What is SPHC Steel Plate? Latest Quotations

One of the crucial steel types in the industrial and construction sectors is SPHC steel plate. To gain a deeper understanding, let’s explore the concept, characteristics, properties, pricing, and more through the detailed content presented below.

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What is SPHC Steel Plate?

SPHC is understood as follows: the first “S” stands for Steel, “P” is an abbreviation for Plate, “H” is an abbreviation for HeatWrite, “C” is Commercial, typically meaning hot-rolled strip steel and general-purpose steel plate. SPHC is strip steel and hot-rolled steel plate for general purposes, classified under the Japanese standard JIS G 3131.

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SPHC steel plate possesses good mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, good ductility, and excellent welding capabilities. They also exhibit excellent physical properties, such as high hardness, good elongation, and corrosion resistance.

Mechanical Properties of SPHC Steel Plate

SPHC steel plate is often used in applications that demand good formability, such as automotive parts, equipment, and furniture. The overall mechanical properties of SPHC steel plate are slightly inferior to more specialized steel types, but they are suitable for various applications.

  • Tensile Strength: 270-430 MPa
  • Yield Strength: 185-265 MPa
  • Elongation: 26-34% (for thickness under 3mm)
  • Bulk Modulus: 160-200 GPa
  • Shear Modulus: 80-110 GPa

Chemical Composition of SPHC Steel Plate

SPHC steel plate is made from hot-rolled sheet that has been pickled to remove scale. The hot-rolled sheet is then subjected to a cooling process to reduce the material’s thickness. The material is then annealed to enhance the steel’s ductility. There are various types of SPHC steel plates, from JIS G 3131-1996 to JIS G 3131-2000.

Its chemical elements include:

  • Carbon (C): Below 0.15%
  • Silicon (Si): Below 0.05%
  • Manganese (Mn): Below 0.60%
  • Phosphorus (P): Below 0.035%
  • Sulfur (S): Below 0.035%
  • Aluminum (Al): Greater than 0.010%

These are the main chemical elements present in SPHC steel plate. The elemental composition may vary slightly among different manufacturers, but all fall within this range.

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How is SPHC Steel Plate Produced?

The production process of SPHC hot-rolled strip steel involves the following steps:

High Furnace Melting => Sulfur Removal => Combined Blowing Converter Above and Below 120t => LF Refining Furnace => Continuous Casting Machine ASP => Heating Furnace => Phosphorus Removal => Rough Rolling => Finish Rolling => Straightening => Coiling => Finished Product.

When hot rolling is used to melt various types of SPHC steel plates, the sulfur content must be controlled in the hot metal pretreatment process to meet the requirements of steel types. This is to fulfill the endpoint requirements of the converter and ensure that the sulfur content of the hot metal product meets the standard.

thep tam sphc

The target sulfur content of the hot metal in the sulfur removal system is determined by the sulfur recovery amount at the end of the converter. In the initial process, the sulfur recovery amount of the converter is 0.016% (referred to as sulfur 16). To meet composition requirements, the target sulfur content is adjusted from the initial 0.015% down to 0.010%.

To improve the utilization rate of magnesium powder, the magnesium powder spray rate has been adjusted from the initial 12 kg/minute to below 10 kg/minute to increase the magnesium powder amount in increasing the residence time of the hot metal, increase the dissolution amount, and improve the sulfur removal efficiency of magnesium powder. When removing slag, at least 2/3 of the hot metal level is removed to maximize the sulfur recovery amount of the converter by removing dirty slag.

After adjusting the process, the sulfur recovery amount of the converter is controlled at 0.008% (referred to as sulfur 8). The consumption rate also decreases, providing high-quality hot metal and meeting the standards for the converter’s operation while reducing the sulfur removal burden of the converter.

Latest SPHC Steel Plate Prices

The prices of SPHC steel plates will depend on VAT, CO (Certificate of Origin), CQ (Quality Certificate), and transportation fees. Here are indicative prices:

  • Steel Thickness: 3mm – 100mm
  • Steel Width: 1500mm – 2000mm
  • Steel Length: 6000mm
  • Steel Weight: 211.95 kg – 9420 kg
  • SPHC Steel Plate Price: 18,500 VND/kg
  • SPHC Steel Plate Price Range: 3,921,075 VND – 174,270,000 VND

Applications of SPHC Steel Plate

SPHC steel plates have various applications. On one hand, they can be used as the basic material for cold-rolled steel plates. After pickling to remove iron scale on the surface, they can be cold-rolled and turned into cold-rolled products for supply.

thep tam sphc

The demand for SPHC steel plates in the automotive industry, machinery industry, light industry, and household appliance industry is significant. For example:

  • In the automotive industry, SPHC is applied to car frame chassis systems, interior dashboard panels, transport boards, and some small internal parts that are stamped.
  • In the machinery industry, it is used in machines such as looms, mechanics, and fans.
  • Light industry equipment is applied to compressor shells, brackets, and hot lining layers.
  • SPHC steel plates are used for accessories such as electrical cabinets, highway guardrails, and iron stair railings.

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