Currently, in the construction materials market, a wide range of products of 8mm steel rods are being supplied. These products are imported from various factories to fully meet the demands of users. However, if you still don’t understand what 8mm steel rods are – their characteristics, applications, and pricing – then you should grasp some additional information in the following article by Stavian Industrial Metal.

What are 8mm steel rods?

8mm steel rod is a type of material used in construction, also referred to as 8mm mild steel wire rod or D8 steel rod, symbolized by Φ8 with a diameter of 8mm. This is also one of the most widely used steel materials in daily life.

The 8mm steel rod possesses numerous outstanding characteristics such as heat resistance, good load-bearing capacity, and enhanced oxidation resistance due to being tempered at high temperatures to create the final product. As a result, this product is used to increase the durability and lifespan of various construction projects, which can reach 15-20 years.

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Advantages of 8mm steel rods

The 8mm steel rod possesses chemical components that are combined from alloying elements such as manganese, copper, carbon, calcium, oxygen… thereby creating a solid mass. It increases durability over time despite facing any external environmental impact, thus gaining tremendous trust from current market users.

Due to the remarkable characteristics of 8mm steel rods, they are highly favored in various structural elements such as concrete foundations, columns, floor beams in many construction projects like high-rise buildings, hydroelectric facilities, and residential buildings.

Whether subjected to low or high temperatures, 8mm steel rods remain highly durable. Moreover, this type of steel is also suitable for combining with larger structural iron components.

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Applications of 8mm steel rods in construction

Fundamentally, 8mm steel rod is widely chosen for use in the construction field. Specifically:

It is employed for bending hoops, constructing roofs, and creating hybrid structures with cement mortar to form concrete for building foundations or bridges…

Thanks to its strong load-bearing capacity and high durability, 8mm steel rod is also regularly utilized in the construction of residential homes, skyscrapers, industrial factories, and water-related projects.”


Currently, there are three common types of 8mm steel rods on the market:

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8mm steel rebar

This type of 8mm steel wire rod is characterized by its ribbed and patterned surface, making it easily recognizable . The 8mm steel rebar’s ribs are formed from an alloy of iron and carbon, providing anti-slip capabilities and excellent resistance to external forces. The durability of the 8mm steel rebar is highly regarded, which is why it is frequently employed in road construction projects or tall buildings.

8mm steel tube

This product is rather intricate, produced through the application of advanced technology to cast into ingots before yielding the final tubed products. The 8mm steel tube is sold by the meter and is widely applied in various industries, typical examples being the oil terminal industry, industrialization, shipbuilding sector, and the transportation of liquid petroleum products.

Smooth round 8mm steel rod

Smooth round 8mm steel rods possess exceptional characteristics such as good hardness, smooth and polished surface, devoid of ribs, with an overall average diameter ranging from 8 – 60mm. This product is regularly used for fabrication, manufacturing, and repair in deteriorating projects due to the value it can deliver.

How much does 1 meter of 8mm steel rod weigh? 

The question “How many kilograms does 1 meter of 8mm steel rod weigh?” has always been of great interest to many people over time. To calculate the weight of an 8mm steel rod, you can apply the following formula:

M = (7850 x L x 3.14 x d²) / 4 (1)

M: Weight of the 8mm steel rod (measured in kg)
7850: Density of the 8mm steel rod (kg/m³)
L: Length of the 8mm steel rod
3.14: Pi value
d: Diameter of the steel rod

Substituting L = 1 m and d = 0.008 m into the formula above, we have M = ( 7850 x 1 x 3.14 x (0.008)² ) / 4 = 0.394 kg. Therefore, for each meter of 8mm steel rod, the average weight is about 0.394 kg.

However, in reality, this will depend on various individual cases, and we can use the formula to convert between length and weight and vice versa, using the basic technical specifications of each steel rod.

