Industrial steel: What is it? Common types of industrial steel

What is industrial steel? Currently, how many types of steel are there on the market is a topic of great interest to many. This is a product that is over 900 years old and is considered a major achievement in the construction industry. To understand more, please read the article below.

What is industrial steel?

Industrial steel is an alloy composed of iron, carbon, and other atoms such as Cr, Ni, Mo, Mg, Mn, P, S, … Specifically engineered metallic materials to meet the demands of strength, heat resistance, and high durability in industrial and construction environments. Industrial steel is often used in industrial zones, factories, workshops, and large construction projects.

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Various types of industrial steel are produced in different shapes for users to choose from, such as U-shape, I-shape, V-shape, L-shape, and various round, square, and rectangular tubes. Thanks to this special structure, industrial steel has become the top choice in building industrial and civil structures.

Common types of industrial steel today

Industrial steel pipes are one of the great achievements of the construction industry. Not only an important material but also the foundation for flexible innovation in design. Created through advanced technological processes, these pipe varieties not only have a hollow structure with thin walls but are also lightweight and incredibly strong.

Steel plates

These are products in the form of sheets or plate patches with outstanding strength characteristics, allowing them to withstand forces in harsh conditions. Additionally, their flat surface helps limit bending, warping, and denting during transportation, making transportation more efficient than other materials.

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Steel plates are widely used in construction and fields such as shipbuilding, appliance design, furniture, etc.

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Section steel

In the construction industry, section steel like H-shaped steel, I-shaped steel, V-shaped steel, U-shaped steel, and angles are becoming more popular than ever. With a strong structure, high durability, and the ability to withstand loads and vibrations in various applications, these products serve multiple purposes in construction.

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Steel box

Steel boxes are steel products processed into solid or hollow shapes, with the two most common types being square steel boxes and rectangular steel boxes. Steel boxes have various thicknesses from 0.7 to 5.1mm and typically have a standard length of 6m.

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This type of steel is applied diversely depending on purpose and environmental conditions. In normal conditions, when not directly exposed to acid, salt, or seawater, black steel boxes are often used.

However, in harsh conditions such as coastal areas or environments in contact with chemicals, galvanized steel boxes are the preferred choice. The outer zinc coating helps protect the inner steel surface from oxidation.

Black steel pipes

The special feature of black steel pipes lies not only in being produced from the hot-rolled process but also in their excellent load-bearing capacity and astonishing resistance to corrosion. The product’s flexibility allows for extensive applications in residential construction, ventilation systems, and even for use in foundational structures.

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Large-sized steel pipes

With sizes ranging from 141mm to 219mm, large-sized steel pipes not only withstand high pressure but also have exceptional anti-corrosion properties. This special feature has made the product the top choice in building water and gas pipelines, as well as in shipbuilding and outdoor advertising services.

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Applications of industrial steel in life

Besides understanding what industrial steel is, let’s explore the diverse applications of industrial steel in various aspects of life, such as:

Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry plays a vital role in economic development. Here are the types of steel used in the manufacturing industry:

  • Spring steel: With a high carbon ratio, this steel is hard and has good elasticity but is less flexible.
  • Tool steel: With a medium carbon ratio, this steel is flexible, durable, and very strong.
  • Low carbon steel: Low carbon content, tough and ductile, suitable for increasing surface hardness through carbon infusion.

Civil industry

  • Strong and tough steel: Good corrosion resistance, suitable for producing knives, scissors, and household tools.
  • Stainless steel: Used in kitchenware such as pots, pans, and cutlery.
  • Black steel: Preferred for making fences due to its hardness and durability.
  • Galvanized steel and steel pipes: Used as clean water pipe systems for households.

Oil and gas industry

  • Black steel pipes
  • Pressure-resistant pipes
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes
  • Sheet steel and industrial stainless steel pipes

Shipbuilding industry

  • Common shipbuilding steel
  • Medium-strength shipbuilding steel
  • High-strength shipbuilding steel

Machinery industry

  • Power generators, water pumps, and mechanical welding machines use high-strength carbon steel.
  • Harvesters, grinding machines, and conveyor belts use high-strength alloy steel.
  • Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and lawn mowers use flexible and corrosion-resistant steel types.

Raw material industry

By adjusting the production process, steel can have various properties to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

Understanding industrial steel is not just about the material but also the foundation of innovation and progress in many industries. With the outstanding advantages and durability of the product, this type of steel is currently fascinating us, shaping the future of technology and society.

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The above is a comprehensive overview of the various types of industrial steel commonly used today. If you have any questions about types of industrial steel, do not hesitate to contact us via the hotline for specific advice.

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