Steel Rebar D10: What Is It? Characteristics, Uses, Price

Steel Rebar D10 plays an undeniable role in the construction industry, being an extremely common and essential material. However, to better understand the characteristics and applications of Steel Rebar D10, as well as to answer questions about prices and reputable purchase addresses, let’s delve into the detailed article below from Stavian Metal.

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What is D10 steel rebar?

thep van d10

According to research, Steel Rebar D10 is known as a high-strength ribbed steel widely used in the construction field, such as houses, floors, beams, pile caps, columns, etc. With a diameter of 10mm, this steel has met many technical standards regarding the flexural strength and durability of various construction projects.

How is D10 steel rebar used?

In the construction industry, D10 steel rebar is used as reinforcement. With a diameter of 10mm and being incorporated into various structures such as cement-reinforced steel, house foundations, bridges, bored piles, and columns, this steel has contributed to enhancing the stability of the structure by forming a rectangular steel frame. Consequently, the structure becomes more resistant to forces and helps to limit cracks effectively.

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Standard specifications of D10 steel rebar

To meet the complex requirements of many construction projects, D10 steel rebar products need to be manufactured based on strict regulations and specifications. Specifically, the following will be the standard specifications for this material:

thep van d10

  • Technical standards: TCVN, ASTM, JIS, BS
  • Steel diameter standard: 10mm
  • Yield strength of the steel rebar: 295 – 510 N/mm2
  • Ultimate strength of the steel rebar: 450 – 600 N/mm2
  • Standard length of the steel rebar: 11.7m
  • Allowed tolerance: ± 0.05mm
  • Elongation of the steel rebar: Min 16%
  • Steel grade standards: CB300, CB400, CB300-V, SD295, SD390

How much does D10 steel rebar weigh?

The standard weight of Steel Rebar D10 is as follows:

Standard Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/m) Weight of 1 steel bar 11.7m (kg) Single weight tolerance (%)
ASTM A615/A615M D10 0,56 6,55 ±6
TCVN 1651-2-2018 D10 0,617 7,21 ±6

Through the table, you can easily answer the question: How much does D10 steel rebar weigh?

  • For D10 steel rebar produced according to the ASTM A615/A615M standard (USA), the weight is approximately 6.55kg.
  • For D10 steel rebar produced according to the TCVN 1651-2-2018 standard (Vietnam), the weight is approximately 7.21kg.

Length of D10 ribbed steel rebar

It is known that according to current standards, D10 ribbed steel rebar is produced with a length of 11.7m. When applied in practice, you can cut or bend it based on your needs to save space and make the transportation process more convenient.

thep van d10

In the current market, most manufacturers of D10 ribbed steel rebar need to comply with the technical specifications of the quality standards for raw materials in the construction industry. This will contribute to ensuring safety and quality during use. Therefore, these steel bars all have the same length.

Latest D10 ribbed steel rebar prices

Looking at the D10 ribbed steel rebar price list will show various price levels. This will depend on the origin of the import, transportation distance, etc. However, they will fall in the range from 66,000 VND/bar to 73,000 VND/bar. To get a quality product at a reasonable price, you need to choose a reputable supplier. The next section will provide suggestions to help you.

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Stavian Steel – A reliable address for quality D10 steel rebar

With a wealth of experience in supplying construction steel, Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company is one of the reputable names across the country and specifically in the northern region. Stavian always receives the trust of many customers and partners, contributing to the realization of many dreams.

Most of the D10 steel rebar products, in particular, and other steel lines, in general, at Stavian are directly imported from manufacturers, ensuring authenticity and providing complete documents such as CO – CQ. Once you come to Stavian, you only need to discuss your project, and the advisory team of experts will help you choose the right product.

Therefore, this article has shared information related to D10 ribbed steel rebar. Hopefully, you have gained more knowledge about this type of steel to apply it more effectively in your construction projects. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Stavian to get timely answers.

With a reputation for quality and service, there is no reason why you shouldn’t contact Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company through the address:

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