SPCC Steel: What is It? Latest SPCC Steel Prices Update

SPCC steel is a type of cold-rolled steel plate commonly used in the construction industry. With its high strength and durability, it is widely favored in Vietnam. So, what exactly is SPCC steel? Let’s delve into the details with Stavian.

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What is SPCC Steel?

SPCC steel is a type of cold-rolled steel plate according to the JIS G-3141 standard of Japan. This type of steel is abbreviated under the name Steel (S – Steel), Plate (P – Plate). It is manufactured by rolling raw materials at room temperature.

The surface of the product is soft and smooth, ranking among the top types of mild carbon steel. SPCC steel is commonly used in the production of consumer goods due to its heat resistance and high durability, such as household appliances, furniture, containers, automotive manufacturing, and painting.

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Technical specifications of cold-rolled SPCC steel

To better understand what SPCC steel is, here are some basic technical specifications of this type of steel that readers can refer to.

Chemical composition

The chemical composition of SPCC steel includes:

  • Carbon element (C) ~ 0.15%.
  • Manganese element (Mn) ~ 0.60%.
  • Phosphorus element (P) ~ 0.050%.
  • Sulfur element (S) ~ 0.050%.

In addition, cold-rolled SPCC steel contains silicon (Si), copper (Cu), and iron (Fe) elements.

Basic Standards of SPCC Steel

Here are the basic standards for SPCC steel:

  • SPCC material has a minimum tensile strength of 270 N/mm² (MPa).
  • The elongation properties of SPCC vary with thickness, with a minimum elongation range from 27% to 31%, starting from 0.25 mm and up to 2.5 mm.
  • SPCC has good welding properties, serving shaping or metal sheet cutting activities.
  • This material can undergo various processing activities such as bending, twisting, pickling, shaping, defect removal, and piercing without losing its mechanical properties.

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Outstanding Advantages of SPCC Plate Steel

Cold-rolled SPCC plate steel, following the JIS G 3141 standard originating from Japan, is a superior material with outstanding characteristics:

  • Superior Processing Capability: Cold-rolled SPCC plate steel has strong impact resistance and processing capabilities, maintaining stable mechanical properties. It is easily bendable, rollable, pickled, shaped, allowing for the creation of various shapes and sizes as needed.
  • Beautiful and Uniform Surface: The surface of this product is highly smooth and uniform, meeting aesthetic and precision requirements during processing.
  • Good Welding Properties: SPCC steel has good welding properties, making the welding process and bonding with other materials easy.
  • Oxygen and Corrosion Resistance: SPCC steel has good resistance to oxidation and corrosion, helping maintain high performance and longevity in harsh environments.
  • Reasonable Cost: Cold-rolled SPCC steel provides high value at an affordable price, ensuring the necessary quality and features for various applications.

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Latest Updated Price List of SPCC Steel Plate

Due to the fluctuating nature of SPCC steel plate, please contact us via the hotline below to get the latest SPCC steel prices.

No Specifications Thickness




1 SPCC Cold-Rolled Steel Plate 1.0×2.0m 0.50 7.85 Contact hotline number 0975271499 for detailed SPCC steel price consultation
0.60 9.42
0.70 10.99
0.80 12.56
0.90 14.13
1.00 15.7
1.10 17.27
2 SPCC Cold-Rolled Steel Plate 1.22×2.0m 0.50 9.58
0.60 11.5
0.70 13.41
0.80 15.32
0.90 17.24
1.00 19.16
1.10 21.07
3 SPCC Cold-Rolled Steel Plate 1.25×2.5m 0.50 12.27
0.60 14.72
0.70 17.18
0.80 19.63
0.90 22.08
1.00 24.53
1.10 26.99

** Note: The price list above is for reference only; actual selling prices may vary depending on the timing and customer demand. For the most accurate pricing information, please contact Stavian Metal.

How is SPCC Steel Different from SPHC Steel?

SPHC (hot-rolled) and SPCC (cold-rolled) steel are two commonly used types of steel in the industrial sector. To help users visualize the differences more clearly, Stavian has created a detailed comparison table between SPHC and SPCC steel.

Properties SPCC Steel SPHC Steel
Production process Rolled at normal temperature (usually room temperature) to produce cold-rolled steel. Produced through the hot-rolling process, heated at high temperatures, and then rolled into plates (hot-rolled).
Hardness Hard Less hard, easy to shape
Physical properties Flat, smooth surface, less elastic Flexible elasticity
Common applications Furniture, household appliances, mechanical appliances, etc. Making door frames, railway frames, shelves, etc.
Characteristics Usually has a glossy and smooth surface with fewer waves. Has a dark green color, a slightly rough surface, and is less aesthetically pleasing compared to SPCC.
Quality standards
  • ASTM-1008 (USA)
  • JIS G3141, JIS G3101, SB410, 3010 (Japan)
  • JIS G3101, GB221-79… (China)
  • JIS-G3131 (Japan)
  •  SS400, A36, Q235

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Application of Cold-Rolled SPCC Steel in Daily Life

Due to its hardness, high aesthetic appeal, and resistance to rust and oxidation, SPCC steel is favored by many contractors. This material is applied in various fields, including:

  • Automotive manufacturing, and auto parts production.
    Mechanical engineering for the fabrication of solar energy battery structures, steel structures, etc.
    Household appliances manufacturing, such as frying pans, knives, metal spoons, fan blades, etc.
    Construction industry, for building floors, building foundations, and staircase construction.

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Where to Buy Affordable and Quality SPCC Steel Plates in Vietnam?

Stavian is a specialized distributor of quality and affordable steel in the Vietnamese market. With years of experience, we commit to providing customers with SPCC steel products that meet the JIS G3141 SPCC standard.

Here are some reasons to choose Stavian:

  • 100% genuine products meeting international standards, with clear origin documentation.
  • Attractive prices with various value promotions.
  • Fast and safe delivery services.
  • Friendly and dedicated customer service consultants.
  • Diverse models, sizes, and colors.

If you are looking for a supplier of cold-rolled steel with a variety of options, don’t miss out on Stavian’s system.

This article has just updated relevant information about SPCC steel. We hope this sharing serves as a useful reference for readers. Don’t forget to regularly check Stavian’s news section to read high-quality articles in the metal industry.

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