What is Phi 14 steel? How much does it weigh in kilograms, and what is the price?

Steel phi 14 is a widely used product in various fields due to its excellent load-bearing capacity, high strength, and resistance to corrosion during use. However, few people really understand what steel phi 14 is. Therefore, in today’s article, Stavian Metal will provide you with some fascinating knowledge about this steel through the following article.

What is Steel Phi 14?

Steel Phi 14 (also known as D14) is known as a specialized material used for construction, with a cross-sectional cutting diameter of 14mm, an average length of 11.7m, and coiled into bundles.

Steel phi 14 undergoes a high-temperature refining process, which gives it outstanding properties such as excellent load-bearing capacity, high-temperature resistance, and excellent anti-corrosion (anti-oxidation) properties. Thanks to these advantages, steel phi 14 is highly popular and trusted in all types of construction projects, increasing durability and achieving a lifespan of 15-20 years.

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Advantages of D14 Steel

Steel phi 14 is produced through a high-temperature process with modern standards and advanced manufacturing technology, ensuring good heat resistance and firmness on any terrain.

Its moderate flexibility, coupled with its ability to bend easily, allows for easy combination with various building materials without compromising the quality of the finished product.

With its high versatility, steel phi 14 is not only used in construction but also employed to make interior and exterior decorative items in modern life.

The product ensures top quality for structural construction, enhances durability, and protects against environmental hazards.

Steel phi 14 comes in a wide variety, allowing users to comfortably choose products that suit their needs.


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Applications of Steel Phi 14

When it comes to the applications of steel phi 14, we can find them in various different fields, including:

  • Used to create house frame structures, steel phi 14 is always the top choice for making frames to ensure solidity.
  • Used as reinforcement columns for concrete, stadium frames, arches, sturdy railings, etc.
  • Steel phi 14 is also used in convenient roofing designs.
  • It is applied in large projects such as industrial and civil construction to build foundations, beams, floors, and bridges.

In summary, steel phi 14 is applied in places that require high load-bearing capacity, fire resistance, and anti-flammable properties.

Technical Specifications of Steel Phi 14

Steel Standard Nominal Cutting Diameter (millimeter) Cross-Sectional Area (mm2) Weight (kg/m) Tolerance of Weight
TCVN 1651-1:2008 D14 154 1,21 ±5

Steel Price Phi 14? How much does a phi 14 steel bar cost?

To help customers buy the best-quality phi 14 steel at an affordable price, you should seek out reputable suppliers. These suppliers not only provide products but also offer reasonable advice to minimize risks when purchasing.

There are currently many suppliers of construction materials, including phi 14 steel, in the market. This makes customers confused and unsure about reliable choices.

Here is a detailed price list for your reference:

Chủng loại  Southern Region Pomina Viet Nhat Viet Nhat Viet Uc
Price (VND/bar) 180.000 188.000 194.000 184.000 172.000
Giá (VNĐ/ kg) 12.712 13.277 13.701 12.994 12.147

Please note: This price list is for reference purposes only and does not include VAT or shipping fees. Therefore, the above parameters may change over time when purchasing phi 14 steel from suppliers.

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How much does one phi 14 steel bar weigh?

On average, each phi 14 steel bar weighs about 14.16 kg. Depending on the manufacturing plant and the length of each bar, the specifications may vary. You can refer to the detailed weight statistics of phi 14 steel from different plants below:

Weight Chart of Phi 14 Steel

Brand Weight (Kg/bar) Weight of a Bundle
Southern Region 13,59 2.446
Pomina 14,16 2.689
Viet Nhat 14,16 2.689
Hoa Phat 14,16 3143

Moreover, to calculate the weight of phi 14 steel more accurately, you should apply the formula for calculating the length of the steel to convert it into the weight formula.


m = (7850 x L x 3.14 x d²) / 4


  • m: weight of the steel bar (unit: kg).
  • L: length of the steel (unit: meter).
  • d: diameter of the steel (unit: millimeter).
  • 7850: the specific weight of phi 14 steel (unit: kg/m³).
  • 3.14: Pi number.

Therefore, from the length of each phi 14 steel bar being 11.7m, using the formula above, we have:

m = (7850 x 11.7 x 3.14 x 0.014²) / 4 = 14.13 (kg)

Hence, the average weight of each phi 14 steel bar with a length of 11.7m is approximately 14.13 kg.

How many steel bars are in one coil of phi 14 steel?

How many steel bars are in one bundle of phi 14 steel? Let’s see the details below:

Brand  Length of Bar Number of Bars/Bundle
Southern Region 11,7 180
Pomina 11,7 140
Viet Nhat 11,7 190
Hoa Phat 11,7 222

Buying Genuine and Trustworthy Phi 14 Steel at Original Prices

To purchase high-quality D14 steel products at good prices, you can apply the following tips:

Some Tips for Buying Phi 14 Steel

With the continuous development of everything around us, the steel and construction material market is thriving along with these innovations. Not only high-quality steel but also fake and low-quality products from China are flooding the Vietnamese market. Therefore, to avoid buying inferior products, we will provide you with some pocket-friendly tips when purchasing phi 14 steel as follows:

Especially, pay attention to finding and selecting reputable steel suppliers that meet the standard and have the appropriate characteristics for construction projects, along with having a long-standing reputation in the market.

Absolutely avoid being tempted by low prices, as there is a possibility of Chinese products mixing in.

You should seek suppliers who are first-class agents to get the most reasonable prices.

Suppliers must provide all types of documents such as CO, CQ from the manufacturing plant.

Everyone should compare the quality and price of phi 14 steel with other suppliers to gain more information and better insights.

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Why should you buy phi 14 steel at Stavian Industrial Metal Corporation?

Stavian Industrial Metal Corporation is always proud to be a leading supplier of construction materials in general and phi 14 steel in particular on the market. We bring you the most benefits and values in the construction field nowadays. When choosing the Stavian brand, you will always be assured of the commitments we offer, such as:

  • All steel products here are 100% brand new, not used. The products are supplied from reputable leading manufacturers on the market, such as Hoa Phat, Pomina, Viet Nhat, etc.
  • 100% of the products meet the highest quality standards and have complete CO and CQ documents from the manufacturing plants.
  • We always ensure the best quality products, reasonable prices, and the most stable in the market today.
  • With a large warehouse storage system, we can provide the required quantity of products for all customers.
  • We provide customized products and free delivery to your location, meeting your specific needs.
  • Our professional staff provides responsible and high-quality consultancy services.

For any inquiries and requirements regarding phi 14 steel, please contact Stavian Industrial Metal Corporation directly to receive the best advice during your purchase and enjoy special offers for yourself.

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