CT5 Steel Billet: Understanding the Basics and Standards

CT5 steel billet is a specialized type of steel garnering attention in the construction industry, playing a crucial role in the socio-economic development. However, many are still unfamiliar with this steel variant. What is CT5 steel, and what are its standards? This article aims to provide comprehensive information about this steel type.

What is CT5 Steel Billet?

CT5 steel billet, also known as steel grade, is produced according to the Russian standard ГOCT 380 – 89. The main components of this type of steel include Carbon (0.14% – 0.22%), manganese (0.4% – 0.6%), silicon (0.12% – 0.3%), sulfur (<=0.05%), phosphorus: ≤ 0.04%.

CT5 steel billet possesses a low cost yet ensures the specified technical parameters. This cost-effectiveness, coupled with quality assurance, makes it a preferred choice among contractors who seek to balance cost savings without compromising quality.

Standards for CT5 Steel Billet

CT5 steel billet is a special-grade steel with a unique steel grade. The designation “CT” signifies the properties of this steel, with a carbon content not exceeding 0.25%. The “C” at the beginning indicates that this is structural steel.

This type of steel meets all mechanical and chemical standard requirements. With high hardness, excellent heat resistance, and strong flexibility, CT5 steel billet is an ideal material for industrial applications demanding superior mechanical properties. With reliability and versatility, CT5 steel billet is suitable for projects with high requirements for quality and performance.

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Characteristics and Properties of CT5 Steel

CT5 steel is often used for cold forging molds due to its excellent strength, oxidation resistance, and high wear resistance. It is considered a premium steel type in the metalworking industry. Its characteristics include quality welding ability and flexibility. An increase in carbon content makes the steel harder and more durable.

In addition to carbon, CT5 steel incorporates elements such as chromium, copper, silicon, manganese, among others. CT5 steel is usually produced in two forms: round and as steel plates.

Applications of CT5 Steel Billet

With its outstanding advantages, CT5 steel billet finds widespread applications in various fields, including:

  • Construction Industry: Used in manufacturing threaded rods, bolts, pipe hangers, and playing a pivotal role in structures like partitions, metal boxes, etc.
  • Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Sector: Utilized in recycling cargo containers, storage tanks, and transportation within the storage and transportation industry.
  • Other Industries: Found in shipbuilding, automotive, aviation, energy, etc.

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