What is Phi 10 Steel? Phi 10 Steel Price, Weight Information, Mass

Looking at the continuous development of construction projects today, steel is one of the main materials used to build solid structures. Therefore, there are many customers interested in learning about what is Phi 10 steel, its characteristics, and its price. These are the issues that we will address in detail through the following article.

An overview of what Phi 10 steel means:

Phi 10 steel, also known as D10 steel, is a specialized material used in all construction projects with a cross-sectional cutting diameter of 10mm and a length of 11.7m per bar.

D10 steel possesses many outstanding characteristics, such as high heat resistance, good rust resistance, and excellent load-bearing capacity through the production and high-temperature tempering process. The most notable feature is the longevity of all structures when using Phi 10 steel products, which can reach 15-20 years.

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Characteristics of Phi 10 rolled steel:

When discussing the characteristics of Phi 10 construction coil steel, it is quite similar to Phi 6 rolled steel but with a larger diameter.

Regarding standards and packaging specifications, it will depend on each manufacturer. For example, Hoa Phat Phi 10 steel, will always be labeled as CB240-T with an average weight of each coil ranging from 1000kg to 2000kg.

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Advantages of Phi 10 steel

According to highly skilled experts in the construction industry, Phi 10 steel’s product quality is highly praised. The reason is that it is tempered at very high temperatures, ensuring the steel’s durability.

Not only does Phi 10 steel have the advantage of durability, but its load-bearing capacity is also excellent. It can withstand most adverse environmental impacts such as rain, wind, storms, and strong sunlight. Consequently, all construction designs using D10 steel remain sturdy over time.

Furthermore, Phi 10 steel also impresses with its strength, flexibility, and suitability for various types of construction, from small to large projects in today’s life, such as civil, industrial, and transportation constructions.

The last advantage of Phi 10 steel is that it can achieve a high level of accuracy in terms of dimensions.

Applications of Phi 10 steel:

Due to its characteristics and properties, Phi 10 steel is regularly used as the main material in all civil and industrial constructions, especially in reinforced concrete structures.

Additionally, Phi 10 steel is often used to create strong frames for objects and constructions due to its excellent load-bearing capacity. It is commonly seen in large-scale projects such as hydroelectric facilities, industrial zones, bridges, residential buildings, and more, becoming very familiar in our daily lives.

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Phi 10 Steel Price List:

The detailed price list of Phi 10 steel from different manufacturers is as follows:

Type of Steel Quantity (bars/coils) Unit Price (VND/bar)
Phi 10 Southern Steel 350 61,000
Phi 10 Vietnam-Japan Steel 300 62,000
Phi 10 Pomina Steel 230 63,000
Phi 10 Hoa Phat Steel 384 60,000
Phi 10 Vietnam-Australia Steel 280 65,000
Phi 10 Vietnam-USA Steel 320 65,000
Phi 10 Sunco Stee 350 58,000
Phi 10 Dong A Steel 290 55,000
Phi 10 Tung Ho 250 55,000

Please note:

  • The price list above may change over time, so it is for reference only. Please contact us directly for the most specific and detailed price quotes.
  • The prices listed above include 10% VAT.
  • All products have full necessary documents, such as origin of production, and are 100% genuine.
  • 100% guaranteed excellent product quality at reasonable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Phi 10 steel

Below are some frequently asked questions about D10 steel that we have compiled and answered to provide a better understanding of this type of steel:

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What is the specific weight of Phi 10 steel?

In reality, the specific weight of Phi 10 steel is 7850 kg/m³, which is a constant value.

How long is one bar of Phi 10 steel?

Most steel manufacturers adhere to the specified technical parameters to ensure maximum convenience in using their products. Therefore, the length of each Phi 10 steel bar is the same at 11.7 meters. They are often bundled together to reduce the area and make transportation more convenient.

How much does one bar of Phi 10 steel weigh?

To calculate the weight of one meter of Phi 10 steel, you can use the following formula:

Weight (m) = (7850 x L x π x d²) / 4


  • m: Weight of steel (kg).
  • L: Length of steel (m).
  • d: Diameter of Phi 10 steel (mm).
  • 7850: Specific weight of steel (kg/m³).
  • π: Pi (approximately 3.14).

According to this formula and given that each bar of Phi 10 steel is 11.7 meters long, we have:

m = (7850 x 11.7 x 3.14 x 0.01²) / 4 = 7.21 kg

Thus, the weight of one bar of Phi 10 steel is 7.21 kg.

Tips for purchasing high-quality Phi 10 (D10) steel

Throughout history, the steel market has always been vibrant with many distributors supplying Phi 10 steel products. However, because these distributors import products from various factories, including counterfeit and low-quality products from China, it is essential to be cautious when choosing to purchase steel.

To help customers obtain the best-quality Phi 10 steel at reasonable prices, we provide some tips on purchasing Phi 10 steel:

First and foremost, it depends on each customer’s needs to search for and choose reputable and guaranteed Phi 10 steel brands in the market. Avoid buying cheap products, as they are often low-quality Chinese goods.

Next, look for first-tier distributors with reasonable prices and a long-standing reputation in the market.

These distributors must provide all necessary documents related to the products they sell.

Evaluate and compare the quality of several distributors to have a basis for choosing, or seek advice from experienced individuals in the field.

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Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company – Address for supplying high-quality and reasonably priced Phi 10 steel

With accumulated experience in the construction materials market, Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company is proud to supply the highest quality steel products to customers. Moreover, when purchasing from us, customers can enjoy many commitments:

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  • Products are produced and supplied by leading reputable manufacturers such as South side, Pomina, Vietnam-USA, etc., ensuring they are 100% genuine.
  • All products come with complete documents related to the manufacturing factories.
  • As the top-tier distributor nationwide, we guarantee the most competitive prices in the market, ensuring stability.
  • Our stock reserves are always abundant, and we deliver goods quickly and continuously, ensuring meeting all customer needs promptly.
  • Professional staff with high expertise are always dedicated to answering any inquiries around the clock (24/7).

If you need advice on purchasing and using Phi 10 steel, please contact Stavian today for the most dedicated and helpful support.

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