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H300 Section Steel: Price list, weight specifications, size standards

One of the steel types that plays a crucial role in the construction industry is the H300 section steel. To better understand this type of steel, we will explore the concept, advantages, reputable places to buy, and more through the detailed content presented below.

What is H300 section steel?

According to research, H300 steel profile is often referred to as H300 iron or H300 steel. This type of steel has a cutting sheet size of 300mm. It possesses good balance retention, robust stiffness, safety in construction structures, and extremely high durability.

thep hinh h300

H300 section steel is often referred to as H300 beam

This type of steel is an excellent choice for projects with heavy loads, outdoor projects on a large scale, and high durability requirements.

Advantages of H300x300 section steel

To achieve the desired technical properties of H300x300 steel profile, a meticulous and careful steel refining process is required. It is known that the inspection process at Stavian Metal is extremely stringent before supplying to the market. Specifically, the advantages of this steel type that you should know are as follows:

  • H300 steel profile has good stiffness, high load-bearing capacity with large loads.
  • Under impact and external force, this type of steel is not easily deformed.
  • It has an extremely good balance retention ability.
  • Rich in size, suitable for various purposes.
  • Under normal weather conditions, H300 steel profile has the ability to resist oxidation and corrosion.
  • This steel type can be used for outdoor projects that are regularly exposed to the weather.
  • The product has high strength and long service life. This will help save maintenance and replacement costs after a period of use.
  • H300 steel is easy to store, easy to preserve, and easy to install.

Application of H300 section steel in life

The practical application of H300 steel profile in life is extremely high. They are an indispensable material in specific fields such as:

thep hinh h300

H300 section steel is applied in various areas of life

  • Used to frame buildings, foundation piles, design frames with load-bearing capacity for residential or industrial buildings.
  • Building materials for bridges, train stations, tram stations, etc.
  • Raw material for constructing television towers, antenna towers, high-voltage electric poles.
  • Material for making truck frames, manufacturing vehicles.
  • Used as a material for shipbuilding.
  • Applied as a material for manufacturing shelves, merchandise stands in supermarkets, stores.
  • H300 steel is used to manufacture details in engineering.
  • Applied in the manufacture of furniture such as cabinets, shelves, beds, etc.

H300 Section Steel Specifications

Regarding the specifications of H300 steel profile, the information is as follows:

  • Product Name: H300 steel, H300 profile, H300 iron.
  • Origin: Europe, America, China, Japan, Russia, etc.
  • H300 Steel Profile Specifications: The length of the flange is 300mm, the width of the flange is 300mm, and the length of the steel bar ranges from 6m to 12m.
  • Specific weight of H300 steel profile: 94 kg/meter.
  • Steel grade for H300: CT0, CT3, A36.
  • Standards for H300 steel: S275JR, St37-2, ST52-3, GOST 380-88, JIS G3101, G3106, SB410, 3010, G4051, G3114-04, G3115, G3136, G3125, SS540, SS400, Q235, A570, etc.

H300 Steel Price

Currently, there are various steel price levels on the market, depending on the imported source, geographical distance, product quality, and market fluctuations. Below is the latest updated price list for H300 steel profile for reference:

Steel code H300
Price (VND/kg) 22,500
Price of H300 shaped steel bar 6m length (VND/bar) 12,690,000
Price of H300 shaped steel bar 12m length (VND/bar) 25,380,000

Latest updated H300 steel price list


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Stavian Steel – Reliable Address to Purchase Genuine H300 Steel at Preferential Prices

There are numerous addresses on the market distributing H300 steel profiles. However, customers can easily distinguish the differences in quality, designs, and material prices among different suppliers.

To minimize economic losses and ensure that the construction is always safe and sustainable over time, customers need to carefully consider choosing a reputable, quality distributor with extensive experience.

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company is an excellent suggestion for those interested in H300 steel profiles in particular and other steel types in general. When coming to Stavian, customers will be served by a dedicated and enthusiastic team of consultants, along with experiencing the best material trading transactions.

Stavian commits to providing customers with satisfying experiences throughout the transaction process. In addition to the listed price, customers purchasing large quantities or signing long-term purchase contracts will enjoy attractive incentive programs. Rest assured that, with Stavian, customers will receive high-quality products at the most reasonable prices.

The above information covers everything related to H300 steel profiles. Hopefully, these are useful insights that help you understand more about this type of steel. At the same time, they assist you in finding and choosing the highest-quality products with the best discounts.

In case you have the need to inquire about H300 steel prices, receive advice on material installation, purchase procedures, discount rates, etc., do not hesitate to contact the following address for the most enthusiastic support:

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company


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