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I400 Steel: Price, Weight, Size Specifications

In the industries of construction and engineering, choosing high-quality materials such as I400 steel plays a crucial role in building infrastructure and technical structures. With its strength and the ability to meet various technical requirements, I400 steel is not just a necessary material; it is also a reliable cornerstone for construction and industrial projects. Let’s explore the strength and diverse applications of this type of steel with Stavian in the following article.

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Technical Specifications and Price List for Standard I400 Steel at Stavian

What is I400 Steel Used For?

I400 steel is a high-quality steel product obtained through a production process involving ore processing, creating molten steel flow, continuous fuel casting, and rolling according to JIS 3101 – SS 400 quality standards. It brings many advantages in terms of load-bearing capacity, durability, and ease of construction and maintenance. This makes I400 steel an ideal material for various applications, including:

  • Construction and Engineering Structures: I400 steel is used in the construction of bridges, technical structures, and projects with high load-bearing requirements.
  • Shipbuilding Industry: With superior strength characteristics, I400 steel is favored in constructing structural parts of ships.
  • Transmission Towers: This steel is used to create transmission towers in various industries.
  • Crane Structures and Machinery Transport: I400 steel is a popular choice for creating crane structures and supporting structures for lifting and transporting heavy machinery.
  • Container Frames and Warehouse Racks: It is widely applied in creating container frames and warehouse racks due to its high load-bearing capacity and durability.

thep hinh i400

I400 Steel has various important applications in different industries.

I400 steel is imported from various countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, the USA, Russia, Vietnam, South Korea, with standards such as GOST 380-88, JIS G3101, SB410, 3010, ASTM, DIN, ANSI, EN, and steel grades like ASTM A36, JIS G3101 SS400, Q345B, A572 Gr50, S355, S355JR S355JO, S275, S275JR, S275JO, S235, S235JR, S235JO. This ensures that I400 steel meets quality and technical requirements.

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Specifications and Price List for I400 Steel

Here is a detailed table of I400 steel specifications and other types of I-shaped steel (I250, I300, I350) as well as a reference price list for I400 steel at Stavian. However, this price list depends on various factors in the market, so contact Stavian via Hotline: +84975 271 499 or the website: https://stavianmetal.com/ for direct price quotes and the fastest support.

1 I100*50 7.87 6m piece 11,200 528,864
2 I120*60 9.39 6m piece 11,200 631,008
3 I150*75*5*7         14.00 6m piece 10,800 907,200
4 I198*99*4.5*7         18.20 6m piece 10,800 1,179,360
5 I200*100*5.5*8         21.30 6m piece 10,800 1,380,240
6 I248*124*5*8         25.70 6m piece 10,800 1,665,360
7 I250*125*6*9         29.60 6m piece 10,800 1,918,080
8 I298*149*5.5*8         32.00 6m piece 10,800 2,073,600
9 I300*150*6.5*9         36.70 6m piece 10,800 2,378,160
10 I346*174*6*9         41.40 6m piece 10,800 2,682,720
11 I350*175*7*11         49.60 6m piece 10,800 3,214,080
12 I396*199*7*11         56.60 6m piece 11,000 3,735,600
13 I400*200*8*13         66.00 6m piece 11,000 4,356,000
14 I446*199*8*12         66.20 6m piece 11,000 4,369,200
15 I450*200*9*14         76.00 6m piece 11,000 5,016,000
16 I496*199*9*14         79.50 6m piece 11,000 5,247,000
17 I500*200*10*16         89.60 6m piece 11,000 5,913,600
18 I596*199*10*15         94.60 6m piece 11,500 6,527,400
19 I600*200*11*17 106.00 6m piece 11,500 7,314,000
20 I700*300*13*24 185.00 6m piece 13,000 14,430,000

I400x200 Steel Specifications

H (mm) B (mm) D (mm) T (mm) Length (mm) W (Kg/m)
400 200 8 13 12 66

Chemical Composition

Grade Chemical Composition (%)
C(Max) Si(Max) Mn(Max) P(Max) S(Max) Ni(Max) Cu(Max)
SM490A 0.2-0.22 0.55 1.65 0.035 0.035    
SM490B 0.18-0.2 0.55 1.65 0.035 0.035    
A36 0.27 0.15-0.4 1.2 0.04 0.05   0.2
SS400       0.05 0.05    

Mechanical properties

Steel grade Mechanical properties
YS(Mpa) TS(Mpa) EL(%)
SM490A ≥325 490-610 23
SM490B ≥325 490-610 23
A36 ≥245 400-550 20
SS400 ≥245 400-510 21

I400 Steel Weight

The weight of I400 steel depends on the specific dimensions of the steel bar. Typically, the weight per meter for I-shaped steel can be calculated using the density of steel and the cross-sectional dimensions of the bar.

However, for detailed and accurate information, you should check directly from the supplier or manufacturer, as the weight may vary depending on the standards and specific regulations of each country or manufacturer.


Table of steel section specifications

Steel section weight

Stavian Metal – Your Quality I400 Steel Supplier in Vietnam

In today’s market, the demand for I400 steel is increasing, requiring careful consideration from consumers. Among the providers of this product, Stavian stands out as one of the leading units in Vietnam, and this is not just about supplying products but also a commitment to quality and reputation.

Stavian is not just a seller but a reliable partner, offering practical benefits to customers. Product diversity is a strength, from I400 steel to other types such as I300, I350, with beautiful, modern designs meeting all customer needs for projects in Vietnam.

The quality of products from Stavian is ensured down to every detail, from high load-bearing capacity, high rigidity to resistance against bending, corrosion, and resistance to termite attacks in all weather conditions. This not only provides peace of mind about sustainability but also helps save maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the good sound insulation and thermal insulation capabilities of the product are also significant attractions, suitable for various purposes.

With flexible and convenient shipping policies, Stavian’s products easily reach customers everywhere quickly. This reflects Stavian’s commitment to convenience and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, reasonable warranty and discount policies, along with competitive prices, are additional benefits that Stavian brings, creating reliability and satisfaction for consumers.


The above is detailed information about I400 steel, a highly regarded and used product in today’s industrial sector. If you are interested or have the need to purchase high-quality I400 steel at reasonable prices, contact Stavian through the following information:

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company


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