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What is Steel Phi 16? How much does it weigh, and what is the price?

Steel phi 16 is a widely used construction material in the building industry today. With its durability and resistance to corrosion, it finds extensive applications in various sectors. So, what is steel phi 16? How much does it cost? These are the questions that we will answer in detail through the following article.

What is Steel Phi 16?

In essence, steel phi 16 is a type of material primarily made from steel, combined with various chemical components such as Copper (Cu), Calcium (Ca), Manganese (Mn), Carbon (C), and other alloys like Oxygen (O)…

Through the process of high-temperature smelting and subsequent cooling, it can form a strong, flexible, and robust adhesive substance to be used in various construction works.

The diameter of each steel phi 16 bar is 16mm, with an average standard length of 11.7m and an average weight of 18.46kg. Besides phi 16 steel, there are also other phi steel types with different diameters, such as 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm, to meet the diverse construction needs from small to large projects in modern life.

In reality, steel products in general, and steel phi 16 in particular, play a crucial role in constructing various structures. Whether in small or large-scale construction projects, steel phi 16 is still suitable for bearing loads and providing a solid framework.

Typical applications include steel frame structures, prefabricated houses, residential buildings, high-rise buildings, and roof structures. The use of steel phi 16 in these constructions ensures their longevity over time due to its excellent resistance to external environmental impacts.

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thep phi 16

Some Basic Types of Steel Phi 16

In most construction projects today, there is a high demand for various steel phi types, ranging from phi 8, phi 10 to phi 12, phi 16, phi 18, etc. Steel phi 16 products are also diverse and well-suited to meet the needs and purposes of individuals.

Common types of steel phi 16 include:

  • Smooth steel phi 16
  • Ribbed steel phi 16
  • Round steel pipe phi 16

Basically, smooth steel phi 16 and ribbed steel phi 16 are mostly used in construction projects. On the other hand, round steel pipe phi 16 is more commonly used in daily life needs such as ships and utility poles.

thep phi 16

Applications of Steel Phi 16 in Construction

Currently, steel phi 16 is the top choice for the construction industry and is highly suitable for projects of different scales and sizes due to its excellent load-bearing capacity.

We can see that steel phi 16 is mainly used in foundations, columns, and ceilings of buildings. With practical advantages, steel phi 16 continues to inspire confidence among users.

How much does one bar of Steel Phi 16 weigh?

Many people wonder about the weight of one bar of steel phi 16. Calculating the weight of steel bars with technical knowledge may not be difficult, but for those without experience in this field, it can be challenging.

The formula for calculating the weight of steel phi 16 is as follows:

M = (7850 * L * 3.14 * d²) / 4


  • M is the weight of one bar of steel phi 16
  • L is the length of the steel (11.7m)
  • D is the diameter of the steel bar (16mm = 0.016m)

Applying the formula above, the correct answer for the average weight of each steel phi 16 bar with a length of 11.7m is 18.46 kg.

However, the number of steel bars in one bundle of steel phi 16 can vary, leading to different total weights. Here are some examples:

  • Steel ∅ 16 from the South has 140 bars/bundle weighing 2585.8 kg/bundle
  • Steel ∅ 16 from Pomina has 120 bars/bundle weighing 2216.4 kg/bundle
  • Steel ∅ 16 from Viet-Nhat has 150 bars/bundle weighing 2770.5 kg/bundle
  • Steel ∅ 16 from Hoa Phat has 180 bars/bundle weighing 3324.6 kg/bundle

thep phi 16

How long is one bar of Steel Phi 16?

Determining the weight and length of steel phi 16 in construction is crucial for easier project implementation. The total average length of each steel phi 16 bar is usually 11.7m. This length is standard and applies to all types of steel phi, with little variation in this parameter.

However, depending on individual preferences and needs, you can request the manufacturer to increase or decrease the length according to your requirements. This will make construction more convenient and ensure success and stability upon completion.

What is the price of Steel Phi 16?

When it comes to the cost of steel phi 16, it is a hot topic of interest for many investors. Here are the latest prices for steel phi 16:

Brand Price of Steel Phi 16 (VND/bar, 11.7m)
Steel Phi 16 Hoa Phat 180.000
Steel Phi 16 Tisco Thai Nguyen 200.000
Steel Phi 16 Viet Duc 295.600
Steel Phi 16 Viet My 180.000
Steel Phi 16 – Southern Region 183.000
Steel Phi 16 Viet Nhat 190.000
Steel Phi 16 Pomina CB300V 212.476
Steel Phi 16 Pomina CB400V 223.729

Note: The above price list does not include VAT and shipping charges. Therefore, it is for reference purposes only, and prices may vary over time when purchasing steel phi 16 from different suppliers.

Tips for Properly Storing Steel Phi 16 for Enhanced Durability

To prevent a decrease in the quality of steel phi 16 during storage, consider the following points:

  • Avoid storing steel in areas with chemical exposure or near the seashore with high salt corrosion.
  • Avoid leaving steel outdoors for extended periods unless there is proper cover or roofing to prevent a decrease in its properties.
  • Separate old and new steel instead of mixing them together.
  • Use wooden racks with a minimum height of 15cm above the floor to prolong the storage life of the steel.

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Tips for Buying High-Quality Steel Phi 16

The market offers various steel products from different brands, including genuine ones mixed with low-quality ones. To avoid this situation, consider the following useful tips for choosing and purchasing high-quality steel phi 16:

Choose reputable brands with extensive experience in the construction materials industry. Avoid being overly attracted to low-priced products on the market to minimize the risk of buying counterfeit or low-quality Chinese products. Select suppliers that are well-known and have a strong reputation in distributing and providing reasonable prices. Ensure that all products are accompanied by clear documentation, such as CO and CQ from the manufacturing plant. If still unsure, seek advice from experts with high expertise in construction materials to make better-informed choices.

Reliable and Affordable Steel Phi 16 Supplier

Stavian Industrial Metal Corporation is proud to supply a comprehensive range of steel products directly imported from leading steel manufacturers. With years of experience in distributing steel throughout the market, we ensure your peace of mind when making a purchase:

thep phi 16

Our steel phi 16 products always come with clear origins and full CO/CQ documentation from the manufacturing plants.

Each product is carefully inspected to ensure top quality and prevent supplying rusty or old steel phi 16 bars.

In case of any issues arising from the manufacturing process, customers can contact us directly for immediate resolution, ensuring their satisfaction.

The Stavian brand continuously offers attractive discount programs and incentives to both long-term customers and bulk buyers of steel phi 16.

Apart from steel phi 16, we have a wide range of other steel products available in stock. With abundant reserves, we can meet various needs for construction projects of different sizes.

At Stavian Industrial Metal Corporation, we provide diverse options regarding specifications and sizes, not just for steel phi 16 but also for other construction materials, serving both current and future construction architectural needs.

Our buying and transaction process is fast, convenient, and transparent.

Our professional staff is always ready to assist and answer all inquiries.

For any questions regarding construction materials in general or steel phi 16 in particular, do not hesitate to call our hotline (+84)2471001868/(+84)9752714990. We are more than happy to provide you with all the information you need.

In conclusion, we have compiled all relevant information about steel phi 16 to help you find answers to your questions about this type of product. We hope this information helps improve your knowledge and enables you to make better purchasing decisions.

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