Aluminum Profiles: Types; Pros and Cons

As of now, aluminum has become increasingly popular and is gradually replacing common materials such as wood, plastic, steel, and stainless steel. Due to its numerous outstanding advantages, aluminum is widely used in various applications. So, what are the common types of aluminum profiles on the market? Let’s explore them with Stavian in this article.

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Things to know about aluminum bar profiles

Soundproofing and Insulation: Created from aluminum profiles and structured with insulating bridges combined with double-layered glass, EPDM gaskets, and matching metal accessories. Therefore, products made from aluminum bar profiles such as aluminum doors and aluminum walls have effective soundproofing and insulation capabilities.

Strong Load-bearing Capacity: The profiles have a well-thought-out design with hollow spaces and ribs to increase rigidity and thickness of aluminum. The technical grooves and walls are carefully calculated in the structure of the aluminum bar profiles, enhancing the load-bearing capacity of products made from this material.

Light Load Capacity: Thanks to the lightweight nature of aluminum, which is a lightweight material with high strength and corrosion resistance, designed with hollow spaces and reasonable reinforcement ribs. Therefore, when using this type of material, it will significantly support reducing the overall weight of the project compared to using conventional materials.

Cost Saving: For high-rise buildings with many areas of direct contact with the external environment, allocating a large monthly budget for the ventilation and air conditioning system to stabilize the indoor air is a common practice. Therefore, when choosing to use aluminum doors and aluminum walls with large glass and reflective glass capable of insulating, safety glass…, this is an excellent solution to save costs and energy consumption.

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Summary of imported aluminum profile types

Currently, the demand for the domestic market is gradually increasing, and various types of aluminum profiles are often imported. Notable examples include: Xingfa red label aluminum, AEI aluminum, Xingfa green label aluminum, PMI aluminum, and PMA aluminum.

Detailed characteristics of imported aluminum profiles are as follows:

Xingfa Red Label Aluminum

This type of aluminum profile originates from the Xingfa aluminum brand in Guangdong, China. The distinctive feature is the red label shining when viewed at an angle.

This product usually comes in various systems, such as System 45, System 50, System 55, System 63, System 65, System 93, System 95, System 140, etc. However, the commonly imported products in Vietnam are:

  • System 55: Thickness from 1.4mm – 2mm (± 5%), used for windows, casement windows, doors (swing, sliding).
  • System 93: Mold thickness 2.0mm (± 5%), used for doors or sliding windows.
  • System 65: Mold thickness from 3.0mm – 3.5mm (± 5%), used for recessed frame and surface-mounted frame.

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Xingfa Green Label Aluminum

This product is also classified as imported Xingfa aluminum, but its origin is from Guangxi, China. The quality of this type of aluminum profile is assessed to be equivalent to the Xingfa red label aluminum, but the selling price is much lower.

The standard thickness of Xingfa green label aluminum is about 1.8mm – 2.5mm. The aluminum surface does not emit the metallic sheen like Xingfa red label aluminum, so this is also the reason why this type of aluminum is much cheaper. The application of Xingfa Green Label Aluminum is often very suitable for projects that require cost reduction while ensuring quality.

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AEI Aluminum

This is one of the types of aluminum profiles imported from Singapore. The standard for the aluminum alloy in the construction industry of AEI aluminum is based on the British standard BS 1474:1987.

PMI Aluminum

PMI profile aluminum has its origin in Malaysia. Aluminum profiles are produced on production lines using raw materials and non-anodized production technology meeting the RoHS standard of Europe.

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PMA Aluminum

This is also a high-end profile aluminum imported from China. The thickness of the aluminum bar reaches from 1.2mm – 1.4mm, designed with internal hollow spaces and reasonable reinforcement ribs.

Therefore, products made from PMA aluminum have the ability to withstand strong winds and impact pressures without causing deformation.


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Overview of Domestic Aluminum Profile Brands

Thanks to the adoption of advanced production lines and technologies from leading countries worldwide, Vietnam has acquired several high-quality aluminum profile brands, making them highly suitable for consumer choices in their construction designs.

In Vietnam, we often come across prominent names such as:

  • Eurovn Aluminum
  • Xingfa Dong Anh Aluminum
  • Hyundai Aluminum
  • Viet Phap Aluminum
  • Viet Nhat Aluminum
  • Austdoor Aluminum
  • Topal Aluminum
  • Bosswindow Aluminum
  • Dong A Aluminum

In general, these notable names are leading aluminum brands that have gained immense prestige in the market and provide products that meet regulated quality standards.

Summary of popularly applied aluminum profiles nowadays

Depending on the usage requirements, we can classify aluminum profiles into the following types:

30×30 Aluminum Profile

Aluminum profiles with a size of 30×30 are often used to manufacture machine frames, conveyors, automation equipment, work tables, and industrial shelves used in various fields.

Outstanding Advantages

  • Withstands extreme pressure during installation and disassembly.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to combine with many different types of materials.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm.
  • Model: 8-30x30A.
  • Length of aluminum bar: 6.02 meters.
  • Weight: 1.15 kg/m.
  • Aluminum grade: A6063 -T5.
  • Surface: White silver anodized.

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60×60 Aluminum Profile

The 60X60 aluminum profile is one of the most commonly used aluminum materials, a product with large dimensions. Therefore, this item is often used to create frames or shelves due to its perfect load-bearing properties.

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Technical Specifications

  • Product code: IT60X60.
  • Aluminum grade: 6063 – T5.
  • Surface: White silver anodized.
  • Length of aluminum bar: 6.02 meters.
  • Weight: 3.2 kg/m.


The 60X60 aluminum profile has high load-bearing capacity, so its weight will be much heavier than smaller aluminum bars such as 30×30 or 40×40.

20x40A Aluminum Profile

The 20×40 aluminum profile is often used to make hanging bars in laboratories or acrylic doors.

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Outstanding Advantages

  • Excellent load-bearing capacity during installation or disassembly.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to combine and install with various types of materials.

Technical Specifications

  • Product code: IT20x40A.
  • Aluminum grade: 6063 – T5.
  • Surface: White silver anodized.
  • Length of aluminum bar: 6.02 meters.
  • Weight: 1.18 kg/m.
  • Aluminum groove: 8.

Reliable Address for Supplying Quality Aluminum Profiles

With a large-scale and well-equipped factory, Stavian is capable of providing a complete and diverse range of aluminum profiles to the market. The factory is meticulously invested in construction, production lines, and equipment that meet standards for each type of product produced. Therefore, when customers choose one of our products, they can be completely assured of both quality and cost.

These products are rigorously tested for quality before being released into the market. Therefore, Stavian can promise to be a leading and reputable supplier serving all user needs for various types of aluminum profiles in the domestic and export markets.

Consumers and dealers who need to purchase and use high-quality, cost-effective aluminum profiles can contact us for advice and detailed pricing.

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