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I500 Steel: Price List, Weight, Size Specifications

In the world of construction materials, steel remains an indispensable pillar, playing a crucial role in the construction of sturdy and stable structures. Among the various types of steel, I500 steel emerges as an excellent choice, with surprising strength and flexibility. In this article, Stavian will delve into exploring I500 steel, covering specifications, weight, applications, and its significant contributions to the modern construction industry.

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I500 Steel Specifications – Latest Price List

I500 Steel Specifications

I500 Steel Specifications Technical Parameters (mm) Weight 
h (mm) b (mm) d (mm) t (mm) Kg/6m Kg/12m
I500 Steel 500x200x8x13 500 200 10 16 537,6 1075,6


  • Steel Height (h): 500 mm
  • Steel Edge Length (b): 200 mm
  • Thickness of Steel Flange (d): 10 mm
  • Thickness of Wing (t): 16 mm
  • Permissible Maximum Length Deviation: ±2.0 mm
  • Weight Deviation Calculated According to Length: ±3-5%

I500 Steel Weight

The weight of I500 steel can be calculated using the following formula:

Single Weight (kg/m) = 0.785 × Cross-Sectional Area

The cross-sectional area a is calculated by the formula:

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Where H, B, t1, t2, r1, and r2 are the dimensions of I500 steel.

The specific weight of I500 steel is calculated as follows:

  • 89.6 kg/ 1m
  • 537.6 kg/ piece (for a steel length of 6 meters)
  • 1075.2 kg/ piece (for a steel length of 12 meters)

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I500 Steel Table – Detailed Specifications

I500 steel has some basic technical parameters that you need to know when exploring this type of steel, as detailed in the table below:

NO Parameter Details
1 Weight 89,6 kg/ mét, 537,6 kg/ cây 6 mét, 1075,2kg/ cây 12 mét
2 Steel Grade A36 – SS400 – SM490B
3 Standard JIS G3101– EN 10025 – DIN 17100 – ASTM
4 Origin Stavian Steel Plant
5 Length Common lengths for each I500 steel piece: 6m, 12m (custom lengths available)

Chemical Composition of I500 Steel

Steel Grade Chemical Composition (%)
C max Si max Mn max   P max S max
SM490A 0.20 – 0.22 0.55 1.65 0.035 0.035
SM490B 0.18 – 0.20 0.55 1.65 0.035 0.035
A36 0.27 0.15 – 0.40 1.20 0.040 0.050
SS400 0.050 0.050

Mechanical Properties of I500 Steel

Steel Grade Mechanical Properties
YS Mpa TS Mpa EL %
SM490A ≥325 490 – 610 23
SM490B ≥325 490 – 610 23
A36 ≥245 400 – 550 20
SS400 ≥245 400 – 510 21

Common Applications of I500 Steel

I500 steel, a type of I-shaped steel produced through a 4-stage process from ore processing to finished product according to JIS 3101 – SS400 quality standards, sets high standards for quality, meeting design and service life requirements.

With its flexibility and sustainable strength, I500 steel plays a crucial role in various areas of life:

  • Construction Structures, Bridges: Used to build sturdy structures such as bridges and construction projects.
  • Shipbuilding: Plays a significant role in shipbuilding, ensuring solid and safe structures.
  • Transmission Towers, Cranes, Machinery Transport: Used to create support equipment for lifting, transporting machinery, and crane structures.
  • Container Frames, Warehouse Shelves: Plays a crucial role in creating safe and sturdy storage spaces for goods.

With its flexibility and the ability to meet various needs, I500 steel has wide-ranging applications not only in the mentioned fields but also in many other everyday life applications.

Advantages of I500 Steel

Produced according to international quality standards, I500 steel is a symbol of high quality and reliability. Stavian Metal Group continuously improves product quality by applying the ISO 9001:2008 management system and using the modern production line DANIELI from Italy. The combination of advanced technology and quality control processes provides I-shaped steel products with the highest quality.

Stavian Metal not only focuses on quality but also aims to be competitive in terms of pricing. With this strategy, the cost of Stavian steel is considered the most competitive in the market, creating favorable conditions for widespread use and popularity in numerous industries.

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Price List of I500 Steel from Various Suppliers

For accurate and detailed information on I500 steel prices, please contact us directly via hotline: +84 2471001868 / +84975271499 or our website: https://stavianmetal.com/.

Stavian is proud to be one of the reputable and leading I500 steel suppliers in Vietnam. We specialize in providing various types of I500 steel with dimensions of 200 x 10 x 16 and a length of 12 meters, ensuring to meet all customer requirements.

Product Name Origin Unit Price (VND/kg) Total Price


I 482x300x11x15x12m Đại Việt 18.400 19.783.680
I 482x300x11x15x12m Zinc-coated 21.600 23.224.320
I 482x300x11x15x12m Hot-dip galvanized 25.500 27.417.600
I 482x300x11x15x6m Posco 16.390 17.622.528
I 482x300x11x15x6m Zinc-coated 18.440 19.826.688
I 482x300x11x15x6m Hot-dip galvanized 23.386 25.144.626
I 482x300x11x15x12m China 17.000 18.278.400
I 482x300x11x15x12m Zinc-coated 19.600 21.073.920
I 482x300x11x15x12m MKNN Hot-dip galvanized 25.500 27.417.600

Quality I500 Steel Supplier – Stavian Metal

Stavian is proud to be one of the reputable and leading I500 steel suppliers in Vietnam. We specialize in providing various types of I500 steel with dimensions of 200 x 10 x 16 and a length of 12 meters, ensuring to meet all customer requirements.

Our products come with complete legal documents such as invoices, CO-CQ certificates from the manufacturer, ensuring the origin and quality of the products. We guarantee 100% new products, not used, with a smooth surface and no rust or defects.

Stavian Metal Group, a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the supply of industrial metal materials.

More importantly, we adhere to the deviation specified by the manufacturing plant, ensuring optimal quality for the product. We are committed to providing the most competitive prices on the market, and especially, we always ensure on-time delivery according to the customer’s construction schedule, ensuring the highest product quality as required.


I500 steel is not just a construction material; it is also a solid foundation for the sustainable development of many industries. In the modern era, the advancement of I500 steel production technology not only meets increasing demands but also raises quality and competitiveness standards. Commitments to high-quality products and competitive prices are important criteria to consider when choosing an I500 steel supplier. Contact Stavian if you need advice on I500 steel at the provided address.

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