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H250 Steel: Price List, Weight, Size Specifications

To ensure robust and durable construction projects, steel materials are indispensable. One highly regarded type of steel is H250 section steel. To gain a better understanding of this type of steel, let’s explore its details through the content of the following article.

What is H250 Section Steel?

Firstly, let’s delve into the concept of what H250 section steel is. H250 section steel is also known by other names such as H250 steel or H250-shaped steel. This type of H-shaped steel has a height (vertical side of the H) and width (horizontal part of the H) of 250mm.

thep hinh h250

With this structure, H250 section steel has a significant balancing function. It helps optimize costs for users, and maintenance issues are minimized. H250 steel is produced to international standards, making it suitable for various industrial construction projects such as machine frame manufacturing, tower construction, and structural building construction.

Specifications of H250 Section Steel

Here are some specifications of H250 section steel that you should know:

  • Steel Type: H250
  • Specifications: Size (mm): H250x250x9x14. Horizontal part length (mm): 25: 250. Vertical part length (mm): 250. Horizontal part thickness (mm): 9. Vertical part thickness (mm): 14. Length (m): 6 – 12.
  • Weight of H250 Steel (kg/m): 72.4
  • Origin: USA, Japan, China, UK, Russia, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea
  • Steel Grades: CT3, Q235, SS400, A36
  • Standards: JIS G3101, SB410, ASTM, GOST 380 – 88.

H250 Section Steel Weight

The weight of H250 section steel can be calculated using the following formula:

Weight (Kg/m) = 0.785 x cross-sectional area

  • Specifically, the cross-sectional area of the H250 steel can be calculated with the formula: a = [ t1(H – 2t2) + 2Bt2 + 0.858r2 ] / 100 (cm²).
  • The weight of H250 steel is 72.4 kg/m; 434.4 kg/cay 6m; 868.8 kg/cay 12m.

Prominent Features of H250 Section Steel

When it comes to H250 section steel, it exhibits notable characteristics such as:

  • Extremely high stiffness.
  • Good impact resistance.
  • Under external force, it is resistant to bending or warping.
  • This type of steel has oxidation resistance.
  • Under normal weather conditions, H250 steel has good corrosion resistance.

thep hinh h250

Applications of H250 Section Steel in Daily Life

Currently, H250 section steel is widely used in various everyday applications such as:

  • It can be used to make truck frames and manufacture vehicles.
  • It can be applied in civil and industrial construction.
  • Used to construct the framework of buildings, design load-bearing structures.
  • Used as foundation piles for workshops.
  • Used as raw material for shipbuilding.
  • Applied in the construction of bridges, railway stations, and electric trains.
  • H250 section steel can be used to build television towers, antenna towers, or high-voltage electrical poles.
  • It can be used to manufacture furniture such as cabinets, shelves, beds.
  • In supermarkets and stores, H250 steel is used to create merchandise stands.

Latest H250 Steel Price List

The provided price list is for reference purposes only as it depends on market fluctuations, delivery locations, and importing units.

  • Steel Type: H250
  • Unit Price (VND/kg): 22,500
  • Price for a 6m H250 steel bar (VND/bar): 9,774,000
  • Price for a 12m H250 steel bar (VND/bar): 19,548,000


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About Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company is known as a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the industrial metal material trading sector. The company prioritizes utmost credibility, along with respect, sincerity, and a commitment to serving customers to the best of their ability. Additionally, their pricing is reasonable. Therefore, customers can be completely assured.

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Stavian operates based on the following principles:

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Therefore, the above article has shared information revolving around the topic of H250 section steel. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of this type of steel and can choose a high-quality product at a reasonable price by selecting a reputable and quality supplier.

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