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I150 Section Steel: Weight specifications, dimensions, Quotation

When we talk about construction materials, we cannot ignore products made of steel. One of them, the I150 steel, is an excellent choice for industrial, civil, bridge construction, and more. To understand more, let’s explore information about I150 steel through this article from Stavian Metal.

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What is I150 steel?

I150 steel is a type of steel with an “I” shape when viewed from the top, with a horizontal bar in the middle and two vertical bars on either side. The number 150 is often understood as the height of the steel, measured in millimeters. Therefore, I150 steel has a height of about 150 millimeters.

I150 steel is known as a high-quality product. This steel is produced through a hot-rolling process, gathering many superior points compared to other types of steel. It is widely used in the construction and industrial sectors.

thep hinh i150

Advantages and disadvantages of I150 steel

Examining the advantages and disadvantages of I150 steel, there are points as follows:


The I150 steel line has many outstanding advantages, making it widely applied in various constructions. Specific advantages include:

  • Higher strength compared to conventional steel, providing better load-bearing capacity and resistance to external impacts.
  • The product is made of low-carbon steel, with high durability, capable of resisting corrosion and oxidation.
  • The steel has moderate hardness, facilitating processes such as cutting, bending, welding, and easy installation, saving time and effort.
  • I150 steel is lighter than other types of steel with the same dimensions, helping to minimize installation and transportation costs.
  • This product is widely used in various fields, from civil construction to industry.


In addition to the mentioned advantages, I150 steel has some drawbacks, such as its high resistance to horizontal and torsional forces, but it lacks the ability to withstand forces in other directions.

Moreover, it is susceptible to corrosion, oxidation, and rust. Therefore, this type of steel needs additional rust-resistant paint and zinc coating to enhance corrosion resistance and increase longevity. However, such painting increases production costs and the final product’s price.

Classifying i150 steel

Based on the diverse purposes and usage needs of I150 steel, it is divided into three types: Cast I-beam, Galvanized I-beam, and Hot-dip galvanized I-beam.

thep hinh i150

Cast I-beam

Firstly, let’s learn about the Cast I-beam. This type of steel is the most common one used today. It is produced based on an extremely modern casting process, yielding high-quality products with superior durability and the ability to withstand forces according to international standards.

Galvanized I-beam

Regarding Galvanized I-beam, it is a type of steel coated with a layer of zinc to protect the exterior. This helps limit corrosion and rust under harsh weather conditions. With a solid zinc coating, the surface of the I-beam has optimal gloss and hardness. This is also thanks to the high adhesion of the zinc layer, which is ensured.

In addition, Galvanized I-beam also has a high corrosion resistance and superior hardness on the surface. Especially, their price is reasonably suitable for the consumption market in Vietnam.

Hot-dip galvanized I-beam

Coming to the Hot-dip galvanized I-beam, it is understood as a type of steel coated with a layer of zinc on the surface by dipping it into a molten zinc bath. At this time, the temperature of the bath is extremely high to achieve the desired thickness and hardness. Once reacted with the steel, zinc establishes a multi-layered shield to protect the steel from oxidation and rust during use.

This type of steel has very high durability, thanks to the hot-dip galvanized layer on the surface of the product. The zinc layer also contributes effectively to anti-oxidation and rust resistance, helping the product become more durable under harsh weather conditions.

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How is I150 steel used in daily life?

I150 steel is widely used in many constructions such as:

  • Industry: I150 steel is used in the production of machinery, equipment, supporting structures, and infrastructure.
  • Shipbuilding: This type of steel is applied to shipbuilding, manufacturing ship bodies, supporting structures, and many other parts of the ship.
  • Steel structures are used in various civil and industrial constructions such as workshops, warehouses, factories, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, offices, etc.
  • Load-bearing structures for transportation constructions such as railways, airports, ports, etc.
  • Application in the manufacturing industry of machinery and equipment.

Production standards for I150 steel

To produce I150 steel, it needs to meet the following specifications in production:

  • Steel grades: A36, Q235B, SS400, CT3.
  • Dimensions of I150 steel: Thickness of steel: From 6mm – 9mm.
  • Flange height: 150mm. Length: 6m – 12m.
  • Density of I150 steel: 14 kg/m – 21 kg/m.
  • Production standards: GOST 380-88, ANSI, EN, JIS G3101, SB410, 3010, ATSM, DIN, etc.

Things to know before buying I150 steel

Before purchasing I150 steel, you should consider some points as follows:

thep hinh i150

  • Check the quality: Choose a reputable manufacturing unit with products meeting the standard. Also, check criteria such as hardness, load-bearing limit.
  • Classify I150 steel parameters: Choose steel parameters that fit the project’s requirements. Choose based on calculation and functionality.
  • Refer to prices from various distributors. Select a supplier that provides suitable products.
  • Check the goods before transportation: Inspect quality and dimensions upon receiving the goods. This helps detect damage or errors early for timely handling.
  • Storage: This type of steel needs to be stored in a dry warehouse, shielded from rain, sunlight, and oxidation. Also, limit impact or bending to avoid deformation.

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Latest quotation for I150x75x5x7 steel

The price of I150x75x5x7 steel with a weight of 14kg/m will range from 15,400 VND to 16,700 VND. This price is for reference only, as it depends on different periods and specific orders, such as quantity, geographical distance for delivery, specifications, etc.

The above is the comprehensive content answering all questions about I150 steel in the most detailed way. It is hoped that the provided information has helped you gain more useful knowledge about this product. Through this, you can apply this steel type more effectively.

However, to find a reliable, high-quality facility with a reasonable price, you can visit Stavian Industrial Metal Corporation. They specialize in providing I150 steel according to standards and with high quality. Along with that comes professional consulting and delivery services. Therefore, you can rest assured when choosing Stavian. For more information, please contact:

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