Stavian Industrial Metal sets ambitious goals in the Industrial Metal sector

With strong financial capabilities and a robust distribution network, Stavian Industrial Metal JSC aims to be listed among the top 10 industrial metal trading companies in Southeast Asia by 2028.

A solid foundation for integration and development

Leveraging its solid financial foundation, an extensive domestic distribution network, partnerships in over 100 countries and territories, and 30 global branches of Stavian Group, Stavian Industrial Metal aspires to become an outstanding and professional trading entity. The company focuses on establishing a logistics system capable of swiftly meeting product and service demands, not only for domestic customers but also to bolster exports to international markets.

Stavian Industrial Metal offers a diverse range of products (including key items such as steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel) with clear origins, manufactured on modern production lines by leading factories in Vietnam and around the world. This extensive product range ensures the company can meet all order requirements.

Stavian Industrial Metal’s shipments are exported to numerous international markets.

Success stemming from distinctiveness

Aiming to contribute to a dynamic and transparent global industrial metal market, Stavian Industrial Metal has, since its inception, positioned itself as a provider of comprehensive solutions for trading industrial metal products both domestically and internationally.

The company does not pursue traditional price competition. Instead, it has proactively developed four exclusive business models to minimize risks and optimize profits, thereby enhancing its ability to meet all supply and trade needs of its customers. These models include domestic purchasing – domestic selling, domestic purchasing – international selling, international purchasing – domestic selling, and international purchasing – international selling.

Additionally, the company has devised 15 distinct business solutions tailored to various customer needs. These solutions cater to partners seeking competitive pricing and quick delivery, as well as those preferring transactions through formula contracts, consignment, installment purchases, deferred payments, credit sales, and entrusted sales. Stavian Industrial Metal ensures these solutions enhance customer experiences throughout the business collaboration process.

With the advantage of its four business models and a suite of 15 business solutions, Stavian Industrial Metal is gradually establishing its position as a major player in the industrial metal trading sector. It not only serves as a crucial link in the group’s ecosystem but also meets the raw material needs of large-scale industries both domestically and internationally, helping to bring Vietnamese industrial products to the global market.

Vision for 2028

Stavian Industrial Metal’s leadership has set a vision to become one of the top 10 industrial metal trading companies in Southeast Asia by 2028, contributing to sustainable industrial development in the region and worldwide.

The company’s development strategy is oriented towards extending the reach of manufacturing plants, prioritizing the distribution and consumption of products manufactured using the most advanced technologies. Green steel is the flagship product in the company’s long-term business plan.

At the 2024 SEAISI Conference and Exhibition, Mr. Nguyen Minh Tu, Chairman of Stavian Industrial Metal, shared: “By leveraging the entire domestic and international steel supply chain, Stavian Industrial Metal has planned to collaborate on investments, production, outsourcing, and technological development and application to anticipate trends and enhance the capability and scale of carbon-neutral steel supply globally and specifically in Vietnam.”

Stavian Industrial Metal is a Diamond Sponsor of the 2024 Southeast Asia Steel Conference and Exhibition.

With large and regular orders from domestic and international customers, Stavian Industrial Metal has established trust with its clients and partners. According to company representatives, this is a solid foundation for Stavian Industrial Metal to steadily achieve its 2028 goals.

Source: Dan tri.

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company


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