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Steel H100: Price, Weight, Size Specifications

Are you wondering what H100 steel is? What are its advantages? How is it applied in daily life? We will explore the answers together through the detailed content presented below.

What is H100 steel?

H100 steel, also known as H100 shaped steel or H100 iron, is a steel product produced in the form of a bar with a cut width of 100mm in the shape of an uppercase H. They have excellent balancing capabilities.

It is known that this type of steel is manufactured using advanced technology processes and undergoes quality control before being supplied to the market. Thanks to this factor, H-shaped steel is used in many large-scale projects that require high balance, along with good load-bearing and impact resistance.

thep hinh h100

Advantages of H100x100x6x8 steel

With careful research into compound components, H100 steel has several advantages that we should know, such as:

  • The steel can withstand large forces and is resistant to deformation under the impact or collision of external forces.
  • The product can maintain excellent balance.
  • H100 steel has the ability to resist oxidation and limit corrosion under outdoor weather conditions. With this advantage, steel can be used for outdoor constructions.
  • They have very high strength and a long lifespan, saving maintenance and replacement costs after a long period of use.
  • With its bar-shaped design, it is easy to store, preserve, and install.

Applications of H100x100 steel

Today, H100 steel is widely used in various areas of life, including:

  • Used in civil construction, as a framework for buildings, industrial construction, and construction of load-bearing frames.
  • Used in road construction, railway stations, and terminals.
  • Applied in the construction of television towers, antenna towers, and high-voltage electrical poles.
  • Used for the framework of trucks and the manufacture of vehicles.
  • Used as material for shipbuilding.
  • Used as foundation piles for workshops.
  • Used as material for manufacturing shelves, merchandise displays in stores, supermarkets.
  • Applied in the manufacture of machine parts in engineering.
  • Used to produce interior furniture such as cabinets, shelves, beds, tables, etc.

Specifications of H100 steel

Learning about the specifications of H100 steel will reveal the following points:

  • The product is known by names such as H100 steel, H100 shaped iron, H100 shaped steel, H100 iron.
  • Origin: China, Russia, Japan, Europe, etc.
  • The length of the wings is 100mm.
  • The width of the wings is 100mm.
  • The specific weight of H100 steel is 17.2 kg/meter.

thep hinh h100

Grades and standards of H100 steel

Currently, there are various grades and standards for H100 steel on the market, such as:

  • Russian steel grades: CT0, CT3 based on GOST 380-88 standard.
  • Japanese steel grades based on standards: JIS G3101, G3106… SM400(A.B.C), SM490(A.B.C), SM520(B.C), SN400(A.B.C), SPAH, G4051, G3114-04, G3115, G3136, G3125, SS540. SMA490(A.B.C), SMA570, SB410, 3010.
  • Chinese steel grades according to standards: SS400, Q235A, Q235B, Q235C, Q235D, Q245R/Q345R…. Q345B 15X , 20X,..AS40 / 45/ 50/ 60 / 70. AR400 / AR500.
  • American steel grades based on standards: A570 GrA, A570 GrD, A572 Gr42/50,… ASTM/ASME SA/A36, AH32/AH36, ASTM A283/285.
  • European steel grades based on standards: S275JR / S275J0 / S275J2 S355JR / S355J0 / S355J2 / S355K2 / S235NL, St37-2, ST52-3

Stavian Metal – The address for supplying genuine H100 steel at a good price

Currently, there are many businesses trading H100 shaped steel on the market. However, not every unit provides quality products at affordable prices. Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company is proud to be a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of trading industrial metal materials.

In addition to H-shaped steel with various sizes and types, Stavian also supplies many popular materials on the market, such as U-shaped steel, construction ribbed steel, rolled steel, steel plates, ribbed steel plates, Carbon steel, wear-resistant steel, etc.

Moreover, Stavian has built a team of experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated staff who are always ready to support customers 24/7, anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the company always ensures to provide customers with the most secure and satisfying experience.

The above is information related to H100 steel, and it is hoped that you have a general overview of this product. Hopefully, you will choose the H100 steel product that suits your project.


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In addition to the listed prices, when customers place large orders or sign long-term purchase contracts, there are many opportunities to receive extremely attractive benefits. In case customers want to inquire about iron and steel prices, consult construction, installation of materials, manual labor rates, preferential policies, etc. When purchasing products from Stavian, please contact through the following channels:

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company


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