“One of a kind” welfare policies that makes Stavian Industrial Metal employees proud

With the orientation of building top-quality customer service, a professional working environment, and becoming one of the top 10 largest industrial metal trading companies in Southeast Asia, Stavian Industrial Metal always focuses on building and continuously improving its remuneration policies, outstanding welfare benefits, and a corresponding income level to employees’ abilities.

Attractive income and benefits

Employee motivation is strongly linked to their income. When the financial aspect is stable, the staff can fully focus on their work and organization, which leads to a significant increase in work productivity. Understanding this, Stavian Industrial Metal has implemented a series of attractive and unique salary and bonus policies for its employees.

Annual bonuses for occasions such as holidays, Lunar New Year, birthdays, International Women’s Day (March 8th), and Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20th) are offered, in addition to policies such as revenue-based bonuses, a 13th-month salary, KPI bonuses, exceptional employee bonuses, annual salary adjustment programs, and regular performance-based pay adjustments based on individual capacity development. These serve as a strong incentive for employees to nurture a sense of exceptional contribution and passion for their work.

Stavian Industrial Metal organizes many individual and collective award categories, both financially and spiritually, to recognize and honor the contributions of individuals/teams to the organization’s success on an annual basis.

Stavian Industrial Metal has implemented exceptional welfare policies that make its employees proud. In particular, for those who have outstanding contributions, the company also provides opportunities for training and long-term international travel. Anh Tran Dinh Luan, Deputy Director of Domestic Sales and Super Sales in Q1/2023 was recently recognized and selected by the company’s leadership as the only employee to participate in the technology tour program in China, organized by the North Structural Steel Association in April 2023. This is a very meaningful reward and a different policy compared to other companies in the same industry, providing Stavian Industrial Metal’s employees with the opportunity to experience a series of prestigious technology programs, such as visiting the Canton Fair technology exhibition, visiting suppliers, and customers in the field of oil and gas pipe processing and shipbuilding, visiting suppliers and customers in the field of steel plate processing, wind power, and equipment in the transportation sector, as well as participating in meaningful exchange sessions.

Mr. Tran Dinh Luan – Deputy Head of the Domestic Sales Department (bottom row, second from the right)

participated in the technology tour program in China

It can be seen that these financial policies not only help employees increase their income but also make all employees in the Stavian Industrial Metal family highly aware of their responsibility towards the company’s goals.

Comprehensive care

It is well understood that both physical and mental health are important factors that affect the quality of work and life of every individual. Stavian Industrial Metal has implemented a series of comprehensive care policies for its employees, such as detailed health and accident insurance regimes for each level of employee, team-building activities, domestic/international tourism, wedding gifts, maternity benefits, filial piety rewards, and gifts for employees’ children on International Children’s Day 1/6 or outstanding academic achievements.

In particular, to provide further motivation to encourage the leadership and management personnel of the Executive Board and the Expanded Executive Board to study and work according to the examples of successful individuals, while ensuring a balance between work and family life, the company officially implemented a policy to support the cost of hiring domestic helpers for members of the Executive Board and the Expanded Executive Board starting from June 1, 2023.

These outstanding policies have made a difference in the corporate culture of Stavian Industrial Metal, and have also created great value for the company’s employees. They are an important factor that helps the company become a trusted and long-lasting partner throughout the work process.

Training and developing

Stavian Industrial Metal places great emphasis on the development of its people. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn on the job through your colleagues and superiors, but you are also given the chance to participate in training courses organized by the company or the Stavian Group to enhance the necessary skills and knowledge required in your job, with the participation of experts and management at all levels.

Moreover, each individual is provided with a career path and a personal development plan. Stavian Industrial Metal is always open to internal recruitment and transfers between departments to help employees gain experience and accumulate skills for their next assignment. At Stavian Industrial Metal, you will always have the opportunity to develop your professional and managerial skills according to your career aspirations.

International working environment

With a work environment that embraces international culture while still maintaining the beauty of traditional values, transparency, care, and respect for individuals, and a team of young, dynamic, and enthusiastic employees from around the world (especially during the upcoming period of expanding international markets), Stavian Industrial Metal is the ideal workplace for talented and adventurous young professionals seeking an international working environment.

With continuous development, Stavian Industrial Metal is a unified system with the Stavian Group, with the intersection of contributions to business development and expansion of international customer networks, providing opportunities for employees who desire dynamic thinking, progress and a global perspective to work, learn and grow./.

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