Currently, various types of advertising signs are made using different materials. One widely used and trusted material is the aluminum profile box. To help you better understand the characteristics and advantages of this product, the following article will provide a detailed analysis.

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What is an aluminum profile box?

An aluminum profile box is a type of LED lightbox constructed from an aluminum frame. They have the ability to change images easily and quickly without compromising the internal structure.

This type of aluminum is known for its high strength, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, heat dissipation, long-lasting use, and cost-effectiveness. The advantages of the aluminum profile box include providing harmonious lighting on the wall, high aesthetics, and an eye-catching and elegant appearance.

In the field of advertising construction and production, most users often choose aluminum profile boxes to create advertising lightboxes, replacing products made from iron frames.

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Why should lightboxes use aluminum profile frames instead of traditional iron frames?

Here is a summary of the outstanding advantages of aluminum profile boxes:

  • The design of the aluminum frame becomes more sophisticated, increasing high aesthetics, creating a sense of luxury, and being space-saving with ultra-thin aluminum box sides.
  • The aluminum lightbox, before using the profile, has good heat dissipation properties, reducing the risk of corrosion. It will not rust compared to iron frame products, especially when placed outdoors.
  • Aluminum profile boxes are designed for advertising purposes. The process of changing advertising content is often very fast, saving time and costs.
  • The aluminum profile uses V-bass links to form frames, replacing unsightly, less secure welding joints, which also take longer if you choose iron frames.
  • Minimalistic, convenient for assembly, lightweight, and easy to manufacture compared to using iron frames. Moreover, aluminum frames are easy to transport, relocate, and install lightboxes compared to conventional frame types.

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From these outstanding advantages, especially the convenience of use, aluminum profile boxes have been adopted by most major brands such as Samsung, Thế Giới Kim Cương (The World of Diamonds), Oppo, Long Beach Pearl, etc., incorporating this product into their nationwide advertising system. Therefore, all businesses can quickly and effectively implement marketing campaigns for their products.

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Aluminum profile lightbox classification

Currently, aluminum frame lightboxes for advertising mainly consist of two main types: Ultra-thin Lightboxes and EEFL Lightboxes.

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Ultra-thin lightboxes

Ultra-thin aluminum lightboxes are divided into two main types:

  • Snap-on lightbox (single-sided, double-sided)
  • Flip-top lightbox (LA, LB, LC, LCT, LD)

Ultra-thin aluminum lightboxes have a thickness ranging from 1.8cm to 2.6cm, suitable for making small-sized lightboxes, under the size of 1.2m*2.4m acrylic.

Ultra-thin aluminum lightboxes are designed for indirect lighting. Two LED strips are usually placed along the length of the lightbox, symmetrically interacting with each other and diffusing light on the acrylic sheet. The backlit UV-printed film is sharp, easy to replace, or remove.

EEFL lightboxes

EEFL lightboxes are mainly divided into three main types:

+ Edgeless aluminum EEFL lightbox

+ Small border aluminum EEFL lightbox

+ Large border aluminum EEFL lightbox

EEFL lightboxes are mainly used to create large-sized lightboxes thanks to their excellent load-bearing capacity. They are often used for outdoor installation, not corroded, with aluminum for heat dissipation, and oxidation.

Aluminum profile lightboxes are commonly used in: 

  • Product advertising signs in phone stores: Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Honor, Real Me, etc.
  • Product advertising lightboxes in jewelry showrooms: The World of Diamonds, PNJ, Doji, Long Beach Pearl, Royal Pearl, etc.
  • High-end fashion store advertising lightboxes: Puma, H&M, Top Shop Top Man, Armani Exchange, etc.
  • Advertising lightboxes in bubble tea and coffee shops: Guta, Passio, Trung Nguyên, GongCha, etc.
  • Advertising lightboxes in banks: VPBank, TP Bank, NCB, Nam Á Bank, MB, BIDV, etc.
  • Aluminum profile lightboxes used for decoration in high-end showrooms: Rita Võ, American Standard, etc.
  • Advertising lightboxes applied to make illuminated translucent ceilings.
  • Aluminum profile lightboxes applied to make advertising boards at airports: Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Cam Ranh, Phu Quoc, etc.

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Stavian – A reputable aluminum profile box supplier

As a leading unit in the field of manufacturing aluminum profile boxes, with many years of experience in supplying, along with a team of experienced, enthusiastic, dynamic, and creative staff, Stavian is confident in bringing all customers peace of mind about the quality of each selected product.

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We specialize in providing reputable advertising aluminum profile boxes nationwide, offering a variety of eye-catching lightbox models on the market, always ready to meet all needs anytime, anywhere.

To get advice on the type of aluminum profile box that suits your needs, as well as a detailed price quote, customers can contact Stavian directly through the following information:

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company


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