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I350 Steel: Price, Weight, and Dimensional Specifications

Durable, versatile, and reliable, I350 steel is not just a common construction material but also an essential pillar in the modern construction industry. With its robust characteristics and excellent load-bearing capacity, this type of steel has proven its crucial role in constructing structures of various sizes. Let’s explore more about I350 steel, from its technical specifications to its wide-ranging applications in the construction and mechanical industries, together with Stavian Metal.

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Technical Specifications and Price Table for Standard A36/SS400 I350 Steel at Stavian

I350 Steel Specification

Stavian I350 Steel Specification

I350x 175x 7x 11x 12m steel H(mm) B(mm) d(mm) t(mm) L(m) W(kg/m)
350 175 7 11 12 49.6

Chemical Composition of Stavian I350 Steel

Chemical Composition of Stavian I350 Steel

Steel grade

Chemical Composition of I350 Steel (%)

C(max) Si(max) Mn(max) P(max) S(max Ni( max) Cr( max) Cu(max)
SM490A 0.20-0.22 0.55 1.65 0.035 0.035
SM490B 0.18-0.20 0.55 1.65 0.035 0.035
A36 0.27 0.15-0.40 1.2 0.04 0.05 0.2
SS400 0.05 0.05

Mechanical Properties Standard of I350 Steel

Steel grade

Mechanical properties

Temp(0C) YS(Mpa) TS(Mpa) EL(%)
SM490A ≥325 490-610 23
SM490B ≥325 490-610 23
A36 ≥245 400-550 20
SS400 ≥245 400-510 21

I350 Steel Weight

To calculate the weight of I350 steel, you need to know its technical specifications, including thickness, height, width, and the unit of measurement. Typically, the weight of I350 steel can be calculated using the following formula:



  • Thickness, width, and height of the steel are measured in the appropriate unit (usually meters or millimeters).
  • Density of I350 steel may vary based on standards and its specific chemical composition. For general calculations, an approximate value of around 7850kg/m3 (7.85 g/cm³) is commonly used.

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Calculation of I350 Steel Weight

For example, to calculate the weight of an I350 steel bar with dimensions 350 x 175 x 7 x 11 x 12 meters, we use the formula as follows:

  • Weight=0.007m×0.175m×0.350m×12m×7850kg/m3
  • Weight=399.57kg

Therefore, the weight of the I350 steel bar with dimensions 350 x 175 x 7 x 11 x 12 meters is approximately 399.57 kilograms.

I350 Steel Price Table at Stavian

For detailed pricing of I350 steel at Stavian, please contact their hotline: (+84)975 271 499 or visit their website: Stavian Metal, where their staff will assist you in getting the I350 steel price quote quickly.

Where to Buy Quality and Trustworthy I350 Steel?

For a reliable and quality source of I350 steel in Vietnam, Stavian Metal is one of the top choices. Stavian Metal offers a diverse range of products, meeting every specification and clear quality certificates.

Quality Assurance: I350 steel products provided by Stavian comply with high standards, are resistant to rust, discoloration, and deformation. The steel comes with quality certificates issued by the manufacturer and authorized agencies.

Reasonable and Competitive Prices: Stavian ensures customers have peace of mind about product quality and competitive prices.

Professional Advisory Team: When deciding to purchase I350 steel from Stavian, customers will be supported by an experienced advisory team. The team is committed to helping customers address any requests and concerns, ensuring a seamless and comfortable purchasing experience.

Buying Process for I350 Steel at Stavian

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Contact Stavian through their website or email for a quick response.

The buying process for I350 steel at Stavian involves the following steps:

Step 1: Request a Quote via Email:

Upon receiving a call or email from the customer, the Stavian team quickly prepares a quotation based on specific requirements.

Step 2: Negotiation and Order Confirmation

Stavian will continue to contact the customer through email or phone to negotiate terms, finalize the order, and agree on payment terms as well as the deposit.

Step 3: Goods Delivery

After receiving the order confirmation and deposit from the customer via email or Zalo, Stavian will arrange transport vehicles to the warehouse to unload and transport the goods to the customer’s desired location. The company commits to providing relevant documents and ensuring timely delivery.


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The above provides a comprehensive overview of I350 steel, an essential and diverse construction material. Through this article, Stavian Metal hopes to help you understand more about the features, applications, and buying process of I350 steel. Connecting with a reputable agent like Stavian brings peace of mind about product quality and services, from the ordering process to transportation and post-sales support. Contact Stavian directly through the following address for more information:

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