Number Product name Diameter Weight
Total /11,7m
1 Steel Φ 8 6 0,22 2,60
2 Steel Φ 8 8 0,39 4,62
3 Steel Φ 8 12 0,62 7,21
4 Steel Φ 8 14 0,89 10,39
5 Steel Φ 8 16 1,21 14,14
6 Steel Φ 8 18 1,58 18,87
7 Steel Φ 8 20 2,00 23,37
8 Steel Φ 8 22 2,47 28,85
9 Steel Φ 8 25 2,98 34,91
10 Steel Φ 8 28 3,85 45,08
11 Steel Φ 8 32 4,83 56,55

Therefore, whenever you perform calculations for purchasing raw materials or packaging for transportation, it’s essential that you accurately understand the fundamental specifications of the 8mm steel rod. This understanding is crucial in order to meet the specific requirements of users precisely.

How many meters does 1kg of 8mm steel rod equal?

To answer the above question, we will calculate based on the following formula:

L = (mx4)/ (7850 x 3.14 x d²) = (1×4)/ [7850*3.14*(0.008)² = 2.5357 meters.

How many kilograms does 1 coil of 8mm steel rod weigh?

On average, each coil of 8mm steel rod typically has a length ranging from about 2.9 to 3.1 meters; therefore, we will take the middle value of 3 meters. By applying the previously mentioned calculation formula, people can easily calculate the weight of 1 coil of 8mm steel rod. Accordingly:

M = (7850 x L x 3.14 x d²) / 4

Substitute L = 3 m; d = 0.008 into the formula:

M = [ 7850 x 3 x 3.14 x (0.008)² ] / 4 = 1.18 kg.
Thus, each coil of 8mm steel rod has an average weight of about 1.18 kg.

Most recent 8mm steel rod price update

The current market offers consumers a wide range of 8mm steel products from various brands. Therefore, customers or investors will need to conduct more thorough research to choose the most suitable purchasing source for themselves. According to several aggregated sources, the current price range of 8mm steel is approximately from 10,000 VND/kg to over 12,000 VND/kg.

However, this price level will still depend on the order quantity and the brand supplying the product.

Hence, the price range provided here is for reference only. If you are genuinely interested in buying steel and wish to delve deeper into the pricing along with offers, you can directly contact reputable sales outlets or manufacturing plants for more accurate advisory information.

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Where to buy quality 8mm steel rods?

Even though there are numerous distributors of 8mm steel materials on the market, not every place is genuinely a reliable option. Purchasing counterfeit steel and low-quality materials is happening quite frequently nowadays. This significantly impacts the safety level, durability, and lifespan of various constructions.

Due to this, we would like to share with you a brand that supplies 8mm steel rods and other construction materials in general, which is highly regarded for its credibility in the market: Stavian Industrial Metal, JSC.

Stavian Industrial Metal has always been known as a steel supplier that offers the best quality and pricing across the entire market. The products it provides are all genuine, directly imported from reputable manufacturing plants in Vietnam.

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The company always provides dedicated advice and service to be able to give free delivery to all customers.

Moreover, Stavian regularly introduces favorable pricing and service policies to help customers gain the most practical benefits while making purchases. With the goal of bringing the utmost benefits to all customers, this continuously enhances the brand’s reputation in the current construction materials business.

Based on the formation and development of Stavian Industrial Metal, we are proud to bring the utmost satisfaction to customers in the construction field. This has enabled us to establish a strong foothold in the current Vietnamese market. Therefore, this is also the reason why most customers love and choose products provided by us, with the following commitments:

  • 100% of all products are directly imported from leading manufacturing plants in Vietnam such as Miền Nam, Pomina, Việt Mỹ,… The products are entirely new and unused.
  • Products always come with complete documents and transparent verification papers.
  • We commit that the selling prices of products are always the most competitive in the market.
  • Large reserve source, with the ability to provide continuous supply, meeting all usage needs.
  • A professional and rapid delivery system that is also free of charge.
  • A team of dedicated professional staff, well-trained and highly skilled, always ready to address all inquiries from everyone.

If there is a need for consultation on purchasing and using 8mm steel rods, customers can contact Stavian Industrial Metal today for thorough and attentive support.

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