From March 24th to 25th, 2023, the employees from both the Northern and Southern regions of Stavian Industrial Metal had the opportunity to gather and meet in person on the occasion of the Quarter 1/2023 Business Review at the beautiful Paradise Soc Son Resort. The program was filled with vibrant and cohesive activities, bringing together more than 40 employees and guests.

Fostering team cohesion is the key to uniting the Stavian Industrial Metal family and creating a shared direction and a distinctive corporate culture. Therefore, the Team Building program and the Corporate Culture Training program, with the overarching theme “Prosperity Together,” were among the most prominent activities during the trip.

With meticulous preparation in all aspects and the enthusiastic participation of team members, the team building program exceeded expectations and was a resounding success. Games such as Lightning Steps, Unity in Action, Race to the Finish, and Boat Racing were specially designed for Stavian Industrial Metal employees to enhance their coordination, mutual support, teamwork, and team spirit. Through these team building activities, the Stavian Industrial Metal “warriors” were incredibly excited and gave their all, demonstrating their enthusiasm, passion, and willingness to face challenges without hesitation. They stood shoulder to shoulder, supporting each other with great camaraderie.

After the team building activities, the evening was set on fire with the Gala Dinner and an impressive bonfire, bringing together the “thousand stars” of Stavian Industrial Metal. The program provided a precious opportunity for employees from both the North and South regions to share conversations, open up about their lives and professions, and continue to enhance their skills and experiences while fostering unity and camaraderie, all with the aim of striving for new successes.

On March 25th, employees from both regions returned to the office and branches, ready to resume their work with a refreshed and enthusiastic spirit. It is hoped that all members will become even more closely bonded and work together with the same fiery passion and unity that was fostered through this team building program.

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company


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