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H350 Steel: Price Table, Weight, Size Specifications

When it comes to the construction industry, one cannot overlook a material that plays a crucial role, and that is steel. Today’s article will guide you to find answers to questions like: What is H350 steel? How much does H350 section steel weigh? And many other useful information related to this type of steel.

What is H350 Steel?

To understand what H350 steel is, let’s decipher the term “H steel.” H steel is a product designed in the shape of an uppercase H, manufactured based on advanced technology standards, applying modern scientific and technical methods in the production and quality control process.

thep hinh h350

Due to its balanced shape, H steel has excellent balancing capabilities. It is highly rigid, capable of withstanding heavy loads. Its durability and strength make it a preferred choice for large-scale projects, national key projects, etc.

H350 steel belongs to the H steel category, so it inherits the characteristics of this type. Also known as H350-shaped iron, it has a cutting size of 350mm.

9Advantages of H350 Steel (H350x350x12x19)

When discussing the advantages of H350x350x12x19 steel, it’s essential to mention the following:

  • High Rigidity: The product is highly rigid, capable of withstanding significant forces.
  • Resistance to External Forces: Under the impact of external forces, this type of steel has the ability to resist, limiting deformation, bending, or warping.
  • Excellent Balance: H350 steel maintains excellent balance, particularly suitable for large-scale constructions.
  • Anti-Oxidation Capability: The product can resist oxidation and corrosion.
  • Corrosion Resistance: H350 steel demonstrates excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • Diverse Applications: With a variety of sizes and designs, it is highly versatile in application.
  • Outdoor Use: Suitable for outdoor constructions, it performs well under harsh weather conditions.
  • Easy Transportation and Installation: Existing in the form of bars, it is easy to transport and store. The construction and installation process is straightforward.
  • Durability and Longevity: H350 steel’s high durability and longevity help users save on maintenance costs and material replacement.

Applications of H350 Steel

With its outstanding technical advantages, H350 steel has been flexibly applied in various fields such as:

thep hinh h350

  • Used for framing, pile foundations, load-bearing frames in the construction of civil houses, prefabricated houses, factories, industrial zones, factories, workshops, etc.
  • Contributed to public constructions, national key projects such as roads, railway stations, culverts, television towers, antenna towers, train stations, high-voltage electric poles, etc.
  • Used as raw material for truck frames, construction of mechanical vehicles, shipbuilding, and manufacturing machine components in engineering.
  • Applied in the creation of art, interior furniture in households, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, bookshelves, etc.

Specifications of H350 Steel

  • Steel H350 specifications: The length of the wing is 350 mm; The width of the wing is 350 mm; The length of the steel bar is 6 m and 12 m.
  • Specific weight of H350 steel: 137 kg/m.
  • Origin: Europe, America, China, Japan, Russia, etc.
  • Steel grade: A36, CT3, CT0, etc.
  • Steel standards: G4051, G3114-04, G3115, G3136, G3125, SS540, SMA490, SPAH, SS400, Q235A, Q235B, Q235C, Q235D, Q345B, A570, S275JR, GOST 380-88, JIS G3101, G3106, SB410, ST52-3, etc.

Latest H350 Steel Prices

The price of H350 steel varies depending on supply and demand. In cases where supply is insufficient, prices tend to rise. Conversely, when demand decreases but steel production exceeds demand, prices may decrease.

Prices also fluctuate throughout the year, with higher prices typically seen at the beginning of the construction season. Additionally, they depend on the global market and the production costs of each brand.

The latest updated prices for H350 steel in the market are approximately 15,618,000 VND for a 6m steel H350 and 31,236,000 VND for a 12m steel H350. Please note that these are reference prices and may vary.

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Stavian – Reliable H350 Steel Distributor

When purchasing H350 steel, customers are concerned about factors such as steel quality, origin, buying and selling procedures, customer care services, return services, product prices, etc.

Stavian Metal is honored to be a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the industrial metal material trading field. Choosing Stavian ensures 100% product quality, origin, and the most favorable prices in the market. In addition to various H-shaped steel types, Stavian also provides a wide range of steel materials. You can find more information on their website or visit their store to experience the products.

With the provided information about H350 steel, you should have gained useful insights. Through this, you now have a better understanding of this steel type for more effective applications in your life.

With an experienced team of staff, professional work style, and attentive service, Stavian Metal has received high praise from customers. If you have any inquiries or need advice on issues related to iron and steel, construction consultation, material installation, etc., please contact Stavian through the following channels for assistance:

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