White Cold Steel Sheet: Advantages and Disadvantages, Latest Quote

In the field of modern-style home construction and decoration, white galvanized corrugated iron is attracting attention from consumers thanks to its delicate, elegant beauty and ability to flexibly coordinate with many design styles, different housing designs. Let’s explore with Stavian Metal the advantages of Solar AZ100 white cold-rolled corrugated iron below:

Outstanding advantages of Solar AZ100 white cold-rolled corrugated iron

First, let’s take a look at the advantages we’ve collected from customer and consumer feedback about the product:

  • Reflects light and reduces heat absorption effectively: Solar AZ100 cold-colored corrugated iron is coated with a special paint layer from the high-end paint system of AkzoNobel – one of the world’s leading suppliers. This creates good sunlight reflection and minimizes heat absorption, keeping the space under the roof always cool and comfortable.
  • Bright and beautiful and enhances aesthetics: The milky white color of Solar AZ100 cold corrugated iron creates a pure, gentle and modern beauty, bringing a feeling of comfort and relaxation to everyone. At the same time, the installation of this white corrugated iron also increases the space of the house, creating a more spacious and airy feeling.
  • Diversity in construction design: The milky white color scheme is popular and diverse in the Solar AZ100 cold corrugated iron color palette, suitable for many different architectural styles from houses to factories, commercial centers and buildings. Other high-end. Its flexible color scheme is also a big attraction.
  • Brings luck to people with the destiny of Metal and Water: According to feng shui concepts, white belongs to the five elements of Metal, bringing luck and fortune to homeowners with the destiny of Metal and Water.
  • Durable quality and reputable warranty: Solar AZ100 colored cold-rolled roofing sheets are not only highly appreciated for their quality with a durable color coating after many years of use, but are also supported by an impressive warranty policy from Pomina corrugated iron, bringing absolute peace of mind to consumers.

All of this highlights the superiority and diversity of applications of Solar AZ100 white cold iron, helping consumers have an ideal and stylish living and working space.

White Cold Steel Sheet

Application of white cold corrugated iron

White cold-formed corrugated iron can be widely used in construction projects, from residential houses, villas, factories to commercial areas, restaurants, hotels, resorts and many other industrial projects. In particular, white corrugated iron is often applied to the roof to create an airy, cool space and at the same time bring aesthetic beauty to the house.

  • Application in interior and exterior decoration : In addition to being used as a roofing material, white cold corrugated iron can also be applied in interior and exterior decoration, such as making partitions, sunshades, windows, doors. in and out… with the purpose of creating a highlight and enhancing the modern and luxurious beauty of the living space.
  • Application in the construction of factory and house structures : The good insulation properties of white cold corrugated iron make it an ideal material for the construction of factories and houses, helping to reduce internal temperatures, create more comfortable working and living conditions.

With outstanding aesthetic advantages, diverse features and applications, white cold-formed corrugated iron is not only the top choice for modern construction projects but also a smart and sustainable investment for customers. your living and working space.

White Cold Steel Sheet

Solar AZ100 milky white cold-rolled steel price list (source: Pomina Corrugated iron)

  • Plating thickness: AZ100
  • Steel grade: G350 – G550
  • Color cold corrugated iron standards: JIS, SIRIM, EU, ASTM
  • Color coating thickness: 22/10 micron
1200 0.29 0.35 2.81
1200 0.31 0.37 3.00
1200 0.34 0.40 3.33
1200 0.39 0.45 3.80
1200 0.44 0.50 4.27

***Please note : Price list may change depending on time of purchase, quantity purchased, product type and delivery location. To receive the most accurate quote, please contact Stavian Metal’s hotline directly.

ton lanh mau trang

Note when installing and using white cold roofing sheets

  • Use specialized tools to transport white corrugated iron and avoid impact and damage.
  • Store corrugated iron in a sheltered area before installation to avoid being affected by environmental impacts.
  • Avoid drilling or cutting directly on the corrugated iron surface to avoid damaging the product.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain the roof to maintain the quality and durability of the roof.

In short, white galvanized corrugated iron is not only an aesthetic choice but also a smart solution for cooling and home decoration. To ensure the best quality and efficiency, choose corrugated iron from reputable manufacturers such as Stavian Metal.


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