What is Steel Slitting? Get Steel Slitting Processing, Steel Coil

Steel slitting is an advanced steel cutting technology applied at Stavian Metal. With its efficiency and quality, the slitting production process has become a trend in the metal industry. This article will clarify how the process of manufacturing galvanized steel slitting is done.

What is Steel Slitting Processing?

Steel slitting processing is an essential process in the metal industry, often performed to transform round steel coils into specific-sized and specified steel strips. This process requires precision and high technical skills to ensure the product meets customer requirements.

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Steel slitting processing uses various materials, including hot-rolled steel coils such as SS400, A36, SPHC, SPCC, stainless steel such as SUS304, SUS316, SUS201, as well as cold-rolled steel coils and galvanized steel coils.

The Galvanized Steel Slitting Process at Stavian

To create a perfect galvanized steel strip, let us reveal how the slitting processing is carried out at Stavian.

Material Preparation

The production process begins with preparing the galvanized steel coil. The large steel coil is fixed at the beginning of the galvanized slitting line to start the next processing step.

Adjusting the Cutting Guide

After fixing the steel coil, the engineering team adjusts the cutting blades to match the desired width of the outgoing strip according to production requirements. This requires precision and high craftsmanship to ensure the desired dimensions and slit edges meet standards.

Galvanized Steel Slitting

The galvanized slitting line continuously slits the galvanized strip to create strips with the required width. This process ensures that the galvanized coating adheres tightly to the steel surface, protecting it from oxidation and corrosion.

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Quality and Size Inspection

The slit steel is continuously inspected to ensure the width and slit edges meet requirements. This plays a crucial role in ensuring the final product meets quality and size standards.

Packaging and Barcode Labeling

At the output, the steel strip is slit to the required size, then bundled, weighed, and labeled with a barcode. This process ensures easy traceability and management for the final product.

ERP Software Management

The entire process, from raw material input, slitting, to the outgoing product, is managed by dedicated ERP software at Stavian. This ensures high efficiency and quality throughout the processing line.

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Advantages of Galvanized Steel Slitting Production Process

High-capacity galvanized slitting processing produces high-quality products that meet customer requirements. Additionally, this method brings notable advantages:

  • Ensures high accuracy tolerance, providing products that meet strict customer requirements.
  • Produces consistent galvanized steel strip products. Eliminates setup and size adjustment time, optimizing the production process.
  • Reduces scrap by cutting materials suitable for the final application, eliminating the need for recutting and waste.
  • Applying the slitting technology allows for a quick response to customer orders, saving delivery time.
  • Cost-effective, contributing to cost savings and enhancing capital.

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Applications of Galvanized Steel Slitting

Galvanized slitting, with its flexibility and versatility, currently serves various purposes in industries such as:

  • Construction Industry: Slitting is crucial in the production of galvanized steel box products, essential for the construction industry.
  • Mechanical and Automotive Industry: Used in manufacturing mechanical parts and equipment, providing durability and strength in the automotive industry.
  • Shipbuilding Industry: Galvanized slitting plays a vital role in the shipbuilding industry, creating reliable and safe products at sea.
  • Renewable Energy: Industries producing renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, also use this product in their manufacturing processes.

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Why Choose Stavian’s Services?

Slitting services are a top priority at Stavian. With a modern production line, internationally standardized machinery, and high cutting speed, we commit to processing orders within 2-3 days.

By choosing Stavian, customers can be confident in the quality of service and products. With a team of highly skilled engineers overseeing every slitting process, we deliver the best products to our customers.

In conclusion, you now have a clear understanding of the galvanized steel slitting process. For price consultation on galvanized steel slitting products, please contact us through the hotline below

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