projects. Thus, users can save costs and ensure safety during construction and installation.

thep hinh h400

Applications of H400 steel

With the outstanding advantages of H400 steel, it has been widely applied in various industries such as:

  • Bridge construction.
  • Construction fields such as civil construction, high-rise construction, companies, workshops, …
  • Application in the production of pre-engineered steel houses.
  • Manufacturing boilers in the industry.
  • Manufacturing in television steel.
  • Designing tools used for moving and lifting machinery.
  • Manufacturing levers.


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Why you should buy H400 steel at Stavian

Currently, there are many facilities supplying H-shaped steel products in general and H400 steel in particular. One of the notable ones is Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company. It is known as a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of industrial metal material trade.

Coming here, customers will find a rich variety of building materials such as various types of steel at reasonable prices with guaranteed quality. This factor will contribute to meeting all customer needs. In addition, Stavian provides full CO/CQ certificates, certificates of origin, and international standards.

thep hinh h400

The above article has shared with you interesting information about H400 steel. Hopefully, you have gained much useful knowledge to choose a quality product at an appropriate price.

Stavian’s steel company is always ready to serve customers anytime, anywhere, with the criteria of providing customers with the best quality products and satisfaction. With many years of operation in the market, Stavian is chosen by many customers not only for its reasonable prices but also for the professional, enthusiastic, and very attentive service attitude of the staff.

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